An Idiot’s Guide to Tuck, Roll & Cuff Shirts and Jeans Easily

Casual looks take most of our dressing up in our lives, don’t they? We understand how hard It really is to keep your fashion sense updated and make sure you are always one step ahead with your outfits!!

an idiots guide to tuck roll cuff shirts and jeans easily

Shirts and jeans have always been an evergreen part of going casual and what seems peppy and fashionable is the rolls, tucks and cuffs we do with our shirts and jeans.

Did you know that there were so many really cool ways of cuffing your shirts, rolling the sleeves or tucking them in your jeans? Well, if you have always been following the same old ways, we have got your back! Next couple of minutes are going to change tuck in your shirts and roll your jeans and cuff.

  1. Sleeve Roll in different 7 Styles
  2. Tuck Shirt in different 9 Styles
  3. Cuff Jeans in different 10 Styles

7 Styles to Roll the Sleeves

1. Let’s just start with the famous classic roll that is always a safe option.

the classic roll sleeves


2. Here’s a less sloppier version than the classic roll. Fold the sleeve in half and then roll and fold up the rest again, keeping the cuffs out.

classic rolled sleeeves

3. You might go for the J.Crew signature cuff to give a rough and tough look by rolling and crunching the sleeves just above the elbow.

5 steps to j crew cuff

4. Then there is the neat and clean roll, in case you are working.

how to roll sleeves

5. Wearing full sleeves shirts under baggy sweaters can be messy at the wrist. Give a chic look by a simple cuff fold over your sweater.

the one step roll

6. If there are layers, sleeves need to be rolled carefully. Try this simple roll to learn rolling the sleeves like a pro.

how to roll up layered sleeves

the cardigan roll

7. Jackets and blazers are rarely rolled but if you are at work or need to work out the sleeves, here is the right way to do that.

the jacket sleeve pushup

Use a hair tie or a rubber band and put it close to your elbow and gently crunch your sleeves hiding the band. They will never fall off.

9 Styles to Tuck your Shirt Perfectly

Tucking the shirt can be a hell lot of work. If done in an improper way ,it looks messy and sloppy as ever. Whereas the formal tucks are easier to get, messy tucks take little bit more effort and style to pull them off. Here are some styling tricks to tuck your shirts.

1. The Formal Tuck

formal tuck

Spic and span, you might tuck the whole shirt neatly in the pants or your skirt for a so-called serious formal look.

2. Editor Shirt Tuck

editor shirt tuck

Well, you can go with even if you aren’t an editor! Just tuck in half of your shirt and be the coolest chic!

3. Frat Shirt Tuck

frat shirt tuck

A perfect mixture of cool and formal. Go with a front tuck keeping the back of      the shirt out.

4. For a neat and clean tuck, tie your shirt and then tuck it with a belt.

shirt tuck with belt

5. The Half Sweater Tuck

sweater tuck

the half sweater tuck

You might want to tuck in your baggy sweaters and get a look that turns heads for you.

6. Tie a button down shirt with a tube skirt.

button down shirt with a tube skirt

7. Tie one side of your tee into a bun with a band on one side and team the tuck with a long skirt.

tie one side of your tee into a bun

Or, you might try tucking the rolled bun inside. 

tuck the rolled bun inside

8. Cross Shirt Tuck

cross shirt tuck

Never thought a cross shirt tuck would be feasible? Just try and thank us later.

9. Boyfriend Tee Tuck

boy friend tee tuck

You might just pick up a baggy boyfriend’s tee and tuck it in your ripped jeans or skirt.

10 Ways to Style up your Cuffed Jeans 

1. The Neat Cuff

the neat cuff

The easiest way to cuff your jeans – Simple fold them once as per the length and iron them to a neat cuff.

Jeans To work with: Skinny jeans, cigarette cut, straight leg
Footwear: Flats, low heels.

2. Classic Peg

classic peg

Perfect for pegged jeans. Fold your jeans sideways and roll them up such that they are tight at your ankles.

Jeans To work with: Boot cut, Skinny jeans, cigarette cut, straight leg
Footwear: Oxford shoes, Peep toes.

3. Pressed Cuff

pressed cuff

Give one or two neat rolls and iron the cuff to conceal the hem and keep it at place.

Jeans To work with: Twill Pants, trousers
Footwear: Oxford shoes, Statement heels

4. Messy Roll

messy roll

For a tousled and relaxed roll, go the imperfect way. Just roll the jeans in a messy untidy way to give a rowdy look.

Jeans To work with: Boyfriend jeans, Tattered jeans, cropped jeans
Footwear: Brogues, Flats, Statement Heels

5. Bubble Roll

bubble roll

One of the classic rolls. Give your jeans some folds and keep them bubbled up rather than pressing.

Jeans To work with: Boot cut, Boyfriend jeans
Footwear: Oxford shoes, Peep toes, Flats

6. Boyfriend Jean Cuff

boyfriend jean cuff

Make one simple fold at the right length and then fold another one keeping the hem of the jeans visible to give a sloppy messy look.

Jeans To work with: Ripped Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans
Footwear: Oxford shoes, Canvas Shoes

7. Flip the tips

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 06: Glamour magazine director Natalie Hartley wears Bliss and Mischief jeans, and Celine shoes on day 4 of Paris Collections: Women on March 06, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images)*** Local Caption *** Natalie Hartley

Simply flip the hem of the jeans upward ,keeping it subtle and simple.

Jeans To work with: Boot cut, Skinny jeans, cigarette cut, straight leg
Footwear: Oxford shoes, Peep toes, Flats

the carefree cuff

8. The Carefree Cuff

Simple and easy to do, just fold your denims in a messy random way to get the right rugged look.

Jeans To work with: Ripped Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans
Footwear: Sneaker, Canvas Shoes

Here are some of the cuffing styles for men as well:

9. The Two Inch Cuff

the james dean

Simply fold the hem of your jeans for about two inches and keep it a little clumsy.

Jeans To work with: Ripped Jeans, Rugged
Footwear: Sneaker, Canvas Shoes, Loafers

inch and a half cuff

half inch above your kicks

For smart casuals and formals, the fold should be clean and inch and a half and sit about half inch above your kick.

Jeans To work with: Formal trousers, Chinos, Khakhis
Footwear: Formal shoes, Brogues

10. Stitched Hemline

skim the top of your shoes

In case folding your favorite pair of extra long jeans is a daily hassle, you might get the hems skimmed with the length falling on top of your shoes.

Jeans To work with: Ripped Jeans, Rugged pants
Footwear: Sneaker, Canvas Shoes, Loafers

We hope that these stylish ways of cuffing, rolling and tucking will help you a lot in looking pep and chic all the way. If you have any new style to cuff your jeans, roll the sleeves or tucking in your shirts, let our readers know in the comments section.


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