9 Reasons Why Low Rise Jeans are the Worst Fashion

Saggy pants originated from prison. The prisoners were not allowed to wear belts. This was done to prevent suicides in jail or for using the belts as weapons. Later, this style became so popular; it didn’t take much time to spread across the world. Low rise pants are seen specifically famous among rappers and street dancers. People love to wear them.

Stop Sagging - Raise your pants

However most of them are unaware about the fashion woes associated with them. Even the doctors claim that wearing the low cut jeans can cause ill effects on the body. Here are some of the reasons why people do not like low rise pants.

9 Reasons Why People Hate Low Rise/Sagging Jeans

 1. Sagging leading to lagging in Bedroom

what are the reasons that people hate low rise pantsThe recent research suggests that guys wearing low cut jeans too often can be caught under meralgia paresthetica. Numbness, tingling and burning pain in the thighs are its symptoms. It compresses the nerve that is meant to sensitize the thighs. Obesity, weight gain and tight apparels are the top reasons for it. If one continues to wear body hugging clothes, it can lead to trauma or even surgery. Low cut jeans are particularly tights at the thighs.


2. Increases the risk of hernia and hydrocele

Do you hate low-rise pants?Senior doctors say that the low rise pants are particularly in trend among youngsters. They have been handling numerous cases recently. Young people are reported to have peculiar abdominal pain from hernia. The pants designed to sit low on the waist are considered to be the major cause for this. The situation could become very serious can lead the person to go under the knife.

3. Much revealing than required

why low rise pants are not always bestThere is a thin line difference between sexy and disgraceful, the low rise pants show a lot of butt cleavage. It doesn’t look stylish or attractive. Especially for hefty people it is a big no! Women and men in plus sizes should never opt for the pants where the crotch to waist area is less.

4. Have to be hitched

best reasons that low rise pants are worstThe hip hugger pants, sit low on the waistline. This has to be hitched with the belt. However, this has to be pulled up repeatedly. This is very awkward and becomes very embarrassing in public.

5. Problem in sitting

why people don't like to wear low rise pants?The real fashion is wearing the clothing which can make you stylish and comfortable at the same time. The hip hugging pants are low on the waist area. It is pushed down while sitting. Particularly, if one has worn it with a crop top, the flesh on the butt will pop out. It is certainly dishonorable to be seen. Especially squatting, one cannot squat in low rise pants without showing the innerwear or the bum cleavage. It is definitely not classy. It is a big no!

6. The legs seem to appear shorter

why you don't like to wear low rise pants?Every one desires to be impressively dressed. Appearing lean and pleasing tops the list. If the person is already tall then the apprehension is the right shape. Pants that are low on cut are likely not to do much. They can leave a person look stubby. One more reason to totally dislike low rise jeans! Phew!

7. Hips don’t lie

reasons that low rise pants are worstThere are no second thoughts that dressing up well is about the skill of delusion. Every individual has to play with the best things he has got and wrap the worst things underneath. For a woman who is born with an athletic figure, highlighting the bum can add the extra curve which is desired. For the full-figured lady, this can work against them. This gives one more grounds on which low rise pants could be completely discarded from your wardrobe.

8. Tummy-tucker

why do you hate low rise pants?The low rise pants add on the stress on the waistline. It is quite uncomfortable while sitting or traveling, people have even confessed that they got poor digestion after travelling in the low cut pants. The weight gets shifted around the tummy. This may even create bumps and lumps which is not a good sight to view. Even if you have a flat tummy, the jeans may make you look larger than the genuine size. Does anyone can ask for any other motive to not to wear these low cut pants?

9. Sometimes it is better not to go by the trend

why people don't like to wear low rise pants?This is one of the instances when it is superior to wear what suits you rather than what is in vogue. The low rise jeans are not a great option for plus sized men and women. This is even not the permit to break out from granny pants.

It is always not advisable to go by the trend; you should see what suits you. Going for low cut jeans may not be the right option every time. You can opt for medium or classic rise pants. Hope the article has given you the deep down insight about the reasons why people hate low rise pants. Avoid the tapered pleats and legs if you are heavily built. This can add extra weight to the legs. And if you still wish to go for the jeans that sit low, just be very sure that they fit you well and covers the part of the skin that requires to be concealed. Keep it stylish, keep it tasteful.

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