How to pick the right groom pants according to your body type?

Buy groom pants for different body types

With the wedding bells always round the corner, it is a myth that selecting an outfit is a conscious business just for the bride.

The groom unlike the Brides to be, may not spend an eternity in deciding what to wear but he is as conscious and apprehensive for the big day to stand equal next to their Pretty To be’s!!!!

The ones who are most acquainted with fashion might agree with the cardinal rule to choose every outfit according to their body types. While many men might concentrate on the upper part of their wedding outfits, still how many of us want an ill fitting pair of pants or an incorrect selection of the lowers to ruin our well tailored jackets or our favourite Sherwanis to mess the whole day up???


So here we are to provide you with some cool quick tips on how to select the perfect pants or the lowers to make your big day a big hit for you. Hence before exploring the perfect designer showrooms to find yourself your perfect outfit read below to help yourself choose the right lowers for you that go the best with your body type.

The Gym Goers/The Well-Toned Bodied

Wedding pants for Well-Toned Body types of men

For those guys who are super fitness freaks or frequent attendees of the gym extra attention needs to be given to the type of lowers they require. For a gym freak to get a custom fit suit or a Sherwani, a tailor has to make sure to get all the measurements correct since they have a variety of well developed muscles that may vary in shape or size. For such a guy to wear Polo Pants or the very trendy jodhpuris these days might be an uncomfortable choice since these are tight at the calves.

For a well toned body, the ideal choice may be a well tailored tuxedo suit in dark shades, or Bandhgalas with very slim pants. They can go for churidars with bright sherwanis. The times when guys could only go for the usual conventional colours is gone for good. Even the grooms can now opt for sun kissed bright colours that compliment their body styles. For the well toned ones guys , we have plenty of bright options. They may also go with normal teamed with a bright waistcoat and Patiala salwaars to give an indo-western look. For the smaller functions, a well fit shirt with a waistcoat and a good fit pant is a great hit. Just make sure that the outfits are well tailored and do not hang too loose.

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For the stouts or the Heavy Body Types

Chididar and pants for stouts or the Heavy Body Types men for wedding

If you happen to be amongst the fat ones or are a heavy bottomed guy, there is no need to panic! We have plenty options for you as well. The trick that might work is to wear colours and lowers that make you look slimmer. Also go for fabrics that are lighter and do not have very heavy work on them as that might look too stuffy. You can go for dark elegant colours that happen to hide that extra fat. Black is one of the biggest saviours. Also go for upper jackets or coats that are a little below your hip area so as to make you look lean and fit. You can go for Patiala salwars that go perfect with the height of your upper jackets or kurtas.

Also go for the polo pants or the jodhpuris that are well tailored according to your body. An indo-western with cowl pants may be a great option for the Mehndi or the Puja!!

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For the Angry Young Man or the Slim Body Types

The guys that fall under this category are the luckiest ones. For the ones with a lean structure, anything might just end Bingo!!They can carry any sort of outfit that is well- tailored and fits them properly.

what to wear as bottom-wear under suit and shewarni in wedding for Slim body type men

Western Outfits: For those of us who are inclined to a strictly western outfit, a well cut custom fit suit or dark tuxedos is a win-win!! Colours like beige, Grey, dark blue and black are an all time favourite. The grooms may also choose to wear striped trousers as it might just look right on them.

Indo-Western Outfits: They can also go for the indo-western avatars with plenty of options. A well fit sherwani with bright zari work and slim fit churidaars may just end as well as the options above. The guys can also choose jodhpuris with a well fit jacket and a waistcoat that reflects the lean bodies. They may go for churidaars with kurtas or tight pants paired with a shirt and a waistcoat again. Pathani salwars and Patiala salwars are also a go-for option for them. Again they should try not wearing too tight pants or lowers as that might end up making themselves look too lean in front of their partners. Almost everything might just look extremely good at them, the trick is to choose the right colour for the occasion and to get the size that fits them the best.

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So here we are with the best options for the lowers that might make up the days outfit for you a perfect success. We wish you get the best of the outfits and choose them as the best for your body types. If you look the best, your whole look speaks out for you. Choose the best for yourselves and rock with your choice on your Wedding day!!!

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