9 Types of Wedding Sherwani every Groom should know

With the wedding season just around the corner, men are confused with one thought and i.e. to be, or not to be. This is because ever since the inception of the fashion era a common misconception prevailed: “fashion and styling is not the work of men and is often restricted to beautify women”. However, were are here to break all the myths that had confined fashion and why it can turn out to be an impeccable asset for men. Wedding times call for celebration, and for each event you need that perfect attire which would create a lingering impression, making you a standout from the crowd. This is where the list of top 9 Sherwani makes its way. A traditional attire that one can wear for almost any cultural event, getting the right one is really important.

9 Types of Sherwani for Groom

  1. Chipkan Style Sherwani
  2. Indo-Western Sherwani
  3. Achkan Sherwani
  4. Angrakha Sherwani
  5. Printed Modern Sherwani
  6. Pakistani Sherwani
  7. Jodhpuri Sherwani
  8. Jacket Style Sherwani
  9. Anarkali Style Sherwani

1. Chipkan Style Sherwani

golden layered chipkan mughal style sherwani

Inspired from the contemporary era, these sherwanis are the reflection of the royalty. The designs of the Chipkan style sherwani are often driven from the Mughal period and thus lay the impression of kings and rulers. If you have the desire to add that touch of royalty to your look so that it can significantly appeal to almost anyone then one is all that you need.

Pair it up with: A balance of royal accessories is all that you require with this form of sherwani, but never overdo with it.

Brands: Rajwadi, Manyavar, Raymond

2. Indo-Western Sherwani

navy blue indo western sherwaniBalanced with the touch of modernity, the Indo-western sherwani are the best option that you are going to have when it comes to trendsetting fashion. From contrasting shades, hues, colors till outstanding embellished designs these sherwani are a package of almost everything. It does not end here, as in order to satisfy your demands, they even come up with stone beads, gems, royal styled buttons and cuffs too that would amalgamate with your look in a perfect manner.

Pair it up with: Elaborate the essence of your sherwani with a stylish bottom wear, and make sure that you go with a contrasting pair.

Brands: Manyavar, Fashion Curries, Abhivani, Royal Men, Ethine Men

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3. Achkan Style Sherwani

light brown achkan sherwaniIn order to maneuver the best of fashion in all its glory you need to get to those styles that are always close to the fashion world, and one such style is Achkan sherwani. It stands as one of the most popular form of sherwani that anyone would love to wear on their wedding day to make it a happening one.

Pair it up with: Go for Churidars, Dhoti Pajama and Jacket for creating a magnificent style statement.

Brands: Raymond, Peter England, Manyavar, Fashion Curries

4. Angrakha Sherwani

beige maroon angrakha sherwaniWhen you wish to highlight the best part of your upper-body then going with a Angrakha sherwani is a thing to be. This is the reason why this style is in huge demand amongst the fit men who are known for their well structured physique. Fashion experts believe that these type of sherwanis hold every element, which any other accessories would fail to provide. Because from neckline, collars, cuffs and even the mirror work the sherwani have everything covered for you.

Pair it up with: Any bottom wear can do the trick with this style, however never forget those royal Juttis for enhancing the look.

Brands: Fashion Curries, Raymond, Peter England, Mohanlal Sons, Royal Men

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5. Printed Modern Sherwani

indigo blue printed modern sherwaniThe printed modern sherwani offer a perfect amalgamation of contemporary and modern designs. Rich in different patterns, designs and artworks; everything about the sherwani will make you fall in love with it. Best thing is that, to bring out that picture perfect look only high quality materials are used in the making of printed modern sherwani.

Pair it up with: For the printed modern sherwani you need the best accessories like cufflinks, pins and chain for amplifying the look.

Brands: Raymond, Diwanshaheb, Manyavar and Peter England

6. Pakistani Sherwani

navy blue straight pakistani style sherwanibeige brown pakistani style sherwaniThis is a unique sherwani that has made its way to the Indian weddings. There are many who love the charm, bodice work and colors of these sherwani and thus have adapted them to make the most of the wedding seasons. Not only grooms but even the men who attend various functions of the occasion love to have this sherwani in store for them.

Pair it up with: Churidars are the best match of Pakistani sherwani, so stay away from any other forms of bottom wear,

Brands: Raymond, Manyavar and Rajwadi

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7. Jodhpuri Sherwani

golden pure silk jodhpuri sherwaniThis is yet another royal style that is often worn for royal weddings. After all, the vibrancy of any royal wedding will always remain incomplete without the right take of Jodhpuri Sherwani. The designers who work on these sherwani hold years of experience and that is what makes the end product so marvelous. This is why a majority of these sherwanis are limited edition, and expensive too.

Pair it up with: Jackets, Churidars, stoles and cufflinks every accessory that brings the best of royalty in you should be worn along with the Jodhpuri Sherwani.

Brands: Rajwadi & Raymond

8. Jacket Style Sherwani

beige maroon jacket style jodhpuri sherwaniThe jacket style sherwanis are undoubtedly for those with a princely taste. Made from classic materials like tusser, raw silk, Banarasi and Jamwar stone wash these sherwanis are admired for antique motifs, matte gold finish and sequins work.

Pair it up with: A long pajama that falls perfect with the sherwani and a pair of contemporary Juttis is all that you need.

Brands: Raymond, Samyaak, Rajwadi

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9. Anarkali Style Sherwani

golden anarkali sherwanimaroon golden anarkali sherwanimaroon anarkali style sherwaniThis is yet another inspirational form of sherwani that bonafides the intricate art work of India at its best. Wearing it can help you discover the real sultan in you!

Pair it up with: Churidar style pajama along with a perfect sultan style Juttis.

Brands: Utsav, Samyaak

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