6 Essential Coloured Pants Every Man Should Own

6 no brainer colour for trousers that every men should have: every green colour of pant that match with most of shirts

6 Essential Pants/Trousers Every Man should have in his wardrobe

Though style changes with time but the essence of fashion always remains to be the same and i.e. to “look and feel good”. And when it comes to men then matching up to that latest spark of trend does matter a lot. Fashion experts comprehended to the fact that a look good trend starts with those outfits which are versatile, dependable and timeless. One such pick that almost any man should have in their wardrobe are trousers. They are sleek, trendy and help you get the best fashion in you; trousers are definitely a lot more than one can think of. This is the reason why we have implicated our top 6 list of essential form of trousers that you cannot afford to miss.

6 Essential Coloured Pants Every Man should have in his wardrobe

  1. Black Pant
  2. Cream Pant
  3. Gray Pant
  4. Jeans or Blue Trouser
  5. Khaki Chinos/Trouser
  6. White Pant

1. Black Pant

black pants

Black is always the color to be. It is one of those contemporary styles which would never go out of fashion. These trousers can be the ultimate option for day to day events till an integral business casual. This is the reason why they are considered to be the best foundation for creating exclusive looks. Try going for those classy brands when you are dressing up for a special occasion that can help you in having a picture perfect look.

Best Brands: Wrangler, Killer, Levis, Roadster, Mango, Louis Philippe, Tom Tailor, US Polo Assn., Arrow Sports, Allen Solly, Provouge, Urban Navy, Park Avenue, Wills Lifestyle, Indian Terrain and many more.

Match it up with: Pair classic black pants with cool T-shirts of your choice. Plain white tee along with formal shoes, or a simple light to medium colored shirt can do the trick.

Types: There are a wide range of formal & casual black pants available at various online stores.


2. Cream Pant

cream pants

Style, confidence and charisma when are looking for a color that is a complete package of these aspects then cream pants are something that you can seldom forget. A color for the soul these trousers are adored by men from different parts of the world. This is the reason why there are several brands that have launched their exclusive collection of cream pants, some of them are limited edition too!

Best Brands: Kingswood, Pepe, United Colors of Benetton, Lee, Grasim, Van Heusen, John Player, Jack & Joes, Highlander, Turtle, Jogur and many more.

Match it up with: Blue formal shirts, grey shirts, white shirts and black too. Casual graphic tees, and a pair of versatile sneakers will even amplify your look.

Types: Casual, formal and the funky. Each look are distinct in itself and with the best brands you can rock with them.


3. Gray Pant

gray pants

Gray is truly a one of a kind color that goes well with any men. Whether you are skinny, fit or healthy- your gray trousers know how to carry you really well. Good news for those obsessed with this color is that it is amongst those few colors that can make you a handsome one in any attire be it formal or casual. Hence, it’s hard to go wrong with gray even when you are not a fashion fanatic.

Best Brands: Wills Lifestyle, Basics, Phosphorous, Black Soul, Blackberry, Live-in, Selected, Van Heusen, Break n Bounce, French Republic and lot more.

Match it up with: T-shirts, formal shirts, full sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirt you name it and your gray pants are going to the best match for it.

Types: Casual-capris, stretch pants, cargo pants and formal pants- petite, juniors and straight.


4. Jeans or Blue Trouser

blue trousers

It’s hard to imagine weekends without jeans, and if you don’t have them then your wardrobe is in the world of outdated fashion. Every men is a jean savvy and they want to match it up with almost anything that they can find. Hence, go ahead and be creative, let your style speak with them. Best thing about jeans are the options, as they are available in several colors, designs, styles, and patterns too.

Best Brands: Lee, Wrangler, Nike, Adidas, Peter England, Allen Solly, Pepe Jeans, Killer, Tom Tailor, Incult, Roadster, AS Original, Levis, Club Avis USA, Blue Saint, Being Human, Classic Polo, John players

Match it up with: Casual shirts or formals that you want to match with your best jeans.

Types: Jeans stand appropriate for casual occasions but they are even part of the funky category too.

5. Khaki Chinos/Trousers

khaki pants

Inspired form the authentic designs of kings in the 19th century the Khaki Chino is a color that speaks for itself. The use of these trousers in your look can bring a perfect amalgamation of contemporary and modern design. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have them in your wardrobe, as matching them up with any attire can make you stand out from the crowd.

Best Brands: Arrow Sports, Incult, Raymond, American Swan, Canary London, BEEVE, Blue Saint. Gas, Flying Machine, Independence, Lee, Kingswood

Match it up With: The white shirts are considered to be a great option for your best Khaki Chino pants.

Types: Designed for formal or corporate events, where you can have your best look and become a standout from the crowd.

6. White Pant

white pants

Finally, the last but the most important trouser for your wardrobe are the white pants. It is that irreplaceable color which you would love to wear for any occasion. Whether you are dressing for a casual night-out or an important corporate event, experimenting with this color can be a great idea. Because fashion experts believe that the presence of white can easily compliment any color. From dark to light, this color knows it all.

Best Brands: Wills Lifestyle, Peter England, Raymond, American Swan, Flying Machine, Levis, Lee, and many more

Match up with: Bright to medium ranged colors like black, blue, yellow, dark green, red and orange too. Formal shirts or tees anything that you love can compliment these trousers.

Types: White pants can be casual like capris or cargo and formal like straight trousers or petite trousers.

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