Top 10 Brands to Buy Hooded Shirts for Men

hooded shirts brands for menThe rains are demanding for a wardrobe revamp boy, it is time to bring a fresh look to your casual wear. And the best way to look fashionable for the monsoon is wearing the trendy hooded shirts. Hooded shirts look amazing for men who enjoy a boyish yet the style in their outfits. One of the best thing about the hooded shirts is that the shirt is a fusion of semi-formal look and sporty look. If you haven’t tried hooded shirts, then boys it’s time to try them and bring an uber cool look, we have showcased the top brands from where you can buy the hooded shirts. Read further and shop with us to get the best brand at fab price.

Buying for Hooded Shirts for Men? 10 Brands to check for


1. Basics

basics red checks hooded shirtIf you are trying hooded shirts for the first time, then we suggest you to choose this brand. Basics hooded shirts have casual look just like your other printed shirts with the hood that brings smart look. Team these shirts with your jeans and you are good for a casual outing.


2. Beige-Human

being human gray red hooded shirtIf you are a huge Salman Khan fan, it is literally impossible if you don’t own this brand tee. But take a look at their hooded shirts, they have a complete new look, with the stone wash hooded shirts in different shades like denim, black and contrast sleeves are sure to impress you. Wear a leather jacket like Salman and stun the world.


3. Zovi

zovi blue checked hooded shirt for menBe it monsoon or summers, the humidity can definitely kill you, and that is why we suggest you to buy the Zovi sleeveless hooded shirts. They come in vibrant shades, and perfect way to flaunt your gym biceps. You can even invest in full sleeve hooded shirt and team them with your ¾ pants and sneakers and you can cool for boys night out.


4. Locomotive

locomotive brown checked hooded shirt for menFrom plain to funky prints hooded shirts, Locomotive is definitely a brand to suit every man’s taste. Locomotive shirts have great quality and you would have no worry about color bleed, fade or any other fabric concern. It is value for money brand and perfect for a casual occasion.

5. Fifty-Two

best fifty two Green Black Checked Casual ShirtGym lovers will love this brand, for their super slim fit clothing. You can get bold and vibrant checkered shirts which will make you stand apart from the crowd. Wear the dark prints with your black jeans, chinos and you are good for the evening party.

6. Zobello

zobello green checked regular fit casual shirt with hood behindAnother fabulous brand that blends the semi formal and sporty look effortlessly. As the hooded are detachable you can use these shirts for dual purpose. You will get premium fabric, color, pattern and of course comfort that will make you buy more from this dapper brand.

7. Pepe-Jeans

pepe jeans blue checks regular fit casual hooded shirt
Show your inner fashion style to the world with the Pepe jeans hooded shirts. You can get your hands on a plethora of prints, designs and color, that will suit your tastes perfectly. We bet you will love the plaid hooded shirts which are in trend and a must buy.

8. Flying-Machine

Flying machine maroon navy checked hooded casual Hooded Shirts for MenGift yourself the trendiest and ultra casual hooded shirts from Flying Machine. You can shop from this brand from the online retailers, the best thing is the lightweight fabric that bring utmost comfort. If you are looking for subtle colors, then you can definitely count on Flying Machine, they have a classy collection for classy men.

9. Derby-Jeans

derby jeans community multicoloured checked slim fit casual-Hooded Shirts for MenYou will instantly love the hooded shirts from Derby jeans, it has a touch of exuberance that is just made for the dynamic man. Derby jeans manufacture high quality shirts at a price that will make you say wow. Team these shirts with your shorts, 3/4 pants, jeans, chinos and look swanky in everything.

10. Sf-Jeans-by-Pantaloons

Sf jeans pantaloon blue checkes Regular Fii hoooded shirtThis brand has the coolest hooded shirts which have a complete casual look in a wide range of colors and pattern. Even the plain hooded shirts have relaxed look that you can wear for the beach parties, long drives or any occasion where you can easily flaunt a casual look.

Shop with us and get yourself a stylish hooded shirt for the next upcoming get together. Let us know which brand do you shop for your favorite hooded shirts?

Other Brands to buy Hooded Shirts for Men

  • Breackbounce
  • Antigravity
  • John Players
  • Harley Davidson
  • Rapphael
  • Parx
  • Abof
  • Wrangler
  • Tommy Hifilers (For Denim Shirt Lover Only)

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