Why Khaki Pant is essential for Men’s Capsule Wardrobe?

Business shirt on khaki pant is not the only way of dressing. Here are some stylish suggestions to wear your favorite khakis in different ways you might not have expected ever.

Khaki pants are trending among men’s fashion for their versatility. Khaki is also called drab – a dull light brown color. Initially, Khaki was introduced as military uniform but now, about 20 different shades are generally accepted as khaki pants. Being cozy, they are most suitable for the workplace, but makers are designing modern khaki pants with different types of cuts and add more versatility to make them perfect for the stylish casual wear. Generally, Men’s fashion sense rests in a suit, jeans, and a t-shirt. But now, it becomes easy to create style statement with such trendiest khaki fashion. Like black & white, this neutral color looks great with everything so you must have such ceaseless style in your wardrobe. Different khaki looks with practical guide is given here to help you find perfect pairing of your favorite khaki pants. Just go through and be unique in khaki style!


1. White T- Shirt & Khaki Pant

White T- Shirt on Khaki Pant, what color goes good with khaki

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Plain white shirt is always a good official choice if you do not want to experiment any fashion rule. Plain white shirt on little dark khaki pant will light up your face. Those, who do not like plain white, can try checks and stripes. You look fresh and fashion-forward on trying cool navy blue striped white t-shirt with khaki pant. Just make sure that color in stripe or checks should not be tan, yellow, or orange.

Bonus benefit for wearing stripes or checks is that you can get clear ideas to pick color of the shoes, belt, ties, watch and other co-ordinate accessories. Brown belt watch always works great with khaki.

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2. Blue Shirt & Khaki Pant

Light Blue Shirt on Khaki Pant, khaki pant shirt combinations, khaki pants for men slim, what color shirt matches dark khaki pants

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Everything goes nice with khakis but blue just rocks. Navy blue is perfect match for khaki while light blue shirts give off a very corporate look with relaxing and friendly feel. Don’t forget to add tie, leather shoes, tie-pin, and watches to complete your professional look.

If you pick khakis for interview, note that khaki pants should be neatly pressed and creased as they show wrinkles much easier compared to other darker pants. You just look careless rather than informal for wearing such wrinkled khakis.

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3. Black & White Striped Sweater on Joggers Khaki Pant

Black White Striped Sweater on Joggers Khaki Pant, khaki pant colors

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If you have a doubt regarding any color combinations, simply wear Black on khaki. Black slim fit shirt, full sleeved or without sleeve tees, cardigans, sweaters, waistcoats suit well on khaki pant. Black wouldn’t be smart pick in summer months but you can wear white shirts year round.

Note: Black on khaki looks a bit out-fashioned instead go for the white, which is in latest trend.

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4. Plaid Shirt & Khaki Pant

colors that go good with khaki, khaki pant styles, what color shirt to wear with khaki pants

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Navy blue, forest green, red & white, all are here. Look spectacular wearing such multi-color plaid shirt on your beloved khaki. You might have noticed colors of flowers look bright on green grass, same for this mud color -khaki. So mix and match almost any color plaid shirt with the khaki pants excluding cream, yellow, brown or beige tones shirts, which are too close to the shade of khaki.

As there is colorful top, select tan or dark-light brown shoes (based on shade of pant).

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5. Ghingam Shirt & Khaki Pant

Ghingam Shirt on Khaki Pant, what do you wear with khaki pants

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Gingham shirt goes well with khaki pants as well as khaki suit jacket. It is good for all seasons. With striped or solid color tie, leather belt and shoes, it works great on formal side. Also, it is best pick for a weekend wear just put on canvas belt, relaxing loafers and funky watch for cool casual look. It is mostly chosen for the right balance of sobriety and casualness.

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6. Pink shirt & Khaki pant

Pink formal shirt on Khaki pant, what color shirt to wear with khaki pants, khaki pants shirt color

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Black goes well but it is fairly common. Those who are fashion forward, try latest trend of pink shirt on khaki pant to look different in the crowd. Lots of varieties are available for pink shirt, like solid pink slim shirt, checks, gingham checks, stripes, lining, etc.

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7. Chambray Shirt and Khaki Pant

Gray Chambray Shirt on Khaki Pant, what shirts go with khaki pants, khaki pant outfits

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Try new trend of chambray shirt for your khaki pant. This would be your great alternative to t-shirts, giving you a causal but classy, polished look in summer. It looks like Denim, but both are different things. Chambray shirt is a year-round staple. It is versatile in look as well as comfortable to wear. Pair any chambray shirt with khaki pant, and get the most stylish way for street style or handsome daily look. you can also try printed or floral chambray shirts for cool casual look in khaki.

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8. Layering Fashion on Khaki

Navy blazer looks formal look in khaki pant, khaki pants dress shirt color

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Look stylish in khaki pants with multiple layers. Wearing shirt and pant, you just have 2-3 color options. But adding jackets, ties, pocket squares, vests, sweaters, hats, etc., you can get 5-6 colors in single outfit. Before trying this; just make sure that all colors work together. For example, everything on top is themed on blue and nicely matches with khaki pant.

Tips: Make sure that hems of any inner should be not longer its corresponding outer.

9. Cool guy look in Khaki pant

red checked shirt on khaki pant, khaki work pants for men, what goes good with khaki pants

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Khaki pant is best pick for cool causal look, same you can say for the checked shirt; so combine both for super cool look in summer. Like denim and white shirts, checked shirts can also go from beaches to office hours. It never goes out of fashion and a great staple among the boys specially collage guys for unbuttoned and over T-shirt styles.

10. Summer look in khaki Pant

denim shirt with white tee on khaki pant, dark khaki pants shirt color, khaki pant fabric, what color shirt goes with khaki pants

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Sometimes your Khaki shorts may look odd, don’t worry, try cool khaki pant with white tee and denim shirt to look effortlessly stylish in this summer for beach parties or travelling. Brown belt, tan shoes look a bit formal, but sunglasses & funky bracelet enhance your cool casual look.

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