Can Frequent Dry Cleaning Damage a Garment?

Everyone has a favorite garment that has worn out from being cleaned in the washing machine. The more you wash your clothes, the shorter the lifespan of those favorite shirts, pants, and other pieces of attire.

But what about frequent dry cleaning, can it destroy your most treasured articles of clothing? Thankfully, there is no harm done by dry cleaning your clothes. Dry cleaning is the best way to preserve your delicate items and make them last.

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Common Dry Cleaning Myths

If you’ve been told not to dry clean your clothes frequently, perhaps there are other myths you’ve heard. Here’s the truth about dry cleaning.

Dry Clean as Infrequently as Possible

The first myth about dry cleaning is that you should use this method to clean your clothes as infrequently as possible. By this logic, you should wear your clothing multiple times between washes. But with items that must be dry cleaned, this is a huge mistake.

At first glance, the item you’ve worn once and stowed back in your closet may look fine. But the ammonia in your sweat can cause major damage when left to fester in those fabrics. This is why white items turn yellow over time and other colors change.

Ammonia continues to do damage if you let that clothing item sit in your closet. The longer it stays on your clothes, the higher the chance of it creating a stain. By having your delicate garments cleaned by a dry cleaner and stain removal expert, you can make them last longer.

Washing Clothes at Home Is Safer

Another myth you may have heard about dry cleaning is that it’s safer to wash your clothing at home. However, if you have a bright-colored shirt that you washed at home, chances are it’s no longer as vibrant as when you bought it. Dry cleaning preserves colors in fabrics far better than machine washing.

The solvents used for dry cleaning are lighter than water. This means they go through the fabric of your clothing in a more delicate way than traditional means of washing at home. Paired with a quality inspection from Carmel dry cleaners, you’ll get your clothing back clean, pressed, and looking as good as it did when it was new.

Dry Cleaning Leaves Behind a Smell On Clothes

If your previous experience with dry cleaning resulted in clothes that smelled like chemicals when you received them, you need a new dry cleaner. Your clothing should never have a chemical odor after the dry cleaning process. This would mean that the dry cleaner you used didn’t wait long enough for the solvent to be removed completely.

How Dry Cleaning Helps Your Favorite Clothes

Frequent dry cleaning does not damage garments. Dry cleaners don’t wash your clothing in water like your washing machine and the dry cleaning process will not make your fabrics fade. Having your clothing cleaned by a dry cleaner regularly will extend the lifespan of your work attire, formal attire, or any favorite garment. In fact, dry cleaning helps your clothing in the following ways:

Removes Dirt

When you put something back in your closet that you’ve worn, the dirt caught in the fabric becomes abrasive to the fibers of that material. This causes it to wear down and become thin, making it easier to tear. With dry cleaning, you remove this dirt and keep your garments strong. If you’ve ever had rips and tears in the crotch of pants or under the arms of blouses or jackets, it’s likely due to dirt ground into the fabric.

Stain Removal

If you leave certain stains untreated, they could oxidize and turn the fabric yellow. By taking your clothing to a dry cleaner regularly, you can remove those stains before it’s too late.

Prevent Damage from Moths

When you dry clean your clothes, it will keep moths and insects from destroying your favorite items. These pests feed on spilled food and perspiration attached to the fabric, so you need to have them professionally cleaned. The solvents used will naturally deter them from feasting on your treasured apparel.

Restores and Preserves Clothing

Using a quality full-service dry cleaner, you can restore and preserve even the most delicate items. If you have an antique item or fabric heirloom, it takes a special touch to ensure the fabric retains its integrity. Restoration services are an asset for anyone with clothing treasures they want to preserve for years to come. Whether it’s your grandmother’s silken shawl or your wedding dress, these services help keep your most precious items in pristine condition.

Choosing a quality dry cleaner also makes a difference. Look for a dry cleaner that provides expert, eco-friendly services. Additionally, one that picks up and drops off your clothing for free ensures that you will always have what you want to wear when you want to wear it.


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