Different Types of Slippers for Men & Women

Let’s face it – It’s high time to break the stereotype of menswear as the majority of our time we spend at our sweet home in shops and slippers. After all, what can be a better style than confident self-expression? This new normal and the new codes of masculinity have already made many men feel comfy in their homes.

types of slippers names

That is why we have decided to make you step out in style. Hence we have rounded up the best types of men slippers that you shouldn’t miss.

Different Types of Slippers Design to Buy Online

  1. Flip flops
  2. Mocassin Slippers
  3. Open back/Open heel Slippers
  4. Closed-back Slippers
  5. Fur Lined Slipper
  6. Sandal Slipper
  7. Clog Slipper
  8. Mule Slipper
  9. Scuff Slippers
  10. Evening Slipper/Prince Albert Slipper
  11. Wool Slippers
  12. Couple Slippers
  13. Bootie Slipper
  14. Shearling Slipper

1. Flip flops

indoor flip flop slippers

Flip flops are the coolest urban footwear that signifies a carefree style. You will find a softy cushioned sole attached to your foot by two-pronged straps found between your toes. Very few people know that this one is one of the oldest versions of footwear. If you think these stunners are crafted for pools and beaches only, then some of its new updates will blow your mind and instantly refresh your summer look.

Material: Rubber, Leather, Foam, Suede, Fabric, and Plastic
Wear With: Flared pants, Pantsuit, Bermuda shorts, Bodysuits & Trousers, Skirts & Tops, Shorts, Jeans, and T-shirts
Types: Kitten heels, Leather Versions, Sandals, Straw-lined, Wedge Heels, Slides, Birkenstock, and Toe Holes


2. Mocassin Slippers

moccasin style slippers

Mocassins are usually referred to as hand-sewn American footwear. These head-turners are usually adorned with superb tribal designs. Its eye-catching constraint techniques are invented by different tribes. You can easily identify these stunning mocassins slippers from their puckered stitching above your toe. It comes with a high back and padded insole. Some of these slippers include rubber soles so that you can easily pick your newspaper without wearing your outdoor shoes.

Material: Deer hide, Suede, Soft leather, Cowhide, Moosehide, and Sheepskin
Wear with: Shorts, Skirts, Skinny jeans, Formal dresses, Suits, Pants, and Capris
Types: Slippers, Loafers, Boots, Shoes, Formal mocs, Casual mocs, and Multi-purpose mocs.


3. Open back/Open heel Slippers

open back house slippers

Possibly one of the most convenient types of shippers that you can easily get on and off because of its open back style. These are usually handmade and eco-friendly. Woolen ones make you feel warm and comfortable instantly. Open back slippers made from natural sheep wool also help you to stay dry. So persons catch cold quickly should go for these relaxers especially for in house usages. It also helps in foot massage and increasing your blood circulation too.

Material: Sheep wool, Leather, Cotton, Suede, Velvet, Terry cloth, and Memory foam.
Wear with: Jeans, Long coat, Shirts, Skirts, Crop tops, and Capris.
Types: Slip-resistant, Shock absorber, Diabetic slippers, and Antimicrobial additives.


4. Closed-back Slippers

closed back house slippers

Don’t you like toe showing? Not an issue! Go for closed-back slippers to feel secure around your foot while its durable treads give you a solid grip. Sometimes it comes with a rubber sole perfect for lounging around your house or even if you are going outdoor to walk the dog. If it’s wintertime, protect your feet from the cold floor and enjoy its super comfort. You can even plump for stylish slip-resistant closed-back slippers to wear immediately after taking a nice bath.

Material: Faux fur, Cotton, Suede, Memory foam, and Wool.
Wear with: Long shrugs, Palazzos, Ripped skinny jeans, Cropped pants, and Front-slit Kurtis
Types: Slipper boots, Slipper socks, Ballet slippers, Slip-on slippers, Outdoor slippers, and In-house slippers

5. Fur Lined Slipper

fur lined house slippers

These head-turners are crafted from soft fabric and beautifully decorated with a moccasin seam. This front moccasin seam has already proved to be one of the main attractions for fashionistas. They inevitably fall in love with this cute decoration. Fur-lined slippers impress you not only with their fantastic decorative move but also their fur linings and suede soles that protect you from falling on the ground. So if you want to flaunt your style with femininity in any event, go for these anti-slip comfy protectors.

Material: Fur, Suede, Polyester, Leather, Rubber, and Cotton.
Wear with: Housecoat, Leggings, Oversized jumper, Cami, Simple tee, T-shirts, Jersey shorts, Cotton tops, and Flared trousers.
Types: Quilted slippers, Stag scuff slippers, Faux-fur slippers, Pom slippers, Lambskin soft sole slippers, and Cashmere puff slippers.

6. Sandal Slipper

sandal house slippers

Sandals slippers usually look like a sandal and also popular as flip-flops among fashion lovers. You will find two straps attach to your foot, just like the oldest footwear design. It looks like a traditional sandal, but you can easily wear these open-toed flexible slippers in your home.  You must be wondering what the difference between a sandal and a slipper is. Well, slippers are slip-on shoes that sometimes come with squishy inside. Therefore you should use it mostly to enjoy comfort in your sweet home.

Material: Soft rubber, Fabric, Leather, Tatami, Wood, Rope, and Plastic.
Wear with: Flared pants, Skinny jeans, Long skirts, Mid-length skirts, Capri pants, Shorts, Leggings, and House outfits
Types: Flip-flops, Slides, Wedge, Heels, Strappy, Thong, Pumps, Loafers, Crocs, Ballerina flats, and Wooden sandal slippers

7. Clog Slipper

clog slippers with arch support

Clog slippers will treat your feet with their superior style. You can wear these slippers when you are hovering around your home or if you step out to get the paper. The specialty of these slippers is their grippy rubber outsole. Its on-trend look with knit uppers is quite impressive. Various colors and styles ranging from pastels to neutral and other vibrant tones make it a comprehensive and comfortable choice for the stylish souls out there. Enjoy its luxurious comfort during your lazy day at home.

Material: Wood, Leather, EVA, Cotton, Polyester, and Thermoplastic rubber
Wear with: Bootcut jeans, Mid-length dresses, Over-sized sweater, Cool hot pant, Beachwear, Ruffle skirt, Min-skirts, White tee, and Leather jacket
Types: Traditional wooden clogs, Whole foot clogs, Half-open clogs, Open back clogs, and Sandal style clogs

8. Mule Slipper

mule slipper flat

Mule’s original name was Mulleus calceus. In ancient Rome, the three highest magistrates used to wear mules. At that time, these unique pieces were painted in purple or red to highlight their status. Today’s modern mule slippers are quite similar to those of ancient pieces. These timeless stunners come with closed-toe and open back with heels. Sometimes it is covered with gems. If you want to feel carefree luxury, you should wear these slippers with double brushed faux-fur lining. You will feel like you are flying on a cloud.

Material: Leather, Synthetic, Velvet, Suede, Fur, Polyurethane, and Foam footbeds
Wear with: Formal outfits, Blazer, Trousers, Midi skirts, Cropped flares, Denim, Silky dresses, Straight leg jeans, Tight fit denim, and Structured top
Types: Babo mules, Mule slides, Peep toe mules, Razzi mules, Capri mules, Closed-toe mules, Patterned mules, Mochi, Tie-up mules, and Solid mules

9. Scuff Slippers

best scuff slippers men women

Scuff slippers are completely backless. These jaw-droppers are designed to make your feet feel cozy and comforting on those chilling winter evenings. One of the primary benefits of these slippers is you can walk without lifting your feet and shun embarrassment or exploration. You can use polishing compounds to rub out those small scratches. So don’t worry about those superficial scars while styling because they can be easily smoothed out.

Material: Suede, Sheepskin, Cotton, Fleece, Memory foam, Faux-fur, Terry, and Cashmere
Wear with: Cute Street style dresses, Casual clothes like flannel pajamas, Skirts, Flared pants, Romper, Maxi dresses, and Crop pants
Types: Open-toe slippers, and Closed-toe slippers

10. Evening Slipper/Prince Albert Slipper

velvet evening slippers

This slipper was named after the husband of Queen Victoria, Albert, from the 1800s. If you are heading towards a grand dinner party, you should not miss this high-end stunner. If you have expensive pieces at home like an exquisite rug, these evening slippers will gently protect it with its soft materials. Sophisticated men and women preferred these elegant house slippers that come with a soft leather sole. So if you want to flaunt your style with the utmost comfortability at a lavish evening soiree, these velvet head-turners will be the perfect choice for you.

Material: Leather, Velvet, Silk, Suede, Linen, and Fabric
Wear with: Blazer, Chinos, Dress shirts, Black tie, Dress pants, Shirt jackets, Short sleeve shirts, Khaki pants, Crew-neck T-shirts, and Bomber jacket
Types: Unembroidered wine or black slippers, Gold blue or red slippers with dazzling motifs, Black velvet leather slippers, and Slippers with gold thread

11. Wool Slippers

wool house slippers

The name says it all. When chilling winter knocks over the door, and we badly crave comfort and coziness, what can be better than a fashionable pair of woolen slippers? If you are worried about its durability, then let us confirm that high-quality woolen slippers usually last for years. But keep in mind that it depends on the sole style of your slippers. If you want to feel comfy and warm and looking for breathability at the same time, Woodland slippers are must-haves for you.

Material: Wool, Fur, Rubber sole, Fleece insole, Foam, Polyester, Cotton, Nylon, Rayon, Lycra, and Polypropylene
Wear with: Cute outfits, Crop tops, Jeans, Tees, Sweaters, Casual shorts, Skirts, and Dresses
Types: Slipper socks, Slip-on slippers, Closed-toe outdoor slippers, In-house slippers with pom-poms, Woolen flip-flops, woolen sliders, and U-turn slippers

12. Couple Slippers

matching couple house slippers

Think about that one stunning slipper that both husband and wife wear. Sharing things is always romantic, isn’t it? You can also go for two same pieces because couple slippers are designed for both men and women. So anyone can wear these stylish unisex slippers to flaunt their fashion sense. Different types of designs and colors are available in the market from which you can jump for your desired one. Try to go for an anti-skid waterproof rubber sole to protect your body from slipping.

Material: Medium-weight cotton, Linen, Quilting cotton, Pre-quilted fabric, Leather, Flannel, and Wool
Wear with: Cozy nightwear, Casual pants, Housecoats, Jeans and T-shirts, and Business casuals
Types: Flip-flops, Sandals, Closed-toe, Clogs, Slip-on, Thongs, Slide, and Crocs

13. Bootie Slipper

bootie slippers with rubber soles

Bootie slipper is an excellent style for wearing at home. It will provide great coverage all the way to your ankle. So you can easily understand that your feet can feel that warm touch after wrapping this premium footwear. Nowadays, bootie slippers are available with a non-slip bottom too. Consider these stunners if you have hard floors. This footwear actually looks like an ankle boot. Some of these bobby-dazzlers are provided with faux-fur lining to give you that cozy touch. From rich jewel tones to soft neutrals, its eye-soothing colors and embellishments with pom-poms will unmistakably impress you.

Material: Sheepskin, Memory foam, Rubber sole, and Faux-fur lining
Wear with: Skinny fit yoga pants, Leggings, Jeggings, Gym wear, Track pants, and Sports leggings
Types: Fur lining bootie slippers, Furry cuff bootie slippers, Pull-on bootie slippers, Warm-up bootie slippers, and Knitted bootie slippers

14. Shearling Slipper

shearling slippers mens womens

You must have heard this word shearling before. These are usually crafted from genuine shearling. Shearling is nothing but the skin accumulated from shorn lamb or sheep. After accumulation, it has to be tanned and dressed in the left wool. In short, shearling slippers are manufactured from sheepskin that can be obtained after tanning it.

These incredible slippers come with many bonuses. For example, you don’t have to worry about its damp feeling as it comes with moisture-wicking capabilities. These breathable charmers also make sure your feet stay dry and bacteria-free.

Material: Shearling sheepskin, Lambskin, Cow skin, Sheep’s wool, Leather, and Fur
Wear with: Leather jackets with fur, Checkered shirts, Fluffy shearling coats, Jeans, Leggings, Woolen sweaters, and Fashionable winter wear
Types: Open back, Roll up cuff, Velcro Closure, Moccasin, and Mule

How to choose the best slippers

  • If you want to hug your slippers all day long, you should go for Albert or Moccasin style.
  • Comfortability lovers who want to step into their slippers quickly at night should go for mules.
  • Do you have a slippery floor? Do you have to step outdoor frequently? A rubber sole will be a perfect match for you.
  • Are you looking for a stylish item that can keep you warm in winter? In that case, what can be better than a sheepskin-lined pair?

Nowadays, the market is full of lightweight, soft, and breathable head-turners that come with an anti-skid benefit. So if you are looking for a sophisticated style, pay heed to your purpose of wearing slippers as well.

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