Deodorant Stick Vs. Spray Vs. Roll-On: Comparison with Pros & Cons

Body odor makes us stink, and the foul smell often brings a lot of embarrassment. However, deodorants have been the unsung hero who has helped humankind prevent stinking and instead made them smell good. Today, if we look around us, we will find multifarious deodorants to choose from. Keep reading this ultimate Deodorant stick vs. Spray vs. Roll-On Comparison with pros and cons to grab the best one.

Deodorant Stick Vs. Spray

Choosing the right type of deodorant is important because each works differently, and all of us have varied needs. For instance, if you sweat a lot, a regular spray or stick deodorant may not be the best pick for you. Instead, you might need an antiperspirant deodorant. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, the best pick for you will be a Roll-On Deodorant. Please do note, you can also use spray or stick deodorants, but they must be sensitive skin-friendly.

Once you know the basic differences between each type of deodorant, choosing the best one will be a cakewalk. Stay with us till the end of this comparison, and you’ll have mastery in buying the right type of deodorant.

Which works best: roll-on, stick or spray deodorant?

Deodorant Stick

Deodorant sticks are widely popular amongst men. Most commonly, deodorant sticks feature either a gel-based antiperspirant or a non-gaseous solid stick that oppresses foul smell from your underarms. However, do note that not all deodorant sticks are antiperspirant. If you ask, what’s an antiperspirant? Ideally, an antiperspirant is a type of deodorant that prevents your underarms from sweating upon its application. Moreover, it also makes you smell pleasant.

The best part about deodorant sticks is, they’re easy to carry and apply. To apply a deodorant stick, all you need to do is rub it on your clean underarms. If the deodorant stick features a gel-based antiperspirant, it may usually take a little longer to dry. So, be patient and wait for a moment before dressing up to avoid visible stains. Interestingly, unlike spray deodorants, deodorant sticks can be your ultimate blessing if you’re experiencing sweat in public.

Another ignored blessing of deodorant sticks is, with them, you don’t have to be concerned about putting on a lot of deo. The application method of deodorant sticks ensures that you control how much deodorant you want to wear.


  • Deodorant sticks work well in almost all types of weather conditions.
  • Antiperspirant deodorant sticks can prevent you from sweating.
  • Deodorant sticks are easy to apply.
  • Some of the best-quality deodorant sticks won’t even feel itchy on sensitive skin.
  • You can easily carry deodorant sticks while traveling.


  • Gel-based deodorant sticks may leave a stain on your clothes if not dried well.
  • Over application of stick deodorants may cause a burning sensation.

Spray Deodorant

Spray deodorants are widely popular amongst both men and women, and it is because of their quick application method. Moreover, spray deodorants dry quickly as compared to gel-based deodorant sticks or roll-ons. The reason being, spray deodorants either have a gaseous or a liquid composition that makes them dry rather quickly. If you’re concerned about chemicals used in spray deodorants, most of them now have hydrocarbons or nitrous oxide.

Initially, spray deodorants faced a lot of criticism for using CFC and thus causing damage to the environment. However, things changed for good over the years, and now they’re safer and less harmful to our environment. A good spray deodorant works wonders to reduce the foul smell of sweat and bacteria in your underarms. A great deodorant, on the other hand, can also prevent you from sweating.

Yes! You can also choose spray deodorants like deodorant sticks with or without antiperspirant properties. The interesting part about spray deodorants is that they’re fun and easy to apply. All you need to apply a spray deodorant is uncap it and spray over your underarms from at least six inches away.


  • Spray deodorants are pretty easy and quick to apply. Moreover, with spray deodorants, you don’t have to wait for them to dry.
  • The composition of spray deodorants is such that using them won’t leave any noticeable marks on your clothes.
  • Spray deodorants are good for a normal workday. You can go for antiperspirant spray deodorants if your days are usually more active.
  • Spray deodorants can also be applied on the back, chest, foot to make them smell good.
  • The quick application of spray deodorants saves time when you’re dressing up or generally running late for a meeting.


  • As spray deodorants have hydrocarbons, they’re often not allowed inside airplanes, making it hard to carry them.
  • Some spray deodorants may also irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be careful while choosing a deodorant.
  • It might be annoying to apply them in public places as these sprays let almost everyone know someone re-applied their deodorant.

Roll-On Deodorants

Some of you may think, Roll-On Deodorants and stick deodorants are the same. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. The two are applied almost in the same manner. Moreover, even roll-On deodorants feature a solid or a liquid gel-based formula to prevent you from sweating. The best part about roll-On deodorants is that they’re skin-friendly, and applying them won’t cause itching or burning sensation. And, their compact size makes them easy to carry around.

To apply roll-On deodorants, you need to rub or roll the deodorant’s top on your clean and dry underarms. The application method is simple, and you can apply them with utmost discretion without anyone knowing. In case you sweat a lot, you may get yourself a good antiperspirant roll-On deodorant and apply it at night for best results. Doing so saves you time in the morning and also makes your deodorant more effective.

Additionally, roll-On deodorants are safe for the environment as they do not use harmful chemicals like CFCs. Roll-On deodorants are also pocket-friendly, as most of them last longer than spray or stick deodorants. Since the application of roll-On deodorants is smooth, you don’t have to be afraid about stinking even on the most active days. Unlike spray deodorants, roll-On deodorants perform better in most weather conditions.


  • Roll-On deodorants can work longer than spray deodorants. Moreover, roll-On deodorants can also prevent you from sweating.
  • Roll-On deodorants are easy to carry around on vacations and across countries.
  • A majority of roll-On deodorants are skin-friendly, making them idle for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Interestingly roll-On deodorants don’t leave stains on clothes after application.
  • Roll-On deodorants are easy to apply, and you can re-apply them with ease even in public spaces.


  • Gel-based roll-On deodorants may take slightly longer to dry, thus requiring you to wait before you dress up.
  • Due to their limited popularity, you may not be able to find a wide range of roll-On deodorants easily.

Each type of deodorant comes with its pros and cons. Many people choose their deodorant based on what they prefer and the deodorant’s application method. In the Deodorant stick vs. Spray vs. Roll-On comparison with pros and cons, the ultimate finding is that they all work differently. However, they all have the same purpose: to ensure that you don’t smell bad.

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