Best Perfumes for The Hair. How is Hair Perfume Different?

Hair: Long, short, straight, curly, or wavy all are beautiful. They add oodles of charm to your face. But won’t this charm disappear if your locks stink? 

Hair perfume, an underrated product, becomes an ultimate necessity when your newly shampooed hair starts to stink due to dirt, sweat, and pollution. Wearing a hair perfume will give you the confidence to venture out without thinking of smelly, sweaty hair. 

Some may confuse hair perfume with hair spray. The primary difference in both hair products is, hair spray protects your hair and maintains the hairstyle for the entire day. Whereas hair perfumes leave your hair smelling fresh for the day, devoid of any stinky smell.

Best Hair Perfumes

Why does your hair need perfume?

Shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum maintain a light, wavy texture in your hair. These also provide a slight fragrance that you can feel for a few hours after hair wash. Once you proceed with the day, a medley of pollution, dirt, sweat and dead cells leave a smelling scalp. Hair perfumes are saviors these days. The refreshing fragrance will leave you and the passersby with a mesmerizing aroma.

Benefits of Hair perfume

Hydrates your hair

Most hair perfumes are loaded with ingredients such as hyaluronic acids that provide instant hydration to the hair. If you struggle with dry hair, a few spritzes of your hair perfume may solve the issue.

Provides texture 

The hair perfumes contain a generous bout of essential oils that are salt-balanced. These render an aroma to the hair and also work to provide it a unique texture. 

Removes tacky odors

Cooking food, smoking, pollution, hot and humid temperature, etc., can all seep into your hair. If you try sniffing onto your strands, you realize hair acts as a magnet that attracts all the foul odors making your hair smell awful. Hair perfumes become necessary if you are prone to such atmospheres where your hair may grasp rotten odors. 

Protection from UV rays

Almost all the specialists are talking about the importance of using sunscreen. But none of the advice helps us protect our gorgeous hair from the sun. Using a hair perfume can guard your mane against UV rays. The addition of ingredients that act as natural sunscreens makes hair perfumes essential for your lustrous mane.

How are hair perfumes different from regular perfumes?

Regular perfumes and hair perfumes perform similar tasks. Yet, it would be best if you did not use them interchangeably. There are considerable differences in the concoction of these products as they are specifically designed to suit a particular part of your body. 

Regular perfumes are high on alcohol.

Regular perfumes contain a high quantity of alcohol that can severely damage the hair shaft. It can dry out your mane, providing irreversible damages. Hair perfumes are gentle. They contain either no alcohol or an acceptable amount that suits your hair and does not dry it.

Regular perfumes contain synthetic fragrances.

The high amount of alcohol, along with synthetic fragrances, can dry your hair. In some cases, the usage of these regular perfumes leads to untreatable dryness that will eventually result in breakage, split ends, and frizziness. Hair perfumes, albeit are a brew of products that protect the mane. The regular usage of hair perfumes provides luster, shine and bounce to your hair.

Top hair perfumes of this season

Though not many know about hair perfumes, that does not mean there are few options. Hair perfumes have been around for a while, and brands frequently compete to provide you with the best. We did a little research, and here is our list of hair perfumes lasting for a strong 5 to 6 hours.

Hair perfumes with woodsy, rustic aromas

Ex Nihilo Fascinate

The classic french perfumes are a hit both as regular or hair perfumes. The Ex Nihilo Fascinate is one such french mist that oozes romance with its lingering fragrance of rose and jasmine. The hint of white cedarwood and musk makes application evoking subtle and delicate romance in the air. This one is the perfect partner for your date.

Thameen Hair Fragrance

The keratin-infused formula exhibits a plush fragrance of lemon oil, sandalwood, and Turkish rose. Its smell lingers onto your hair for quite a long time, and the formulation of Moroccon argan oil provides your hair with much-needed moisturizing and hydration.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

Newly washed hair is lovely, but what about them on the 2nd or 3rd day. They are oily, greasy, smelly, and whatnot. Dry shampoo comes to your rescue on such days but leaves the scalp excessively dry. Here is when you require Sachajuan hair perfume to transform the dull strands into a healthy moisturized mane. The unique aroma of green apple, peach, rose, cedarwood and white musk make the magical elixir an excellent combination.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

What could be better than a hair perfume, A hair perfume that doubles as a body mist? The rustic flavors of peach bosom, apricot, and white musk create a light essence that stays intact for a long time.

Hair perfumes with the scent of freshness

Playa New Day Mist

Long drives give you the much-needed recluse, but all the wind and dust crumples with the hair making it not-so-loveable. Playa new day mist is an excellent travel partner as the rare scent of neroli and sugarcane stays intact to tackle sweat and dust in your hair, emerging a winner with the subtle fresh notes. It also leaves a hydrating layer onto your mane, keeping intact the pH levels.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

The luxe fragrance of rich coffee, vanilla, and white flowers is enough to give a boost to stay on your toes the entire day. With Yves Laurent black opium usage, forget frizz as the addition of argan oil to this hair perfume tames them and keeps hair soft and shiny throughout the day.

Dior Miss Dior 

Nothing can go wrong when you trust Dior for your hair. The luxe scent of Damascus roses, Indian patchouli essence, and Italian mandarin infuse to provide elegance and sensuality to its wearer. Dior will be the absolute choice with its high-end whiff and charm when you look forward to wearing a statement-making hair perfume.

Acqua di Parma

Planning for a beach day and worried that the hair might not be at its best? You need something with fresh scents of bergamot, lemon, fresh magnolia, sandalwood, and vanilla to save the beach hair. Oh! Did I reveal the ingredients of Acqua di Parma Le Nobili Magnolia Nobile Hair Mist? Grab one for the root-to-tip treatment of your hair and leave with the effervescence of fresh scents.

Hair perfumes for the flower lovers

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower

Expect the best when master french perfumer Dominique Popion comes with his hair perfume to soothe your sulking mane. The premium concoction of jasmine, natural tuberose flowers, ylang-ylang, and white musk is one hypnotizing flavor that enchants your mind. All the goodness arrives in a travel-friendly pack of Frederic Malle carnal flower hair perfume.

Diptyque Do Son Hair Mist

If your heart craves a hair perfume with a floral scent that is both hydrating and nourishing, stop by the Diptyque Do Son hair mist as it gives you all. The mesmerizing fragrance comes from the blend of tuberose, orange leaves, pink peppercorn, and the rustic musk. Camellia oil adds its goodness of moisturizing into the bottle to give you a light aromatic formula.

Ouai Eau de Parfum Melrose Place

Celebrity stylist Jen Akin has a lot to say about scents that are fresh, floral, and also cool conversation starters. His range of floral perfumes contains an infusion of rose, bergamot, lychee, and champagne that leaves a lasting impression. The elixir was sold off within 3 days. But they are making it more, and you can always grab the exotic scent.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh

Chanel, known for delivering sophistication at stores, brings a range of hair perfumes that ooze elegance to its wearers. The oh-so-cute baby pink bottle fills to the brim with orange, rose, and heady patchouli delivers ethereal floral hints throughout a journey. Grab it when on a date and get ready to exude grace.

Coco Channel perfume

What should I look into while purchasing a hair perfume?

As you venture to purchase hair perfumes, the varieties in the store may be confusing. We have tried to ease the selection process by looking through these 4 points.


Flip the bottle and have a keen look at the ingredient list. Any potential allergen is a big no. Also, check if there are things that you may be allergic to. Avoid buying hair perfumes and look for something that suits your scalp.


A fragrance that is appealing yet subtle is most suitable for hair perfumes. Look for citrusy, woodsy flavors or the light scents of essential oils to give your hair their unique smell. 

Lasting power 

While at the store, it may be challenging to map the lasting power of a hair perfume. But that is why we have already tested the above fragrance and are here with the lasting powers. Choose one that stays at least for 4 to 5 hours so that you can venture out without worrying about stinking hair.

Tips to protect hair

A few tips to keep hair odor in check.

  • Wash your hair every 2 to 3 days
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioner
  • Avoid hot water wash for hair
  • Add fresh fruits and vegetable to your diet
  • Drink 2lts of water every day
  • Use silk pillows and scarfs for hair
  • Treat dandruff immediately


The villains of the atmosphere may take a toll on your hair by polluting and making it smell bad, but hair perfumes are here to rescue. Choose the hair perfume that suits your taste buds and stop worrying about the odor from the hair.

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