Buy Amazon Jewellery Set at Lowest Price (Below 300, 500 & 1000)

Are you planning to add some statement bridal jewelry set for weddings from Amazon to your jewelry collection? Before dipping your toe in this glamorous ocean, ask yourself one simple question. Is it so straightforward investment?

jewellery set in amazon

No! Don’t forget about unscrupulous online sellers before investing your hard-earned money, as they will trick you into scooping for premium collectibles that will not retain their value over time. That is why before purchasing, accountable buyers evaluate various segments of fashion jewelry online in India, including reviews, metal, design, price, etc.

Don’t worry! Looksgud has a separate team for evaluating and rounding up precious jewelry like gold, diamond, choker, pearl, temple necklace set from a reputed online shopping site like Amazon. After assessing each artificial jewelry and its price, reviews, designs, materials, we have curated the best pieces for all the fashionable, beautiful girls out there. Let’s dig deep into this glamorous ocean and chunk out the statement-making Amazon Jewelry Set below 300, 500 & 1000 to flaunt your unique style.


Superb Amazon Jewelry Set below 300

This Jewel Galaxy limited edition necklace will grab your attention with its breathtaking beauty. This nickel and lead-free stunner come with a three-layer advanced and latest design with micro platinum plating exclusively from Germany. This stunning skin-friendly piece helps you to steal the spotlight on any occasion instantly.

1. Jewels Galaxy Brass and Pearl Necklace Setjewellery set

Anyone who loves classic luxury with a contemporary touch should go for this silver oxidized peacock choker necklace. It comes with a beautiful ring and a similar classic earring set. Alloy with oxidized German silver plating makes it a durable, long-lasting, and anti-allergic jewelry set for the wedding, while its traditional look turns it into a statement maker.

2. Silver Oxidized Base Metal and Peacock Choker Necklace Setjewellery set for wedding

This dazzling handmade fashion jewelry is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your ensemble. This chunky piece will make you effortlessly stylish with high-quality polish, nickel, and lead-free texture with an anti-allergic and long-lasting nature.

3. Oxidized Silver Plated Oxidised Tribal Cotton Thread Jewellery Set
amazon jewellery set below 300

Check out this trending necklace piece that will blow your mind with its dazzling beauty. This antique gold polished jewelry is also lead and nickel-free and maintains International standards. Pair it with black or blue attire and grab the center stage in a party.

4. Traditional Gold Plated Beads Necklace Jewellery Set
jewellery set artificial

Here is another skin-friendly red beauty that is unrivaled in sophistication and timeless in style. Its gold-plated beads and beautiful earrings take its look to the next level. No one usually believes that this epitome of beauty is listed among Amazon jewelry set below 200.

5. Gold Plated Brass Beads Traditional Necklace Set with Earring
jewellery set for engagement

Here is an ideal gift for every princess out there. This gorgeous piece is Rhodium plated and flaunts the beauty of beautiful girls elegantly. ZIHRA pendant set with matching earrings lets you enjoy all the swing of a coveted luxurious brand.

6. American Diamond Gold Plated Traditional Style Necklace Set
jewellery set kundan

This fashion jewelry is from the brand Zeneme. It perfectly equals the nature of glitz and glamour with its multilayer look in golden color. Try to keep it away from perfume water and other chemicals and store it in an air-tight pouch to preserve its elegance.

7. Jewels Galaxy Gold Plated Trending Lock Inspired Layered Necklace Set
jewellery set for marriage

This one is a steal. Along with its latest neckpiece design, it instantly grabs the attention of onlookers with its beautiful earrings. This affordable stunner is the perfect way to showcase your statement-making look on any occasion. You can even wear it daily.

8. Oxidised German Silver and Choker Necklace Set
jewellery set gold plated

Black chokers have been on trend for decades. This exotic, stylish, and precious jewelry piece from the house of Jewels Galaxy adds an evergreen touch to your outfit with its voguish look and classic finish. The beautiful black leaf design around the stone flaunts the magical appearance of this appealing beauty.

9. Jewels Galaxy Lac Choker Necklace
jewellery set wedding

Check out another premium quality gold plated necklace set from Amazon that can be paired with traditional as well as formal outfits. This 28 inches stunning chain piece lets you enjoy the luxury of wearing a sleek and beautiful necklace and create an unrivaled sophisticated look. Let onlookers envy your magnificent style.

10. Three Shades Gold Plated Pearl Mala & White Pearl Chain
jewellery set necklace

Stunning Amazon jewelry set below 300

The ultra-modern, edgy, sleek, and feminine look of this Afghani neckpiece inspires every fashionable woman to flaunt her beauty with elegance. Its voguish design, German silver Black bead makes you feel the ritziness of our old times. Simultaneously, you can feel the modern vibe when you team up with a traditional outfit.

11. Oxidised Silver Brass Afghani Choker Jewellery Set
jewellery set silver

This dazzling oxidized necklace set from Amazon adds a little sparkle around your face. It’s a unique feel-good piece that can be worn on any occasion. Keep it away from perfume, water, moisture, sweat, and rough surface and clean it professionally every six months, and you are good to go.

12. Zaveri Pearls Fascinating Gold Tone Austrian Diamond & Pearls Necklace Set
jewellery set golden

This jaw-dropping Pearls Fascinating Gold Tone Necklace is crafted from Zaveri Pearls. Its magnificent Austrian diamond and pearls combination in earrings create an overall beauty that is a perfect mix of fashion and royalty. If you want to flaunt your beauty with tradition, don’t miss this whimsical creation.

13. Blue Terracotta Strand Handmade Necklace Set
jewellery set under 100

This designer necklace set from Amazon below 300 is a committed piece, especially if you are looking for a royal look. Exquisitely crafted from high-quality metal with three advanced layers of micro oxidized plating, this precious jewelry will dazzle you with its magnificent long-lasting silver shine. No matter where you are going, this skin-friendly anti-allergic necklace set will turn you into an elegant diva.

14. Oxidised Antique Peacock Chokkar Necklace Jewellery Set
oxidised jewelry set

This piece will melt your heart with its exquisite craftsmanship, classic beauty, and feminine elegance. It will instantly grab designer-savvy eyes with its beautiful baby peacock design. This traditional gold-plated Kundan jewelry is both serene and playful and a must-wear with traditional attire.

15. Youbella Traditional Dancing Peacock Gold Plated Necklace Jewellery Set With Earrings

jewellery set gold

While everyone is getting flabbergasted with the price of precious jewelry like gold, diamond, choker, or necklace set, this South Indian antique jewelry crafted from brass metal offers a sculptural clean look. Its bright white balls add a touch of sparkle around your face. Please keep it away from perfume, water, and other chemicals and enjoy its maximum style.

16. Sukkhi Glorious Gold Plated Pearl Choker Wedding Necklace Set
choker necklace set

Are you looking for a stunning South Indian gold temple necklace set? Your search ends here. This beautifully crafted zinc fashion jewelry from the house of Zaveri Pearls enhances your beauty instantly. Are you worried about the price? This one is also listed among Amazon jewelry set below 300.

17. Zaveri Pearls Sacred Goddess Temple Necklace Setjewellery set below 200

Here is one of the most fashionable alternatives to heavy artificial jewelry. This choker necklace set with its golden round shapes in between a white string of beads perfectly covers your neck and creates a chic and high style effect in your wedding wear. The earring pieces perfectly complement your stylish appearance.

18. Meira Jewellery Incredible Gold-Plated Round Shape Rajasthani Choker Set
choker set gold

This enchanting gold-plated antique jewelry is in high demand because of its sleek look, beautiful earrings, and of course, traditional mang tikka. YouBella is famous for designing timeless pieces that flaunt your femininity beautifully on any occasion. This necklace set is detailed with white and red beads and the ultimate result of a craving for creating top-notch quality.

19. YouBella Gold Plated Bridal Necklace Jewellery Set with Earrings
jewellery set under 500

This stunner goes with any yellow or white attire. But if you are looking for something to steal the spotlight in your Haldi ceremony, you are finally in the right place. With this beautiful necklace set with flower details, you will get fabulous earrings, one superior mang tikka, and two-finger ring bracelets under RS 300.

20. Gota & Pearl Yellow Paper Flower Necklac Set
yellow jewellery set

Top-notch Amazon jewelry set below 1000

Test the loyalty of fashion jewelry with this white head-turner from the house of Jewels. These types of stunning necklaces compliment any outfit with its classy look. If you want to enjoy its sophisticated modernity for a long, you should keep it away from perfume deodorants and other chemicals.

21. Gold Plated Traditional Padmavati Pearl & Kundan Necklace with Earringskundan necklace set

A piece of hand-painted woodcraft jewelry by Artesian will melt your heart with its cuteness. This bamboo ornament comes with a small owl patched in a cute bamboo tray, while its beautiful owl earrings will add a traditional touch to your look. This lightweight, durable stunner is chemical-free and eco-friendly as well.

22. Karukala Handicraft Wooden Owl Bamboo Crafted & Hand Painted Jewellery
Hand Painted Jewellery

Check out this gorgeous jewelry set for the wedding. One of the most sought-after pieces listed in Amazon jewelry set below 1000 will make you feel like you are getting your hand in something promising. Its gold-plated floral choker design with dazzling strings and fabulous earrings with bold use of color, stones, and dimensionality recalls the sophistication of the royal era.

23. Gold Plated Meena Work Traditional Choker with Teeming Waterfall Of Stone Studded Jewellery Set
bridal jewellery set below 500

This artificial jewelry celebrates love with its innovative design of two peacocks standing together. Along with the Meenakari and Kundan work, this luscious necklace set and earrings are steeped in super color combinations, daring shapes, and elegant stones. This premium quality piece is durable as well.

24. Peacock Shape Kundan Studded Japuri Work and Pearl Necklace Set
 amazon jewellery set below 500

It’s a masterpiece, perfect bridal jewelry set for statement-making brides out there. This stunning collection by Jewels drew its inspiration from the cultural richness of India and captured its refinement and technical perfection flawlessly. Don’t overlook the elegance and subtle charm of heavy earrings and beautiful mang tikka of this dazzling beauty.

25. Gold Brass Traditional Jewellery Set
jewellery set pearl

Check out the accentuated look of this handmade beauty inspired by Bengali tradition. The perfect combination of a wooden tray, white kaudi or kawdi, and tangled jute strings create such a refined look as these items are usually used by devotees. Earrings only feature a bamboo tray and three white kawdi. Pair it with a beautiful saree to flaunt your bong avatar.

26. Sakhi Beautiful Handmade Jute Kulo Style Necklace Set With Earring
jodha jewellery set

Indian fashion styles adore chunky Kundan jewelry. This green beauty is designed to complement your highly anticipated wedding outfit. Let’s take a look at its beautiful necklace set with precious pearl stones. Its earrings and mang tikka are paired with this classic piece to make you feel like a queen on your special day.

27. Peora Traditional Crystal Kundan Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace Jewellery Set
jewellery set combo lowest price

Here is a Turkish-style strength necklace set that steals your heart with its beautiful mirror work. This world-class moon shape choker from the house of Zephyr is crafted from high-quality metal and adorned with boho-style stones and chic crystal. It highlights your bright look with multi-color mirror work.

28. Zephyrr Alloy Silver Plated Choker Necklace Set With Earrings
silver jewellery set

This wedding jewelry has been one of the coveted choices of many fashionistas since its invention. A stunning and effortlessly stylish golden and maroon jewelry set instantly grabs your attention with its Mahalaxmi idol in between the circle. If you are looking for gorgeous South Indian precious jewelry, a temple necklace set, it’s a perfect pick for you.

29. Gold Plated Temple Jewellery Laxmi Pendant Necklace Set
laxmi jewellery set

If you are looking for the true definition of sleek jewelry with the traditional touch, you should check out this piece of Amazon jewelry set below 1000 crafted by the brand, Happiness. All the stunning brides out there who are hunting for a statement-making design to wear all time, don’t miss this Dulhania one.

All the best pieces of Amazon jewelry set have been rounded up at Looksgud for price comparison. So, why will you hover around here and there while all the best pieces are available under one roof?

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