14 Travel Fashion Hacks & Tricks that Travel Pros Use

Packing bags can be a total headache especially when you have tons of clothes and a little space to squeeze into your clothes. If you are a travel pro then you would know the plight of packing and unpacking.
travel fashion hacks and tricks to pack like a pro

Worry not, we are here to help you. We bring you easy peasy travel hacks and tricks that every traveler should follow. We have clubbed together all travel hacks that will keep your clothes intact and lessen your burden and worries about packing. Take a look and start following them.


Travel Packing Hack 1: Roll your clothes to save space

Roll your clothes is smart packing hacks to save space
This is one trick that everyone would have mastered, yet we would like to emphasize that how easy your packing errand becomes when you roll your tees, shorts, dresses. Not only it saves space, but it even keeps your clothes wrinkle free.

Travel Packing Hack 2: Keep shirt collar stiff with belt

how to pack smarter, best way to keep shirt collar straight while travel packing

This is the best trick for business travelers. We know how frustrating it can go when your crisp shirt collar turns cripple, but hey, just coil a belt and store it in your shirt’s collar- you maintain a stiff collar as well as save space.

Travel Packing Hack 3: Place newspaper in between your shirts

 how to fold and roll a suit jacket for travel so it doesn't wrinkle

We completely understand the horror you see when your shirts wrinkle out in your packing. We propose interesting hack for all travelers, just place a newspaper between your shirt and tada they will never wrinkle or mess out.

Travel Packing Hack 4: Stuff your socks in your shoes

stuffing shoes with socks

You can pack your socks in the easiest way, roll your socks and place them inside your shoes. Trust us, you can store up to 3 socks in one shoe, isn’t that wow.

Travel Packing Hack 5: Encase your shoes in shower cap

packing hacks encase shoes in shower caps for long trips

You don’t have to carry a separate bag for your shoes, store your shoes in an old shower cap and they won’t mess your clothes.

Travel Packing Hack 6: Reserve heavy clothes for the last

Reserve heavy clothes for the last easy travel tips

Once you are done with your tees, capri, shorts and shoes we would ask you to complete your smart packing with heavy clothes such as denim, blazers, pants. Don’t roll them and just flat lay your clothes and voila, you would have a smooth packing.

Travel Packing Hack 7: Make your suitcase smell good with dryer sheets

travel hacks a dryer sheet in your bag

Dirty clothes can bring unpleasant smell, so you can enhance the smell with dryer sheets. Also, you can carry travel size, fabric freshener and keep your suitcase and clothes fresh.

Travel Packing Hack 8: Invest in innerwear travel case

travel amazing tips to Invest innerwear in travel bag Girls, you know how important your inner wear (bra, panties) are and you definitely don’t want them to disfigure. Thus we ask you to buy a bra travel case that will keep your delicate undergarments safe.

Travel Packing Hack 9: Make pill container your jewelry box

packing hacks for travel make origami pill box

Ditch your luxurious jewelry box and travel light. Take a pill case container and store your favorite travel jewelry in them. You can even use a small balm container to store your earrings, rings and you are good to go.

Travel Packing Hack 10: Save space by storing bottles in shoes

space saving packing hacks storing bottles in shoes
We suggested you to store your socks in your shoes, here we suggest you store certain products in your shoes that wouldn’t pop up. You can store lotions, shampoo bottles and save space.

P.S: Make sure your shoes don’t smell terrible

Travel Packing Hack 11: Make straws your necklace holder

how to pack necklaces for travel

De-tangling your tangled necklace can be a painstaking job and that is why we suggest you to put your long chains through straws. By storing the chains through straws it will keep all the chains separate and prevent a ball of tangled necklaces.

Travel Packing Hack 12 : store your earrings on button holes

saff store your earrings on button hole at travel time

It might seem odd to you, but if you don’t want your earrings to break or get lost in the pool of your jewelry then clasp them on the buttonholes and you would save time and space.

Travel Packing Hack 13: Carry comfortable shoes

travel hacks best tips that try carry comfortable shoes

If you are on a leisure trip, then don’t forget to carry your most comfy shoes or flats. You don’t want your feet to ache due to hours of walking.

Travel Packing Hack 14: Pack jacket inside out

how to fold and roll a suit jacket for travel so it doesn't wrinkle

Be it any season, we suggest you to carry a comfy jacket whenever you travel. Also pack your jacket inside out, which will prevent any crease or wrinkle.

Here’s a video showcasing the exact steps on how to fold a blazer the right way to avoid wrinkles:

These were our super smart packing hacks and tricks, if you have some more ideas in mind, we would love to see them in the comments below. Travel light, pack smart and have a blissful travel experience.

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