Hot Trends for this Summer predicted by Indian Fashion Bloggers

The Lakme Fashion Week is coming our ways and have our fingers crossed for the gala event to bring to us our dubious future wardrobes, yet there is ample time to see around and find out what’s cooking for this year to come.

Summer trends by Indian Fashion Bloggers

The heat wave might be knocking on the door and so are some implausible, mind blowing fashion trends that are setting up the momentum for the season to come.

To come first at your service, we strolled through the web canvas and had a little chat with some of our favourite fashion bloggers around the social media. Not only are these pretty ladies found adorning one of the striking pieces we have ever come across, they have given us a bucket full of high end inspiration and learning stuff. Nonetheless, we asked them to predict some incredible fashion trends that might be making a hit this summer. And much to our satisfaction, the results are colourful and lustrous as ever.


Here, have a look at what budding visionaries of haute couture have to say-

Shalini Chopra

shalini chopra

Shalini hails from the city of Bangalore and is a standing inspiration for people who have fashion in their blood. Through her Indian Fashion blog she chooses to touch the world of every being who breathe style and fashion. Through her active blog, you will find designer couture collections, affordable fashion, reviews, street style and much more to suit your lifestyle.

Her collections and findings are hidden treasures not only from the luxury boutiques but also through casual stores from every corner.

In Shalini, we saw poise, colour and vibrancy that curtails in a true fashion enthusiast and here’s what she opines for the coming summer:

Lightweight denims, Romantic Whites, Bold orange hues, especially ‘mustard’, Off-Shoulder Tops and casual pyjamas are going to be the trending daywear for the spring 2016 fashion streets. So, dig into your mom’s closet and be the trendsetter.

Tanvi Rastogi

tanvi rastogi

Her little cottage on the web is her mesmerizing blog and seems like a travel space that just fills you with aromas of everything around. Be it travel, fitness, fashion or cooking she has everything to offer you through her blog’s platter. Eccentric, stylish and a fiction lover, Tanvi loves exploring cultures and is a travel enthusiast.

Let’s see what the fashionista has to say for the coming summer:

Exposed (or cold) shoulder trend will make it big in Spring 2016. It was all over the runway from Rachel Zoe, Derek Lam and Wes Gordon. As the ever-sage Donna Karan once told WWD, The only place you never gain weight is on your shoulders. They don’t get wrinkly or fat. I love shoulders. My tip would be to sport this trend without going overboard. Let the shoulders make a statement while keeping the remaining outfit simple (straight lines) or monochrome. Have fun with trends but keep your look cohesive.

Nandini Swaminathan

nandini swaminathan

‘Connoisseur of all things beautiful’ as she calls herself, Nandini talks of fashion, beauty, travel and a lot more through her colourful space at her blog. Through her blog, she expresses fashion as an art form and hopes to make all people new to fashion experts in little time. Her love for fabrics, colours and outfits overflows through her work.

Predicting the summer trends, here’s what the fashion pro had to offer:

This summer will see a 70’s revival – psychedelic prints, bohemian maxi dresses, flared jeans and suede skirts. Dresses would have a lot of Victorian ruffles, carwash pleats and feminine florals. The slip dress is also back in full form, as are bold stripes. I also see bucket bags, half-moon slings and drawstring bags being a huge part of this season.

Tanya Virmani

tanya virmani

She is a true cosmopolite and loves to travel and cook. Coming from the food capital of India- Delhi, her fashion blog is a 4 in 1 venture about everything from food, lifestyle, travel and much more. As an extra perk, we found amazing content on mobiles, gadgets and gizmos that are now a necessary part of our lifestyle.

Her predictions for the summers to come are as below:

Summer 2016 is all about being chic yet comfortable. Soothing colours in shades of blue, pink, white and green will be seen around. Warm weather denims will be in full swing. Shirt dresses, crop tops, pants, jackets will rock n roll the streets in denim hues.



Chaitra is an active fashion blogger alongside her career as a Credit Analyst in Bangalore. As the name of her blog suggests, her work is inspired through the marvels that surround her and are an expression of her love for Art, Photography, Fashion and Writing.Even in the current world, her idea of style starts from neo-ethnic or Indian-modern. Through her blog we find her aesthetically promoting yoga and an ample knowledge on the same.

Here is her share of prophecy for the coming months:

Trends I’m witnessing (internationally) are those inspired by Vintage Spanish dresses, with shocks of red, flamenco ruffles, ‘X’ neckline that have falling shoulders in Gas, as seen in the collections of  Porenza, DVF and Michael Kors’. But of course, India is still going to have its inherent mini trends, where we’ll see the Indie Chic/Neo Modrene Indian look at rise. While many women would be seen giving the Saree a twist of their own with modern nuances to it, a few others would mostly draw Indian Inspired looks. Handloom textiles and India inspired Kitschy prints are gaining a lot of attention and since it is the onset of summer, I expect to see printed cotton and linen as the most favored ones.

Anupriya Dutta Gupta

anupriya dutta gupta

A designer and content writer professionally, Anupriya is a stylist by passion and blogger by hobby- as she says. Always into something creative, her blog is full of fashion and beauty reviews. Not only that, you might bump into her full of life pictures of travel and eateries as well. Confident about her and always with a smiling face, Anupriya brings the same life and chirpiness to her blogs as well. Baking is her biggest stress buster.

Upon asking what she thinks would hit the streets this summer; this is her prompt reply:

Whites are summer staples that never go out of style. Indigo is big this season, especially if you are up for embracing Indian aesthetics with a contemporary touch. Just set your spirit free & enjoy the summers in style!

Aanchal Goel

aanchal goel

One look at her blog, and you would find the definition of versatility. From weddings to event, beauty reviews to fashion week reviews, you have everything right in front of you. A blogger by passion and actually a literature student, she finds her solace through making fashion simple as life for people. Fashion for her is style created through unnoticed things in our day to day lives.

Let’s have a look at what she has to say for trends this summer:

Well for this summer, here are some trends that are rightly to make a space in the fashion industry: Loose cotton clothing paired up with silver jewellery are going to be a popular view. Along with that Denim Dresses will come back. Bell bottoms are in again Choker Neckpieces and Septum Rings will be a hit as well.

Reeneta Dutta

reeneta dutta

Her blog is filled with colourful glamourous stuff. From movie reviews to food experiences at myriad of places, her blog canvas is full of coloured pastels of her personal style as well.She talks boldly of social beauty standards and talks of the expression through everything that she adorns on her.

Here is her prediction for the coming year:

I think big, bold patterns are here to stay. Drifting from bright prints in cool colours like canary yellow and powder blue during the summers to more warm toned darker shades like maroons, navy blues, dark greys and the likes in the winters is going to be the hue pace for this season.

Priyanjana Roy

Priyanjana Roy

An engineer by profession, she has a strong affinity to everything classy and colorful, as she says. Through her equally mesmerizing blog, she talks about everything that helps you look your best. Reviews, tutorials, DIY’s, jewellery and her PR services make her little pool of happiness a great experience for you. If you love fashion and cosmetics. her blog is the right space for you. Crazy for nail art, priyanjana is a personification of being a chirpy woman and when asked to give her say on the coming trends, she gave us an equally colorful response.

Here is what Priyanjana predicts for this summer:

The new summer trend of 2016 is something I personally love. It is very comfortable, fun and stylish at the same time! Both off shoulder and cold shoulder trends as well as dungarees are making a huge comeback. I am expecting to see a lot of retro inspired outfits in pastel shades and a lot of chambray clothing. This summer is going to be all about breezy,70’s inspired silhouettes in soothing pastel shades.

Now that these fashionistas have given us their verdicts, plan for the heat wave and get on the streets with your idea of summers!!!

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