Choose Holi Fashion from Celebrities that You Can Be Proud Of

Holi fashion is no longer stick to old white clothes. In fact, they have got a stylish makeover. If you are worried about what to wear this holi party, then take fashion cues from celebrities to dress like them and look stylish on Holi.

Celebrities are trendsetters in India. No matter whether they belong to Silver screen or Small screen. What they wear becomes latest trend in fashion. In today’s fashion world, fashion conscious people, especially youngsters follow them when it comes to clothing. Celebrities have even changed the people’s perception towards Holi. Now, young generation like to wear vibrant colours clothing rather than sticking to basic white at Holi parties. In Holi  girls and boys can take fashion cues from celebrities look to make a style statement and give a nice makeover to Holi clothes. If you are wondering to look stylish this festive season, then here are the answers of all your questions.


A-Z Celebrity Style Guide for Holi

Holi Fashion for Women

1. Hot Pants

Hot pants for holi

Those who have sexy figure can wear Balam Pichkari Style hot pants to look stylish and draw attention of others. Hot pants can be paired with shirt, t-shirt, spaghetti top, tank top or any type of top.

2. Capri Pants

Capri for holi celebration

Capris are quite trendy and look great on women of all ages. You can lounge in style this holi by wearing Capri with t-shirt, tank top, tunic, etc. Petite women should avoid wearing capri pants as they shorten the legs.

3. Jeans

Jeans for Holi party

Jeans are one of the best clothing for holi because the colours get absorbed more on the denim and less on the skin. You can wear blue, green, black or white jeans with shirt, top, kurti or t-shirt and look super sexy.

4. Kurti & Dupatta

Kurti and Dupatta with Jeans for holi

Kurti n Dupatta is a very comfortable outfit for Holi celebration. Most of Indian girls prefer to wear jeans/Capri paired with short kurti and dupatta. This not only looks trendy but also makes you feel comfortable.

5. Dress

Summer Dresses for Holi

If you are a dress person, then you can go for a well-fitted pretty summer dress and make your own style statement. You can also teamed up your dress with a pair of leggings.

6. Harem and lounge Pants

Holi fashion in Harem and lounge Pants

The super comfortable and super trendy harem and lounge pants look fabulous and very stylish. Harem and lounge pants can be worn with a top or t-shirt.

7. Salwar Kameez

Holi fashion Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez in evergreen trend. Choosing some brightest colour, modern pattern and style in Salwar Kameez can portray the originality of Holi as well as fluent you body’s beauty like Sunny Leone.

8. Patiala

Jab We Met Kareena's style patiala salwar with long T-shirts

Girls with stunning figure must try “Jab We Met” Kareena’s style: patiala salwar with long T-shirts. You can opt for short kurti or top as per your choice. Short and fat women should avoid this style.

9. Saree

celebrate holi with colourful saree

Many women are seen wearing Saree on Holi. You can wear saree in different styles and look stylish. Colours like white and vivid & warm shades of yellow, orange, red and rust are perfect for holi.

Holi Fashion For Men

1. Jeans

fashion of Men's jeans for holi

Flaunt a stylish appeal with a pair of jeans along with a polo t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt or shirt. Jeans protect your skin from absorbing more colour.

2. Kurta Pyjama

Kurta Pyjama for Holi

Wearing Kurta pyjama on holi is a great way to add a traditional touch to your personality. You can wear pathani style or Kurta with chudidar pyjama.

3. Kurta and Jeans

Kurta and Jeans for Holi

You can give kurta pyjamas a fashionable twist by wearing kurta with jeans. It is the best outfit for men who don’t like to wear kurta pyjamas. You can also carry a bandhani dupatta to complete your look.

4. Knee length shorts

Men's Knee length shorts for Holi celebration

Men can look stylish by wearing knee length shorts paired with a well-fitting t-shirt.

General Tips for Holi

  • Try to wear full-sleeved T-shirt or shirts.
  • Avoid wearing socks and precious jewellery.
  • Apply oil on the skin rather than makeup.
  • Floral prints are best for holi.
  • Wear cotton and light colour clothes as much as possible.
  • Protect your hair from harsh Holi colours with a cap, hat, scarf or bandana.
  • Wear flip-flops, Hawaii chappals, rubber or bathroom slippers or canvas shoes.
  • Women should stay away from transparent clothes or low cut T-shirts to avoid embarrassing situation.
  • Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from colours.

Advice for Women:

  1. Some thin or white clothing material can result in see-through when become wet with water, so you should avoid such dress material or try same colour or suitable inner to avoid public wardrobe malfunction.
  2. Don’t go at overly crowded places.
  3. Never accept drinks or food items from strangers.

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