How to Wear a Bolo Tie?

Officially worn in the states like New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, Bolo ties are widely appreciated across the country. If you just came across bolo ties, or whether you have admired them for ages, but you never rocked one, it’s okay. In this article, you’ll learn how to wear a bolo tie with perfection and make your followers go crazy. Bolo ties uniquely represent the American culture, and over the years, they were renamed several times in different locations.

Today, a bolo tie is also known by names like shoelace tie, bola tie, cowboy ties, string tie, and many more. So next time someone mentions cowboy ties or string ties to you, don’t get confused. They are simply referring to our gem of a tie, aka a Bolo tie. Unlike other ties, you can wear a bolo tie in various ways and accentuate your looks. You can slay a bolo tie on the weekend, at family gatherings, weddings, etc.

Moreover, even women can adorn bolo ties typically with a pair of jeans and a shirt to look their absolute best. No, we are not even kidding, and we will discuss more about this in a while. Before we tell you how to wear a bolo tie, let’s find out more about this unique tie, adored by almost all Western Americans.

What exactly is a Bolo Tie?

anatomy of a bolo tie

Ideally, a bolo tie features a braided leather cord with its tips made of silver or other metals. Its leather cord is then threaded using a clasp. Interestingly, the clasp is quite significant for the bolo tie as it gives the tie its American touch. Yes, you got it right; it is the clasp that features unique designs and makes the tie appealing and eye-pleasing. Generally, a clasp is made using materials like wood, metal, beads, etc.

The clasp of a bolo tie may feature semi-precious stones, a skull, bull, American beads, and much more. To simply put, a bolo tie is a one-of-a-kind necktie that’s held using a clasp and a designer cord. The bolo tie is considered more fashionable and classy. However, bolo ties aren’t mainstream, and not everyone has the courage to adorn them in style. So, if you’re planning to wear a bolo tie, you gotta back yourself.

Types of Bolo Tie

A bolo tie is diverse in itself and comes in three unique and stunning types that will make you stand out from the crowd. Let’s get going and learn what the three types of bolo ties are?

Namely, the three types of bolo ties are;

  1. The Traditional Bolo Tie
  2. The Casual Bolo Tie
  3. The Unconventional Bolo Tie

1. The Traditional Bolo Tie

The traditional bolo ties boast an elegant look, and their vintage design steals the show. You can wear the traditional bolo ties to formal and semi-casual events like business meetings, weddings, etc. However, one must not forget to trim their beard to ensure the world can notice their tie. For unmatched western looks, you can pair up the traditional bolo tie with a suit and buttoned-down shirts.

2. The Casual Bolo Tie

As the name indicates, the casual bolo ties are worn with ease, and while wearing these, one can be experimental. Unlike the traditional bolo tie, a casual bolo tie can be worn freely like a necklace with just any outfit. We recommend you pair up your tie with skinny jeans and high-ankle boots for ultimately vintage casual looks.

3. The Unconventional Bolo Tie

The unconventional bolo tie is a unique fashion staple that can be effortlessly transformed into a necklace and choker. To transform your unconventional bolo tie and make a necklace or choker, all you’ll have to do is slightly tweak its clasp or cord. The unconventional bolo tie makes you look like a chic diva. To look your best, you can try wearing unconventional bolo ties with high-ankle boots and casual dresses.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie?

bolo tie with suit

Now, since you know almost everything about different types of bolo ties and what they’re, let’s find out how to wear them. For beginners who want to experience wearing a bolo tie without tweaking their style statement, we recommend pairing it with jeans and a western shirt. And, that’s not it; you can wear your favorite bolo tie in a plethora of ways. Read on to find some of the best occasions and ways to slay a bolo tie and adapt it to your daily life.

Casual Outings

Casual hangouts are always fun when you are with the best people, and you look your best. Whether it’s a fun night out or you’re exploring the town, you can wear it loosely with a shirt and jeans. Since you’re hanging around or exploring the town as a tourist, you can keep a few buttons undone to compliment your bolo tie.

Weekend Fishing

Nothing matches the joy of fishing on a lazy weekend. You can add a pinch of vintage fashion to your joyful weekend with a bolo tie. Yes, you heard it right; pair up your favorite casual bolo tie with a t-shirt and a stellar denim jacket.

For Women

bolo tie women's fashion

Uh-huh! Don’t think that we made a mistake and put a wrong sub-head here. As we mentioned above, even women can slay a bolo tie; this section belongs to them. So, ladies, you can adorn a bolo tie with a handful of casual outfits. But, what stands out is pairing the tie with a denim jacket, tank top, and cowboy boots along with skinny jeans.

Like A Choker

Hey guys! We are sorry, even this section belongs to all the beautiful fashion enthusiastic women out there. Hold tight; the next one is for you. We promise. Ladies, as we said, you can wear a bolo tie in various ways, and with a plethora of dresses, we meant it.

Take an unconventional bolo tie, tweak it, and boom! You have made yourself a fantastic drop-dead gorgeous choker. Now, if you’re wondering, with which dresses I can wear a bolo tie, we got you. Since a choker or a necklace made out of a bolo tie can complement both casual and formal looks, you can wear them with anything.

If you still need some recommendations, here you go. If you’re wearing formals and want to add a pinch of western style to your appearance, adorn the necklace with your suit. Moreover, you may wear the choker with tank tops, partywear dresses, etc.

Wear with Western or Buttoned-down Shirts

Bolo ties are unique, and they stand out from the crowd as they rightly should. Their native American roots and design make them a true American fashion staple for both men and women. You can sport a bolo tie like a true fashion lover with denim and oxford shirts. Moreover, the classic western dress shirts will also accentuate your Western-American looks.

Wear it like a regular necktie for formal looks

Initially, a bolo tie was intended to be a one-of-a-kind necktie. So, you can wear a bolo tie in place of a regular tie for completely different formal looks. To do so, you’ll need to close all the buttons on the front of your shirt. Once done, you’ll need to put the tie on the collar over the neck.

A-Pro Tip

Irrespective of whether you’re heading out wearing a bolo tie in Western America or Eastern America, fashion is unique. Moreover, if you’re comfortable with whatever you’re wearing, a bolo tie will only enhance your looks no matter where you’re. Ultimately, the world is a diverse place, and your bolo tie is adding to its diversity. So, forget your concerns and get ready to surprise everyone with your tie.

Dos and don’ts of Bolo Tie

The versatility of bolo ties offers a certain amount of freedom to the wearer. However, there are some dos and don’ts that might make or break your looks. So, let’s find out what they are and avoid making minor mistakes while dressing up to maintain unmatched looks.


  • Wearing a bolo tie with a denim shirt makes a fantastic match, and you may also pick bolo ties featuring stones like African jade, turquoise, white buffalo, etc.
  • Flaunt your unmatched formal looks with a bolo tie by pairing it with tuxedos and dress shirts.
  • Ladies, avoid sneakers and running shoes with your bolo tie and instead wear high-heel shoes.


  • Do not let your bolo tie hang and swing around when worn with collared shirts; instead, place it neatly under your collar.
  • One common mistake most of us do while wearing a bolo tie is keeping it hanging near the stomach. Do not wear a bolo tie that is longer than up to 4 inches and hangs below your chest.
  • Don’t be careless when it comes to choosing the size of the ornamental stone in your bolo tie. It is wise to choose a stone depending on the occasion.

Firstly, we hope now you know how to wear a bolo tie. Secondly, a bolo tie is truly versatile, and it can be worn in a plethora of ways to all sorts of setups. You can choose from a range of traditional, casual, and unconventional bolo ties to ameliorate your casual and formal looks. Moreover, a bolo tie can be worn by both men and women and, if styled right, it looks great on both of them.

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