Innovative Indian Wedding Couple Photography Poses You Must Try

Unlock some of the best couple shoots: Excellent couple pose photography ideas which you must try in Wedding

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A wedding is regarded as one of the greatest milestones in one’s life. When my d-day arrived, I didn’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect dress, delicious menu and dishes, high standard arrangements, beautiful flowers and every single detail that made the day memorable and cherished.

Apart from all these attributes, like every couple, even I wanted the event and the special moments to get captured so that in future I can recall all the beautiful memories. The unfortunate part was that I lacked the vision of innovative and unique couple photography ideas for the wedding album. But I was determined that I will do something different fin the album.

Hence, I researched and found out some unique and cute photography ideas, especially designed for the couples who are getting into the wedlock soon. Let us have a look at the couple photography poses and you can try them out as well for your wedding album to make it just perfect.

Love gives a fairy tale life

wedding couple pose

In the midst of an ordinary life, it is love that makes life a fairy tale so capture this moment for your wedding album.


The Soulmates

wedding photography poses bride and groom

This is a candid couple photography where the soul mates are making promises to each other to be each other’s strength.

The power game is on

indian wedding couple photography

The female partner being the dominant in the relationship is a very popular couple shoot these days.


The framed couple

wedding couple poses photography

This is a must have wedding couple photography pose for your album. The blue backdrop and the white flower petals and the couple in the centre gives a unique element.

The fighting couple

indian wedding photography poses pdf

It is fun pose that every couple must try out. The photograph portrays the fun and the cute side that every couple shares.


The couple pose like movie

wedding photography books pdf free download

The shot is inspired from the popular Bollywood movie, “3 Idiots”. You too can try the famous “Amir-kareena pose and fulfill your dream of posing like the heroes and heroines from the movie world.

The romance is blooming

simple wedding photography pdf

This is one of the couple photography ideas that gives a dramatic effect in your album. This kind of photography is also an excellent means of showcasing your regal outfits.

The crazy and fun loving couple

indian wedding couple photo

The couple that drinks together stays together. The picture clearly depicts it.


Travelling the world together

indian wedding photography poses pdf

The picture symbolizes the travel goals and the adventures that you two will experience after marriage.

Creating memories together

indian wedding couple photo poses

The life long bond will give you so many opportunities to create memories together.

Sharing happiness and sorrow

indian wedding couple photoshoot

The shot clearly portrays the beautiful relationship that the couple shares. Both of them promise to laugh and cry together.

Made for each other

indian wedding couple images hd

This is a fun photography where the couple can show their funny side, with the portraying of love and commitment for each other.

Relying on each other

indian marriage photos album

Marriage is all about relying on each other for every situation that comes the way. The inclination of the shoulders of the bride and the groom on each other depicts their trust of relying.

The taste of love, care and commitment

indian wedding album design samples

If you both love to explore different types of drinks, this is perhaps the best photography pose to showcase your interest as a couple. The dash of red color given a brightness to the whole picture.

The runaway bride being carried by the man

indian wedding album cover design

Is your man strong enough to carry you in his arms? Why don’t you check it in the midst of a wedding album photo shoot? It will be fun-just give a try.

Who is stronger? You or I?

indian wedding album design 12x36

It is a unique wedding album pose that every couple must give a try. Usually the man is seen carrying his woman. You can try out the opposite.

The bike lover couple

indian bride images wallpaper

If you both have the passion and love for bikes and bike riding, perhaps no other picture can portray your personalities.

Expressing love at a dream location

indian bridal makeup pictures photos

How about a destination wedding album shoot? Express your love for each other in the midst of magical surroundings.

Common: Let us have a ride

indian wedding couple images hd

This pose perfectly portrays the deep love you both have for each other. You both are adventurous to take the ride, but somewhere lost in each other.

We will cross every hurdle in life together

indian marriage photos hd

This is an excellent pose that reflects that you both are soul mates and are ready to undertake the life together.

The perfect display of PDA

indian wedding photo gallery

If you both are mad and crazy for each other, there is no fear, showing the love in the public. This photography pose seems to be the best way of portraying your pure love with Gurudwara as the background.

Are you ready to take the leap and commit yourself?

funky photography pose

An interactive photo shoot that tells a story between the couple- their new journey in life.

No matter what I am always there for you

wedding funky photography

This is an excellent capture that symbolizes the support of a partner towards the other. You can try it as well.

Balancing the relationship

wedding funky photography

No matter what situation pops in, there needs to be a balance in the relationship. This is what the pose portrays.

Framed for each other

brighton wedding photographers

This made for each other pose is very common and popular today. But still there is a charm in it.

Life’s journey together

wedding funny photo editing

The color contrast in the attires of the couple with the dark colored background makes it the picture perfect moment.

The promise of protecting each other

wedding funny photo ideas

This is a beautiful couple photography pose, where the husband promises to protect his woman from every possible obstacle.

Wedlock: the purest bond

indian bridal photo editing online

You both are the happiest in each other’s company- a beautiful pose to try out for.

From today we are one

photofunia wedding frames

The click represents that from now on you both are one under the same roof, sharing every second of the beautiful life.

Arguments and disagreements don’t make our love small

wedding photo frames free download

The pose clearly indicates that in future no matter how many times there are arguments and fights, your love for each other won’t stop.

Let us get deep into the sea of love

wedding photo frames hd

Once you have decided to commit yourself to each other, there is no looking back anymore.

The importance of calmness in a relationship

hd photo frame background

The pose might seem to be very plain, but holds a deeper meaning. The photography symbolizes the importance of calmness of mind while in a relationship.

Couple photography with the innovative excellence

wedding anniversary photo frames editing

The special effect rendered shows the journey of two individuals into a soulmate.

Helping to accomplish each other’s dreams

funny wedding pictures with captions

Couples help each other fulfil their dream and this photography with the beautiful background indicates so.

We will hold each other’s hand forever

funny wedding pictures cartoon

Despite all the struggles and obstacles you both will hold each other’s hands.

Couple goals- helping each other

funny wedding cartoons

You both won’t hesitate to help each other and this pose clearly depicts it.

The source of guiding light in each other’s life

wedding day photography

Whenever there is darkness, you both will be the source of light.

Love is everywhere: even in the selfie

must have wedding photos

With this very simple couple photography pose, you can showcase the love that you both have for each other.

Love is, above everything

wedding photography poses checklist pdf

Quarrels make a relationship grow stronger. The pose showcases that when you both are truly in love, you will choose each other surpassing disagreements and quarrels.

The relationship will be as beautiful as the rose petals

funniest wedding photos ever

The picture depicts that both the partners will make equal efforts in making the relationship work.

The love reflects everywhere

funny kerala wedding photos

This is a unique photography through the lens emerging to the mirror glass. You can choose a similar grand mirror border to capture your lovely couple photograph.

Women rules: The real boss at home

funny marriage pictures for facebook

This pose is the trending couple photography pose these days. The picture rightly depicts the reality: the wife is actually the boss at home.

Let life surprise us

funny wedding photos bridesmaids

Life is full of surprises. Let us explore them all one by one together, capture this adventures pose for your album.

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