Latest Pregnancy Couple Halloween Costumes Ideas

halloween costume ideas for pregnant couple

Halloween can be an added cause of celebration for expecting couples. You can dress up as nonfictional or fictional characters while flaunting your growing bump. Today we have listed some of the best maternity costume ideas that can add a new flair to your Halloween dressing.


1. Spooky Maternity Halloween Costume for Couple

best Halloween Maternity costumes Get ready to spread the chill with this spooky Halloween costume which can accentuate your pregnant belly to perfection as you finish your look with some fake limbs and blood.


2. Women’s Halloween Long Sleeve Pooh Dress Maternity Couple Costume

cute Halloween Maternity costumes This Winnie the Pooh pregnant costume can put your fun side to display as you go out with your husband dressed as a piglet and four-legged friend for a morning stroll around the neighborhood.


3. Cute Skeleton Halloween Pregnancy Bump Tshirt

Halloween Maternity costumesAdd a dash of timeless elegance to the Halloween horror with the skeleton maternity costumes having a fluorescent baby skeleton print to highlight your growing belly.


4. Avocado & Toast Fun Long Sleeve Maternity Couple Costume

skeleton maternity costumesExpecting moms can flaunt their baby bump with funny pregnant couple Halloween costumes having a cut out of the avocado pit around their belly.

5. Maxi Dress with Lace Work Maternity Halloween Costume

maternity costumes ideas If you are searching for plus-size maternity Halloween costumes, which can guarantee the right degree of comfort to your pregnant body, then you can wear a plain white maxi dress with lace work and complete your look with a dagger and a grim face.

6. Ancient Yoda or Obi-Wan Powerful Jedi Maternity Halloween Costume

sexy maternity costumes Whether you are dressing up as the ancient Yoda or Obi-wan, you are bound to feel powerful in a Jedi Maternity Halloween dress which can help you turn heads without compromising on comfort.

7. Funny Farm Animal Mamma Cow Halloween Maternity Costume

Spirit Halloween Maternity costumes Flaunt the bun in your oven with the sexy maternity costumes of a mamma cow as your husband gets ready to play the part of a farm boy ready for his regular milking chore.

8. Dinosaur Egg Print Your Belly Halloween Maternity Costume

plus size maternity Halloween costumes If you already have a toddler and are all set to welcome a newborn to your tribe, dress up your little one as a baby dinosaur and wear a top resembling a dinosaur egg to highlight your belly.

9. Milkman and Housewife Vintage Style Halloween Maternity Costume

maternity Halloween costumes for couples

“Mooo…” on with this Cowherd Halloween Costume, and feed all the attention to your cattle bump!

10. Maternity Monster Halloween Costumes for Family

Maternity Halloween dress

Present your Monsterous bump by draping the fun enchanted Maternity Monster Halloween Costumes, fit to succeed the Monster Squad in the season of pure Hallow’s nights!

11. Maternity Halloween Costume for Baby Coming Out

Best pregnant Halloween costumesChannel your love for blood and gore in maternity Halloween costumes for couples with fake limbs attached to highlight your bump as your partner dresses up as a butcher ready for the strike.

12. Funny Family Basketball Maternity Costume

Funny pregnant Couple Halloween costumes Transform your entire family into the greatest basketball squad of all times with the best pregnant Halloween costumes in Tune Squad design. Your husband and elder child can wear the bunny onesies as you keep comfortable with a tee and matching shorts.

13. Road Construction Workers Maternity Halloween Costume

Winnie the Pooh pregnant costumeDress up as road construction workers this Halloween and sign off your look with a placard cautioning of the bump ahead.

14. Fairy Tale Maternity Halloween Costume for Couple

Showcase your love for fairy tale characters by dressing up your daughters as princess jasmine and snow white while you don the Wonder woman costume.

15. Fed Express Maternity Halloween Costumes for Couple

t-shirt, dress, matching, couple

A Flash delivery needs an Express Shippment, so don’t wait to put up the Fed Express Halloween Costumes for your new package to lodge on your lap soon!

16. Randall From Monsters Characters Family Halloween Costumes

halloween costume ideas for pregnant coupleGet ready for some monster-sized fun this Halloween with a Mike costume or Sulley jumpsuit which can get the fun times started for your entire family.

17. Galactic Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Couple

Be ready to introduce your soccer droid to the world with the galactic Star Wars Halloween Costumes, and continue your Skywalker Saga!

If you thought that Halloween is meant only for children then you are immensely mistaken. Adults can also take part in the fun and frolic by wearing matching outfits with the entire family and enjoying the day together. Whether it’s your first or nth time being pregnant during Halloween, you can pull off brilliant looks easily and in a low-maintenance manner.  Just a few items and accessories in your closet can help you put together the whole outfit like the ones listed above.

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