What to wear for Maternity Photo Session? Outfit Guide for Him & Her

Undoubtedly pregnancy is a life-changing phase for a couple, and both of you would cherish it forever. When a woman is pregnant, her body and mind experience numerous changes. While some experiences might make you freak out, all of them will turn out to be invaluable. You may want to capture and seize all your beautiful moments in photographs worth having.

maternity outfit guide for him and her

If you’re nebulous about what to wear for your maternity photo session, worry not. This guide is all you need to decide your outfit for heart-warming maternity photos. You can keep your maternity photo session highly creative or simple and elegant. Hold tight; we’ll explore both options in a while. First off, let’s check out how you can slay it at the shoot with contrast.

maternity photo shoot guide

Basics of Contrast

Irrespective of what you wear, the color combination of your outfits can change how your photographs turn out to be. So, you must focus on the contrast.

For Him

Dear men, if your wifey is wearing a light-shaded maxi dress, we recommend you to wear a dark t-shirt with blue, brown, or gray pants.

For Her

Dear mom-to-be, if you decide to wear a dark-shaded dress or top, do ensure he wears a light-shaded shirt paired with dark pants. And, don’t forget to wear your favorite necklace to make the photos remarkable.

This way, you two will look elegant and classy. Moreover, your pictures will turn out to be appealing and gorgeous. The idea is to highlight the proud mommy’s baby bump, and if you’re mindful of the contrast, you will have stunning photographs. To make the photos even better, your partner may also wear a stylish hat. In case you want to keep it semi-formal, do avoid your tie.

Brights and Neutrals

Brights and Neutrals, when paired perfectly, can work wonders for your maternity photos as they’ll create a balance in the frame.

For Him

You can adorn a shirt as light as the sky. For your bottoms, we suggest you wear dark pants.

Or, maybe you can wear a dark shirt. However, keep the shade of your pants on the lighter side; you may go for khaki ones.

For Her

Undoubtedly you look gorgeous and confident, carrying your baby bump. Fill your maternity photos with the same confidence and beauty, get yourself an eye-catching bright-shaded maternity dress. You can also slay the shoot with a bright top and a pair of dark-shaded pants. Just ensure the top’s shade doesn’t irritate the eyes.

And let the magic of colors make your maternity photographs mesmerizing.

A casual reminder from our stylists:

  • Keep it cool.
  • Take it easy.
  • Remember these rules.
  • Play around with your outfits and their shades.

Patterns and Solids

The dressing is an art like none other, and if you can be its master, it will alleviate your looks and make you a fashion icon. When it comes to donning an outfit for a maternity photoshoot, you have a handful of options at your disposal. Don’t forget to check out patterned or solid outfits in your wardrobe. The unique prints and classic solids will make your maternity photos timeless.

For Him

If you’ve decided to wear patterns and solids, you can accentuate your looks with a patterned shirt and solid pants. Additionally, you may also go for a solid shirt and pants. Be mindful of your outfits’ color combinations, and you’re good to go.

For Her

When it comes to the maternity photo session, the comfort and style of sheath dresses are unmatched. Explore the fashion-enthusiast within you and grab a solid sheath dress to make your photographs stand out. If that’s a no for you, you may also adorn a patterned maxi dress. Both these outfits will create a perfect combination of patterns and solids with your partner’s outfit.

Most importantly, do not forget to play around with the shades of your outfits. Be wise to dress according to the season to make the most of your photo session.

Infuse a Pinch of Creativity and Boldness to Your Maternity Photo Session

Cherish the humble beginning of motherhood with a creative and bold maternity photo session that makes you feel empowered. Be yourself and own the photos with your unmatched aura. Keep reading to know how to do so perfectly.

  • Ditch your maxi and replace it with a floor-touch slit dress to create stunning maternity photos. Slit dresses for maternity photo sessions will also allow you to flaunt your bump effortlessly.
  • You may also flaunt your body using a silk or chiffon fabric in your maternity photo session. Wrap or hold the fabric around your body and make an elegant pose to get mesmerizing clicks.
  • You may make it even bolder, better, and remarkable by opting for a skin coloured maternity photo session with your partner.
  • Keep it classy in a bandeau bra and a skirt or jeans while your partner wears a similar shade t-shirt and jeans.
  • You may also wear a bikini to flaunt your curves in the photos and cherish them forever.
  • You can also ask your photographer to use flowers to accentuate your looks and give your pictures a creative touch.

Bonus Tips for a Memorable Maternity Photo Session

  • Decide your outfit according to the photoshoot place because what may look great outdoors may look pale indoors.
  • Do not compromise with your comfort because discomfort will take away the fun, and your photos won’t look natural either.
  • If you wear a maxi dress, ameliorate the bump with a belt or some jewelry. You may take the belt for granted, but it can change how your photos turn out to be.
  • Since your mood and preferences might change like the weather in the studio, we suggest you carry one or two extra outfits. Who knows, you might need to change the outfit because it doesn’t match your vibe.
  • Take pride in your journey of being a mommy and flaunt your body in front of the camera like a boss babe.
  • Play around with your outfits; don’t wear anything that gives you the slightest discomfort.
  • Make your partner share the frame with you in most pictures, if not all of them.
  • In your efforts to look chic in your maternity photo session, don’t forget the class.

When it comes to what to wear for a maternity photo session, you have plenty of options at your disposal. You can experiment with your outfits to create a new style and make your photos remarkably beautiful. Since maternity is all about experiencing womanhood at its peak, you must cherish it with a pinch of creativity and boldness in your maternity photos. At last, it’s your body and your baby, don’t shy away from redefining confidence with your photos.


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