Useful Maternity Clothing Hacks To Save Money

maternity clothes tips

Are you all set to knock down the verge of motherhood? Well, endless congratulations to you and we are glad to know that. Every one of us is entirely familiar with the fact that the phase of pregnancy brings countless changes in life. Coming to your wardrobe, your trimesters require you to re manage your outfit collection. But, wait a while if you think that investing tons of money is the only thing that you have to do for pampering your baby bump. Don’t forget to build an emergency fund to prepare for unexpected expenses during this exciting journey.

Lady, the truth is truly the opposite, you can greet your period of pregnancy even while carrying regular clothes too. No, we are not kidding at all. The best news is you need not alter your whole aesthetics of dressing sense. Here is the time to enlist some of the most amazing ideas that will significantly assist you in passing your pregnancy era without maternity wear.


1. Lace It up

Maternity Wear Hacks

Yes, the first thing you can do to avoid the purchase of maternity wear is lacing up your pants, shorts, trousers, or other bottoms. We understand that during the pregnancy period the body goes through several physical changes among which the popped-up belly is the most obvious. Thus, all you are supposed to do is unbutton your bottoms, make an extra hole in the waist area, and tie it up with a lace or ribbon so it can readjust with the extra inches of your tummy.


2. Snatch your partner’s clothes

Maternity Clothes Hacks

Despite the fact that this hack sounds really funny, it will surely assist you in managing your pregnancy days without buying maternity wear. Due to the physique difference between men and women, it’s quite obvious that your partner’s clothes will remain really large to you, and acquiring large clothes is all you need to pass out your span of pregnancy. Consequently, borrow t-shirts or shirts from your guy and relax in the name of the most useful hack to manage pregnancy without maternity wear.


3. Cut and Sew

 DIY maternity clothes

No one prefers to cut down their outfits but there are always some unused clothes in the wardrobe so take them out and use them accurately as your new maternity wear. Firstly, take a scissor and cut them up from the back or front and add extra cloth or net at the back part and your pregnancy outfit is ready. In the same way, you can create your high waist knits or pants with rejected tops or slips.


4. Transform clothes into side zippers

How to turn regular clothes into maternity clothes

The next hack is truly easy and stylish, pick up a regular long top, cut it from the front sides, then put it under zips with the help of extra cloth that goes with the color of that particular outfit, and here you are with your DIY maternity wear. This idea will surely adjust the extra inches of your waist. In the same manner, you can fabricate your waistbands too. Apart from that with the remaining portion of the top just wrap it around your belly, carry a jacket or sweater, and show the illusion of the inner top to others.

5. Nod up to the tie-tops

pregnant maternity clothes hacks
Source: 5-minute crafts

If you are pregnant in the summer days then tie tops is yet another creative solution that will keep away the need of buying maternity clothes. You can utilize the extra surface of a pretty scarf and could convert it into your new style statement that will hide the area of the overgrown boobs. Additionally, do not forget to use Kinesio tape for forming your brilliant belly wrap-ups.

6. Play with Patterns

maternity hacks clothes
Source: 5-minute crafts

Guess what? If your regular top or dress or any other outfit is unable to fit in with your gained inches you can start to play with the patterns, Choose to make flowery cuts, straight cuts, circular cuts so that the area of the dresses could be expanded and finish your look with wearing an under tee or slip with the contrast shade.

7. Move for extra lengths

Pants hacks for pregnancy

You must be owning a few tops or that goes to the label of extra lengths. In case you ignored their presence in your wardrobe, pregnancy is high time to make the smart use of these tops. The perk of warning long-cut tops is that these pieces will provide proper coverage to your bump. Also, the loose fit will maintain the right balance of comfort. So, all in all, it’s going to be a win-win condition. So, take into consideration your extra-length tops and replace the entail for buying maternity outfits unnecessarily.

8. Leggings are the indeed keeper

diy maternity leggings

No one would deny the fact that the leggings hold a directly proportional relationship with the days of pregnancy. Leggings serve as incredible belly wraps. Not just that but it compliments the grace of almost every type of outfit. So, who seeks maternity wear if you have enough range of leggings in your wardrobe? Apart from all that, leggings grab the fullest points on the charts of comfort too. Precisely, leggings are purely worth your selection when you are ready to beat up with the rhythm of pregnancy.

9. Dresses with belts

Maternity jean hack

Yes, you heard it right we are not indicating towards the tight belts but a loose yet useful belt adorned with your dress will really work for your baby’s waited months. Besides that, there is one more advantage that relates straight with the dresses with belts is that it divides the bulky appearance of your popped-up belly. This division deals well with the baby bump, thus just like several other women’s you can count upon the dresses with belts without any doubt in your mind.

10. Give a call to your gym wears

How to dress when pregnant in summer

Who wears gym wear at home? You must be thinking the same thing but believe us this hack will surely help you out in crossing your gestation stage. We are saying this because gym wear is made up of Lycra and Spandex and these fabrics stand out as the most relaxing ones. Therefore, do not forget to wear out your gym wears when you move forward towards the changes of pregnancy.

11. The high waist skirts

DIY Pregnancy Tops for summer

Dropping one of the most excellent alternatives for maternity wear, it’s a high waist skirt for sure. For accommodating the graceful kind of belly wrap you can rely on the high waist skirts without any confusion. Thanks to these skirts, they show issues even when your waist size will turn larger. So, what else do you want? Embrace your entrance to the mom-to-be club and boom out with your spectacularly stylish high waist skirts.

12. Shrugs and Cardigans

How to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes

If you are a working woman and willing to go to the office during the starting months of your pregnancy then you can follow this tip by not buying maternity clothes at all. Now, you must be wondering what is the role of shrugs and cardigans in pregnancy dressing. Let us make it clear that shrugs or cardigans cover the chubbiness of your body, More than that, it balances the appearance of a baby bump in a brilliant manner. So, do not miss to include your shrugs or cardigans to dress out stunningly at the epoch of pregnancy that too without getting the pricey maternity wears.

13. Extra Large Maxi dresses

diy maternity pants extender

Up next, a maxi dress will surely act as the real dressing savior when you enter the phase of pregnancy. The cherry on the top is that you can use these dresses in your post-pregnancy life too. But, try to buy large-sized maxi dresses so that they will wrap up your tummy properly. Additionally, you will feel the heights of comfort.

14. Opt to Dungarees

sewing pregnancy clothes

This one could seem a bit shocking to you but dungarees are the most stylish wrap-ups for expected ladies. Plus, thanks to the adjustable straps on the top you can adjust its fitting according to your ease. Besides that, you can confidently wear your crop tops or blouses under them without buying the new ones ij the name of maternity outfits.

Must Buy For Pregnant Women

After mentioning the leading hacks for dressing during pregnancy while avoiding the shopping of maternity wear, it’s your turn to tell you what kind of mandatory investment you need to commence when readying up your wardrobe. Here is the one-go list for you ladies.

1. Bra Extensions

clothing hacks for Pregnancy

Yes, believe it or not, but bra extensions are the big must for you when the time of pregnancy knocks down at your door. You must be knowing that bra extensions are designed specifically to cover up the enlarged size of your boobs and by reaching the ninth month of pregnancy the breast gets 2 pounds heavier. So, instead of replacing your entire stock of bras you can buy online bra extensions and can save a lot of your money.

2. Sleep Bra

easy diy maternity clothes

We know that no woman prefers to wear a bra when going to bed but, a sleep bra is the most significant investment for every pregnant lady out there. During the time of pregnancy, breasts turn sore, enlarged, and heavy which creates never-ending hurdles in your sound sleep. More than that, pregnancy brings the sweetest ever nights that you can ever experience in your lifetime. Thus, wearing a sleep bra will protect you from all these messes while letting you sleep peacefully.

Now you have the elaborated idea to glam up during pregnancy with your regular clothes and skipping the stress of buying out maternity outfits unnecessarily. The main issue with maternity wear is quite obvious that it tends to be senseless once you complete the cycle of nine months. So, take the fullest care of yourself and your baby. We wish you all the best. Be the most stylish mommy ever in the world.

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