10 Wedding Ring Alternatives: Ideas for Him & Her

Every trend is meant to change with the pace of time. Especially, if we talk about the current generation a lot of couples are there who find the idea of exchanging rings entirely cliche. Besides that, it really hits hard on the budget parts that’s why at the present time people are opting to the wedding ring alternative ideas.

wedding ring alternative ideas for him her

Are you also looking for some incredible solutions? Well, now you can drop all your worries because here we are introducing some of the best wedding ring alternative ideas for him and her.


1. Tungsten Band

matching couples tungsten rings

What could be better than making your partner smile with a customised tungsten band? Yes, you can even engrave each other’s name in this band. Wait a while, do you know that a shine of a Tungsten band never fades away? Additionally, it is considered to be one of the most durable metals existing on the earth. So, give your love brand new recognition by choosing a pair of tremendously beautiful tungsten bands now on.


2. Wooden Ring

wooden couple ring

No, we are not at all kidding. Just imagine the appearance of a classic wooden wedding ring on the finger of your forever. We believe that it sounds amazingly cool. Not only that but you will glad to hear that wood is the synonym of constant growth and strength. Therefore, choosing a wooden ring as a wedding gift is purely worth it. Above all, it is one of the most affordable decisions that you can make a could plan a trip with your savings. So, it’s all a win-win option.


3. Tattoo

couple tattoos unique

In recent years, the tattoo has emerged in the form of the permanent love of the youngsters. So, if you are also one of the rare individuals who often says that I dont want a wedding ring, a tattoo is the dreamy wedding alternative idea for you. Choose to unite every day of your life by getting a tattoo on your body. More than that, a bride and groom can move up with a musical tattoo too, which is also a ravishing trend, Get mutual tattoos, secret symbols, names, date tattoo or anything that would cherish the bond of the two of you always. 


4. Personalised silicone wedding bands

custom silicone wedding bands

Remember the days when we all used to exchange silicone bands on the occasions of friendship day? Those bands still carry a special place in your heart, As the saying goes that partners are best friends too. So, why not you can think about exchanging personalised silicone bands on your wedding date too? The most sorted part regarding these wedding bands is that these are unbelievably light in weight so you won’t feel like any burden on your wrist. Custom engrave your silicone wedding bands now and thank us later.

5. Couple watches set

matching watch set for couples

Up next, we have a common yet commendable wedding ring alternates for all of you. Yes, you can buy a spectacular set of watches that will adorn the wrist of both of you forever. We are suggesting this option just because people say that time is one of the most valuable kinds of git and as a couple, you two will be spending the rest of your lives with each other. Hence, without any doubt in your mind, you can decide to acquire a stylish watch set. For making it a bit more unique, put your hands on unique colours like- rose gold, white, blue or cherry brown.

6. Wedding Certificates

marriage certificate frame

How about getting a graduate from the school of bachelorhood? It does seem funny but indeed its of the most incredible his and hers alternative wedding rings. Get the framed wedding certificates for each other and embrace your love like never before. For adding the touch of similarity feel free to pick the same frames. But, do not forget to order two pieces one for you and one for your mate. Hang your wedding certificates in your home while loving each other a bit more in every new day.

7. The necklace duo

couple necklaces set

The whole planet relates love with heart, so it’s wonderful to wear the symbol of your togetherness nearby your heart. That’s the reason why we have enlisted the choice of the necklace duo in the list of alternative to a diamond wedding ring. If you are not a ring person then you can select a pair of necklace for your lady or even ladies can go with necklaces as wedding ring alternatives for guys. More than that, the idea of love chains also falls in the same category. So foremost decide on your kind of metal plus design and symbolise your love marvellously

8. Similar Wallets

personalized couple wallets

Are you the one who believes in practical things? If yes, then let’s think about exchanging one of the most useful stuff of your life with your fiance. As we mentioned owning a matching wallet with yours truly will create a sudden sense of connection. You see, whenever we miss our wallet at home on any unfortunate day we feel it as a huge loss. Consequently, having matching wallets will compose the undiscovered strength of your togetherness.

9. Perfume Bottles

best couple perfume set

Being humans, we recognize the fragrance of our partners the most. Did you ever notice that whenever you miss your loved ones their fragrance often hits your mind and heart? Well, we know that smell is extremely personal so if you are searching for an alternative to an engagement ring for him or her then simply buy your bottle of favourite perfume or cologne and gift it to your future life sharer.

10. Gemstone bracelets

matching couple bracelets

Gemstones are the right keeper of good luck. You can find half a population who trust in the power of a gemstone. Hence, if your spouse is one among them then you two can plan about exchanging gemstone bracelets. These bracelets will empower your faith in the feeling called love forever. Just pick your accurate gemstone transform it into a bracelet and start the journey of your understanding for countless years.

To all couples in love out there, here we presented our take for the best wedding ring alternative idea for him or her. Choose your type of alternative right now and symbolise your love in a preciously pious way. 

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