Why Dancing Cactus Toy is Buzzing Net?

Can you imagine the horror of a grandmother who buys a singing educational toy for her toddler only to realize it has been voicing inappropriate lyrics about substance abuse! That is exactly what happened with Ania Tanner who bought a dancing cactus for her 15-month-old grandchild. According to the advertisement, the toy was supposed to impart educational value through audio hymns in Spanish, English, and Polish dialects. Ania knows a fair share of the Polish language and was flabbergasted on listening to the Polish lyrics which were all about cocaine withdrawal, depression, and pondering over thoughts of suicide.

This infamous toy was ordered through the online shopping portal of Walmart by Ania for around $26. It had been listed under the educational toy category of the popular online shopping portal. But she became short of words on listening to the singing cactus. The song which has been used by the Chinese manufacturers of the said toy was sung by a Polish rapper Cypis. Even the singer was in dark about the unauthorized use of his song by the toy manufacturer. They plan on taking legal action against the manufacturer for using his song without any prior consent.

Similar concerns were raised by other families in July 2021 when they complained about the problematic lyrics of the song. Tanner also holds the opinion that Walmart should remove the toy from its shelves. She is seeking a refund as the toy didn’t serve her purpose in any way. Presently the toy which was sold by a third-party seller has been removed from Walmart’s online shop. Tanner is very happy with the fact that no other family will have to deal with the mess of bringing home such an inappropriate toy for their children. Christmas is the season of gifting and chances are high that you might unknowingly gift it to your or a friend’s child. Walmart even shared with CTV News that they are taking an in-depth look into the matter.

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However, the toy is still up for grabs at Amazon. Let us take a look at some of the features of this viral toy which has taken the internet by storm:

  • Your child is bound to have a jolly good time with this plushy new friend which repeats after them and mimics their action. The cactus even glows and wriggles while singing for capturing the attention of your toddlers to keep them engaged for long. It can serve as the perfect gift for children who are learning the basics of speech.
  • Cheerful music and dancing moves of this cactus toy can create a fun-filled ambiance at your home. The words uttered by you or your baby can be saved for being played later on.
  • A built-in library of 100 songs in English and Spanish along with other soothing music tracks can serenade your baby while you are busy with the home chores.
  • The pleasant-looking cactus can also serve as a viable office decoration for cheering up your workstation. You can get it just in time for Christmas to start your day on a bright note as it relays back your greetings.

Educational toys have been accredited by parents around the globe for boosting up the IQ level and catering to the curiosity meter of their children in a fun and innovative way. They are known to stimulate sensory development and enhance the sense of hearing of children. However, it is always advisable to exercise caution and test the products yourself before offering them to your children.

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