Types of Clogs for Style and Comfort

Most comfortable clogs for work

It’s amusing how the same word conveys two different sets of meanings when used in two separate contexts. Developing clogs in drains can be one of the worst nightmares for homeowners, but wearing clogs can keep your feet happy in a stylist and podiatrist-approved manner. The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of clogs are the wooden shoes coming from Holland. However, modern-day clogs have evolved into a more versatile piece of our footwear arsenal.


What are Clogs?

Technically speaking, clogs are wooden-soled shoes. However, according to a shoemaker’s guide, shoes have to conform to a distinct shape to be classified as clogs. The traditional clog dates back through the centuries and is one of the oldest shoe designs still doing the rounds. They have continued being a part of the footwear fashion industry for quite some time. The loose definition of clogs offers scope for more designs to get incorporated under its wings. Today we are going to take a look at some of the top variants of clogs that have evolved into the top choice of people regardless of their age and gender:

  • Traditional style clogs have an open back allowing you to slip your foot inside its closed upper surrounding the top of the toes and foot. Here the shoe ends in a slight heel with the toes sloping slightly upwards.
  • Next comes ice skate clogs which are a rage among the Dutch. They are fashioned from a single piece of carved wood and finished with an ice-skating blade.
  • The smuggler’s clog stands out from its peers courtesy of its distinct shape. The shoe’s upper and lower are inseparable as the clogs are made from a single piece of wood or other material. There is an opening so that you can slip your feet inside while the shoe encases your foot entirely. The toe slopes slightly upward to form a pointy tip. If you are thinking of boosting your height subtly, then you can get the smuggler’s clogs featuring a slight heel.
  • Wedding clogs are a part of the Marken island’s long-standing wedding tradition where the future bride is given a pair of embellished clogs on being proposed for marriage. Following the wedding, the clogs are displayed in the couple’s home.

Let’s now take a look at the different types of clogs that offer the perfect blend of style and comfort:

1. Clogs with arch support

Most comfortable clogs with arch support

The clogs with cushy supportive footbeds come with built-in support to keep your feet properly aligned all day long.

2. Clogs with ventilation

Birkenstock Leather clogs

Lightweight clogs with ventilation are perfect for enjoying a sunny day outdoors while allowing easy play in the water.

3. Molded clogs

Most comfortable clogs for nurses

These types of clogs are the top choice of medical professionals who spend long hours on their feet. They are designed in such a manner you can easily slip your feet into and out of them.

4. Leather clogs

Genuine Leather Clogs

If you wish to make a statement while staying comfortable, then leather clogs can serve as your perfect choice. Get them in neutral shades for getting office-ready on being paired with a blazer and trousers.

5. Heeled clogs

Wooden clogs for women

Keep your feet stable wearing the heeled clogs which come with a back strap and cushioned footbed so that you can stay on your feet for hours sans the discomfort.

6. Rubber clogs

Most comfortable clogs for walking

If you wish to make a larger-than-life statement, then you need to add rubber clogs in flashy colors to your footwear arsenal. The entirely rubber-made shoes are the perfect choice for sidestepping springtime puddles while helping you earn major street style credibility. You can get them in an arched design for delivering ergonomic support whereas the solid block heel helps absorb impact. With these vibrant hues of footwear, you can easily add a dash of brightness to any cloudy day.


Tips for getting the most comfortable clogs

  • The most important factor in getting comfortable clogs is knowing your shoe size. If you are buying the shoe online, then you will surely get the manufacturer’s guide for measuring your shoe size before placing the order.
  • Usually, clogs come in whole sizes and if you wear a half size, it is advisable to get a shoe up to the next biggest size.
  • If you have a narrow or wide foot, go for clogs with an adjustable vamp or strap to deliver maximum comfort with every step taken.
  • If you reside in a cold area and usually wear socks under your clogs, then order one size up depending on the thickness of the socks you will be wearing.

Fashion’s embrace of all things comfortable has made clogs a trendy affair. As dressing down has turned into the new norm, even the most luxurious brands have given their approval to low-key styles. Clogs have been feeling a lot of celebrity love lately, as Mindy Kaling wore snakeskin patterned clogs in a recent Instagram post and Irina Shayk donned olive-green clogs at the Michael Kors fall’ 22 show in New York City.

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