What Shoes Go With a Black Dress?

what shoes go with a black dress

The bewitching shade of black ranks high in terms of versatility. Maybe this is the reason why it can be sported effortlessly at casual gatherings and even black-tie events. Nothing can beat a black dress when it comes to looking both elegant and sexy. Whenever you are in doubt, a black dress can serve as your nirvana out of a fashion roadblock. But to complete your look, it is equally essential to have the backing of the right set of footwear in a flattering hue and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today.

Accepted Patterns and establishment for Black Dress

Pattern: Animal, Snake, Polka dot, and Floral
Decoration: Glitter, Pearl, Rhinestone, and Studded


1. Perfect Shoes for Black Cocktail Dress

what shoes with black dress

Take your cocktail shoe game to the next level with statement-making footwear. Bejeweled boots, shoes, and sandals can impart a festive vibe to even casual black dresses. Gold is a popular shade of footwear for being teamed with your black cocktail wear. The nude shade can also do wonders by elongating your legs so that your dress can take center stage. Irrespective of your skin color, blush, and beige shoe shades in different styles like heel sandals, closed-toe shoes, and pumps can render flattering results. Black on black is a trend that never goes out of style. Here you can also play with various materials and textures such as a patent sandal, reptile embossed pump, or velvet brogues to amp up the fun quotient. If you like keeping things monochrome, then you can wear white shoes like strappy stilettos or knee-high boots with your black cocktail dresses. For a more bohemian vibe, you can pair black outfits with brown gladiator sandals, block-heel sandals, and ankle strap sandals.

Shoes Color: Nude/Beige, Black, Red, Brown, Gold, Silver, White, Pink
Shoes Type: Pumps, Ankle Strap Sandals, Closed toe, Block Heel Sandals, Sling Back, Knee high boot, Gladiator, Clear Sandals, Strappy, and Heel Sandals


2. Right Shoes to Pair with Funeral Black Dress

what shoes will go with a black dress

An outside burial will require you to walk across the grass making it ideal to choose a pair of flat shoes or block heels if you are trying to add a few inches of height to your frame. The main aim here is to follow funeral attire etiquette by sticking to dark colors as they signify respect and mourning. While black is the most traditional shade for wearing comfortable footwear like loafers, pumps, or flats, you can also opt for dark grey, navy blue, brown, or beige provided they are in closed-toe styles.

Shoes Color: Black, Beige, Brown, and Gray
Shoes Type: Pumps, Loafers, Flats


3. Best Shoes for Office Wear Black Dress

what shoes goes with a black dress

Formal settings will require ladies to be on their toes for a significant part of the day making it imperative to ditch the stilettoes for more comfortable options like clear sandals, loafers, oxfords, pumps, pointed-toe flats, and ankle boots. While the startup-culture calls for more casual wear, it is best to stick to shades like black, white, and beige with your formal black wear at the office. The color black symbolizes power and leadership making it a fail-proof combination with your choice of black dress.

Shoes Color: Black, White, and Beige
Shoes Type: Ankle Boot, Pointed toe Flats, Pumps, Loafers & Oxfords, and Clear Sandals


4. What Shoes to wear with Prom Black Dress

nude shoes with black dress

When it comes to creating the perfect prom look, the dress is just one piece of the puzzle, your chosen footwear being the other. If you decide to wear a black dress, then embellished footwear in metallic shades of silver and gold can add to your oomph factor. Block heel sandals in rose gold are another flattering option that is both feminine and attention-grabbing. If you are planning on dancing the night away, then it pays to levy greater importance to comfort with pumps, ballerina flats, ankle strap sandals, strappy sandals, gladiator, and clear sandals. Colors like white, black, and nude can make you look elegant as you take a stylish step forward.

Shoes Color: Black, Nude, White, Silver, Golden
Shoes Type: Ballerina flat, Strappy Sandals, Pumps, Block Heel Sandals, Ankle strap Sandals, Clear Sandals, and Gladiator

5. Best Shoes for Wedding Guests Black Dress

red shoes with black dress

Whether you are meeting guests or having a blast on the dance floor, your choice of shoes to go with your black attire at a wedding should exude sheer comfort from every angle. Nude and rose gold-colored block heels and pumps can serve as an excellent choice for elongating your legs while letting your outfit shine. You can also make a statement with gladiators or clear sandals in the vibrant hue of red or the warm tone of golden while delivering a subtle contrast to the skin. Ankle strap sandals in metallic shades of silver can also add a dash of pizzazz to your look.

Shoes Color: Warm tone, Red, Pink, Rose Gold, Silver
Shoes Type: Ankle Strap sandals, Gladiator, Clear Sandals, Block Heel, and Pumps

6. Perfect Shoes Casual Black Dress

colorful shoes with black dress

Nothing spells out casual like white sneakers which can brighten up your style as you pair them with your black dress. Strappy sandals are perfect for being worn with casual dresses irrespective of the season. For a more business casual approach, you can get an ankle strap or gladiator shoes in shades of white which can amp up the contrast level of your black apparel. Knee-high boots in colors like beige and brown can add a few inches to your frame and amp up your confidence during a date night. For adding to your personality, you can get cowboy boots or let comfort take the upper hand with knee-high boots, slides, booties, flats, flip-flops, or loafers.

Shoes Color: Black, Beige, Brown, White
Shoes Type: Sneakers, Flip flop, Flat, Loafers, Chunky, Strappy, Block Heel, Booties, Knee High, Cowboy boot, Slide, Ankle strap, Gladiator

7. Right Shoes Summer Black Dress

tan shoes with black dress

Strappy sandals are a summertime classic that can flaunt your feet till the autumn leaves start falling. If you wish to keep your fresh pedicure looking like new, then you can get closed-toe flat sandals in shades like tan or white for being worn with your black summer dress. The slides are a comfortable choice as you sneakily slip out the door for running errands. If you are planning to rock a goth girl summer look, then you can get wedges and flat gladiators which can be worn with an array of black outfits. The chic flip flops in luxe leather fabrics and flatform silhouettes can be paired easily with silky black slips and rib knit midi dresses for a summer-ready look. A classic black pair of sandals will never go out of vogue and fashion girls can opt for comfortable choices like mules, slides, and ballet flats to spruce up their sleek midis or voluminous dresses.

Shoes Color: Tan, White, Black
Shoes Type: Wedges, Ballet Flat, Sandals, Slides, Mules, Flip Flop, Peeptoe, Flat Gladiator, and Flat sandals

8. Shoes to Pair with Evening Black Dress

gold shoes with black dress

Be it a fancy night out with friends, a red-carpet moment, or a prom night, it’s essential to get the right pair of shoes to compliment your outfit. While high heels are the preferred choice for formal occasions, you can also stick to more comfortable options like clear and ankle strap sandals in metallic colors like gold and silver. Pumps are considered the queen of formal wear as you pair them with short black dresses to evening parties. Closed-toe ballet flats are perfect for being worn with a full-length maxi gown to elevate your style.

Shoes Color: Black, Silver, Golden
Shoes Type: Pumps, Closed toe, Ankle strap sandals, and Clear sandals

9. Shoes to Style with Winter Black Dress

shoes to wear with black dress in winter

When it comes to winter dressing, boots are the safest choice. You can choose between ankle booties, knee-high boots, chunky boots, and thigh-high boots in different shades like brown, gray, and black. Cute and comfortable sneakers can be paired with your black dress to keep your feet warm once the weather develops a chill.

Shoes Color: Black, gray, Brown
Shoes Type: Knee high boot, Ankle Booties, Pumps, Thigh high boot, Chunky boot, Sneakers

10. Shoes to match with Day Party Black Dress

white shoes with black dress

From strappy to plain, sandals are one of the most sought-after shoes for being worn with party black dresses during summer. Be it ornate or minimal, the ankle strap sandals will never go out of style. You can also choose between a stiletto or block heels in black or white hues which can elevate your maxi dresses at fancy events like a summer wedding. For a bit more pizzazz you can match your cowboy boot in metallic shades like gold with a strapless black dress.

Shoes Color: Black, White, Golden
Shoes Type: Ankle strap Sandals, Gladiator, Cowboy boot, Block Heel, Closed toe, Stiletto

11. Right Shoes to Pair Graduation Black Dress

silver shoes with black dress

Accept your diploma on your graduation day with gladiator flats in metallic hues of gold and silver which can keep you comfortable throughout the event. You can also make a statement with black strappy sandals or fancy mules which can be either glamorous or understated as you like. Ankle strap footwear is easier to walk in especially if you aren’t very experienced in wearing heels.

Shoes Color: Black, Golden, Silver
Shoes Type: Ankle strap sandals, Gladiator, Strappy

12. Best Shoes to pair with Homecoming Black Dress

what color shoes with black dress

For the first dance of the year, you can nail a fabulous look by pairing your black dress with a fabulous pair of heels. You can impart a fun factor to your black dress with gold strappy sandals or nail an interesting look with ankle strap sandals having scalloped detailing. For turning into a star of the homecoming event, you can wear black gladiators with a glitzy element.

Shoes Color: Black, Silver, Golden
Shoes Type: Ankle strap Sandals, Gladiator, Strappy, and Heel Sandals

13. Shoes to match with Maternity Black Dress

brown shoes with black dress

High-heeled shoes can add to the risk factor for expecting ladies as they become prone to tripping over and falling. Rather you should look for footwear like flat sandals, sneakers, casual shoes, booties, or athletic shoes which can keep you basking in comfort whether you wear it at the park during your morning strolls or at your house. You can get this non-slip footwear in muted shades like white, black, gray, or brown for creating an elegant look time and again.

Shoes Color: Black, Brown, White, Gray
Shoes Type: Sneakers, Athletic shoes, Casual Shoes, Flat sandals, and Booties

14. Right Shoes to match with Petite Black Dress

shoes to wear with black dress

Petite ladies should strive to strike the right balance between their heels and hemline for a flattering look. If you are wearing a knee-length black dress, then you can sign off your look with ankle-strap sandals or stilettos in monochrome shades of black or white. Loafers and sneakers are the perfect choices for being worn with a midi dress while over-the-knee boots paint a pretty picture of being worn with a black sweatshirt dress.

Shoes Color: Black, white
Shoes Type: Pumps, Ankle Strap Sandals, Mules, Loafers, Sneaker, Peep Toes, Stiletto, Wedges, and Over the knee boot

Shoes are an understated part of our wardrobe that holds the potential of either making or breaking our entire look. Black being a versatile choice of apparel looks flattering with footwear in almost every shade of the rainbow. You can choose any style or color provided it matches your wardrobe and personal style.

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