What to Wear on Your Silver Wedding Anniversary?

what to wear on your silver wedding anniversary?

Spending 25 years of conjugal life calls for a big celebration with family and friends. Once you have decided on the date, the next big question is what to wear to the wedding anniversary party. Your chosen dress needs to be flattering and occasion-appropriate while flattering your personality in the best possible way. Today we will guide you regarding how to select the perfect outfit for a silver wedding anniversary, whether you are the groom, bride, or guest.

Outfit Choices for the Bride

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The brides will first have to determine whether they prefer a more classic, feminine, extravagant, or casual look. According to your preference, you can customize your silver wedding anniversary outfit. You can take the example of a feminine dress which can be the perfect choice for your silver anniversary if you wish to flaunt your curves.

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Similarly, a chic trouser suit is perfect for ladies who prefer a classy look. The best thing about this combination is the elegance and self-confidence it exudes.

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You can also try out a fancy skirt suit as an excellent alternative. Women nurturing a penchant for casual fashion can wear figure-flattering paper bag trousers with an elegant blouse. This combination can help you look both smart and elegant without being too overdressed for the event.

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For making your silver wedding anniversary outfit stand out, you can try out eye-catching accessories, a vibrant blouse, a jumpsuit, or a stylish dress. Ladies can opt for classic light shades like cream or white for their silver wedding anniversary outfits. You can also go ahead with shades like navy blue, purple, burgundy, or teal for your anniversary dress.

Styles According to Your Body Type

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Women with an inverted triangle body shape can pair a subtle V-neck top with a statement skirt for their silver wedding anniversary. This body type is characterized by a narrow waist and broad shoulders. If you are planning on wearing a dress, then the skirt should flare out below the hip for balancing out your proportions beautifully.

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Rectangle body shape refers to a straighter build and offers massive possibilities for playing with various cuts and shapes. You can add a variety of details to your outfit like flounces, ruffles, or belts.

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If you have an hourglass body shape with nearly similar hip and bust measurements and a well-defined waist, then you can easily rock a form-fitting dress for your silver wedding anniversary. Another super option for this body shape is a high-waisted pencil skirt.

what color do you wear for your 25th wedding anniversary

Ladies with a pear body shape have narrower shoulders than their thighs and hips. Their waist is well-defined and it is advisable to opt for an outfit that draws attention toward the waistline for balancing out the figure. You can take the example of an A-line dress with detailing like sequins or embroidery along the neckline.

25th wedding anniversary dress ideas

A round body shape is characterized by slimmer arms and legs but a curvier body. These ladies can wear an empire dress with a high waistline. The best thing about this silhouette is that it elegantly conceals your stomach for making you look taller.

Outfit Choices for the Groom

The groom can opt for a well-fitting dinner jacket or suit as a classic and elegant outfit choice on his silver wedding anniversary. The best thing about this look is that it exudes supreme elegance and sophistication. You can choose between an array of color combinations ranging from light shades like cream or beige to darker shades like navy blue. However, you need to take care of a few things while choosing the perfect wedding suit:

25th wedding anniversary outfit ideas

  • Your sleeve length should be such that half an inch of the shirt cuff remains visible. The sleeve is too long if the entire cuff is covered.
  • The shoulders should be smooth and flat but the jacket shouldn’t be too close-fitting. An extremely fitted jacket will feel very tight and restrict your movement.
  • The chest size of your jacket should be such that you can fasten the buttons without any issues. The fabric shouldn’t wrinkle or strain and the lapels shouldn’t stick out from your jacket.
  • Your trouser hemline should rest on the top of your shoe. The small wrinkle in the shin area is known as a trouser break. While a slight trouser break is considered ideal, you can also proceed with modern styles having a slightly higher hem which results in “no break.” 

Outfit Choices for Guests

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Guests should primarily inquire about the bride’s chosen color combination beforehand. Usually, the bride’s dress color isn’t worn by the rest of the guests. As a guest, you should make sure that your outfit doesn’t snatch away the limelight from the bride. Your look shouldn’t be too flashy, extravagant, or revealing. Suits are a popular and timeless choice for wedding guests and can be combined in various ways. Muted shades like grey or dark blue are recommended for formal dress codes. Black is an excellent option if you are feeling confused about what to wear. For casual events, you can combine a dress shirt with elegant trousers like chinos. You can also nail a stylish look by combining dark jeans with a blazer. Ladies who prefer a more casual style can opt for an uncomplicated and modern jumpsuit. The wedding guests can also wear elegant trousers for being paired with a silk blouse depending on the dress code. Muted tones and pastel shades are ideal choices for wedding guests as bright colors like neon or red might draw the attention away from the happy couple.

The key to finding the perfect outfit for a silver wedding anniversary lies in selecting something that suits your style and oozes confidence. Having a dress code in place makes it easier to select the perfect silver wedding anniversary outfit. Guests can also refer to the code for creating a unique look that blends in with their taste.

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