31 Insanely Useful Fashion Infographics for Women (Part-I)

Have you wondered what makes our Bollywood Divas look so perfect all the time? Why is it that whatever they choose for the day, the style quotient is always high? Of course, the answer is a Personal Stylist.

31 women fashion infographics

But, they are the queens of Bollywood and we are Girls next door. But eventually, we are the same species, and looking beautiful is our solo life purpose!!


What if we make you your own personal designer? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you have a perfect guide to what you choose to pick from your wardrobe? You are on the right page and here we give you some awesome fashion Infographics that will never make you a fashion faux pas. The first thing to look fabulous is definitely in the way you choose to dress up and the outfits you fill your wardrobe with. In the world of styling, we bring to you every little fact and rule in choosing the right outfit for yourself.

So go ahead and keep these little titbits in mind whenever you dress up to looks your best-Happy Dressing!!!

Helpful Fashion Charts to make every woman her own Personal Stylist

1. There is no need to worry about dress lengths anymore. Here’s your very own calculator to find the perfect cut before you invest in that expensive dress.
perfect dress length formula or chart

2. Tops are your daily decoys. FYI, get a look at this Bible of Tops!!
types of tops, different kinds of ladies topswomen top types and style guide

3. Get a guide to the different necklines and sleeves and become your own designer. Have a look at different back designs and try them all.
neck style types, neckline fashion vocabularysleeves types guide, ultimate sleeves fashion vocabularyback style guide

4. Here is a basic fashion vocabulary for various collar designs you might pick up for your tops and shirts.
collar designs5. Follow these visuals to choose which jeans and trousers suit your body types. You will always look your best.
best trousers for your body shape

6. Follow this denim fit guide when going for your shopping spree next time to avoid last-minute alterations or exchanges.
denim fit guide for your body typejeans for different body types

7. While finding your outfits, be careful of what a perfect fit feels like. Go through this chart that helps you find the right fit.
female fashion guide, beginners guide to women's fashion

8. Find the perfect dress for your body shape by following this pictorial. But first, refer to the dictionary of dresses available.
types of dresses for body shapedresses for body types

9. If you have a nice pair of leggings, we think you are in no scarcity of looks. Here’s all you can do with these wondrous pieces. We get you plenty of choices with solely black leggings as well.
ways to style black leggings, ways to wear black leggingshow to wear leggings10. Be a fashion pro when girls talk of outfits with you. Here’s your personal guide to skirts, jackets, and pants.
types of skirts, ultimate skirts fashion vocabularyjackets typestypes of bottom wears
11. If in case you are fond of stripes, please check if they are not making you look what you’re not. The visual gives you an idea of which stripes work the best for you.
stripes by body type

12. Prints can be tricky. We have this fashion vocabulary of all the prints ever born in the industry. Here is your ultimate guide to choose the right prints and what to team them up to mix printspatterns vocabulary, the ultimate pattern fashion vocabulary

13. If mix and match is not your cup of tea, we are here to help you get amazing outfits through minimal pieces.
mix and match-1, mix match ideasmix nad match-2mix and match-3

14. It is very important to feel confident in what you step in. Know what suits you and what’s not made for you by following the pictorial.

clothes suits you or not

15. Not every length of shorts is made for your legs. Flaunt the legs you own with what looks perfect on them.

shorts for body types, ideal shorts for your body type

16. Are you tired of wearing the same dress again and again? You’re going to love this trick here.

turn a dress into a skirt, how to turn a dress into skirt

17. If you are a petite woman, here’s your personal guide to choosing stuff and look pretty!!!

petite women shopping tips

18. If you are a plus size, we won’t leave you behind. Here’s your personal stylist for this summer when you step out to spend!

plus size women style guide

19. We bet you have been ignoring the subtle signs on everything you ever bought. Next time, do know what they mean before you adopt an outfit!!
symbols of laundry care
20. Finally, it’s time to know the basic theory of colors.
colours theory, color combination guide

21. Here’s a visual guide to help you choose the right length of Bermuda Shorts, Pedal Pushers, Capris & Cropped Pants. Be aware of the danger zone!

Now that you have all the facts all set, it’s time to check how well you at dressing up and putting up you little show!!! Brighten up your dressing horizon and change your fashion mantras the right way!!

22. Perfect way to wear Tights to make them long last.

tips for making tights last longer

23. Dos and Don’s every woman should consider while wearing bottom wear. dos and donts of essential leg wear

24. Selection for the right Tights is your problem? Follow this Chart to make a perfect selection.

the right tights for your outfit

25. You can actually rock a ton of different fresh styles with tights! Here’s an infographic that proves the tremendous versatility of this wardrobe accessory.

ways to use tights to improve your fashion style

26. Types of Swimsuits For Different Body Shapes

types of swimsuits

27. Here’s a visual guide on how to accessorize with tights to exude an elegant appeal in six different ways!

ways to wear tights for women

28. Although nude tights are an excellent choice to flaunt those beautiful legs without being too conscious, please just go through the pros and cons given below before wearing one.

pros and cons of wearing nude tights

29. Whether you want to don a sweet or a flirty look, a pair of tights is all that you need to feel beautiful & confident on this Valentine’s Day.

top 5 tights to wear on valentines day

30. Ever wondered what’s the difference between tights, stockings & leggings? Here’s an exclusive infographic that covers the exact definitions & differences between the three.

difference between tights stocking leggings

31. Just look at these interesting ways to style your Scarves. Try them out and see how this versatile piece of accessory instantly enhances your outfit with a pop of color and print!

the de moda scarf style guide

32. High-heeled shoes are now a staple piece of nearly every woman’s closet. However, wearing them too often can lead to some serious health issues. So, make sure to follow the below infographic to learn how to don your favorite heels without troubling your feet.


Stay tuned for more visuals as we bring out even better ideas for accessorizing along with outfits next week.

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