12 Types of Sexy Swimsuits to Flaunt your shapes

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The flaunting season is here, so girls flaunt at your best. We are talking about the summer season, the perfect season to chill out at the beach destination or enjoy a pool party. If you have plans of enjoying your summer weekends at the beach, then girls it is time to start hunting for the perfect beach wear. A flirty, girly, and sensual swimsuit are all you need to perfectly enjoy the beach party. That is why we are here to give a fashion guide on how to pick the perfect swimsuit according to your shape and where to buy the trendiest style of swimsuit. Check out our best and most tantalizing swimsuit of the year.

12 Types of Swimsuits For Different Body Types Available to Buy Online

12 Types of Swimsuits For Different Body Types Available to Buy Online

  1. One Piece Swimsuit
  2. Bikini
  3. Skirtini
  4. Tankini Set
  5. Swim Dress
  6. LegSuit
  7. Sling Swimsuit
  8. Ruffle Swimsuit
  9. Bandeau Swimsuit
  10. Top-Bottom Set
  11. Three-Piece Swimsuit
  12. Burkini

1. One Piece Swimsuit

one piece swimsuitOne piece is a forever fashion swimsuit that has a vintage look. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, and Brigitte Bardot have sported in panache the one-piece swimsuit. One-piece swimsuits flatter the body and women who don’t want to flash too much skin can definitely pick this chic one-piece swimsuit.

  • Best for Body Type: We believe this style of swimsuit would complement curvy babes or girls with a tummy pouch. Curvy girls must focus on coverage and can pick deep necklines. Avoid going for a closed or boat neckline.
  • Trending Pattern: Sheer net neckline, fringes fashion one piece swimsuit, and dainty prints are much in fashion.
  • Available in Fabric: Fabrics that will flatter your figure are lycra spandex and polyamide.
  • Best Brands: Prettysecrets, Amante, Estonished, and Flirtatious
  • Websites to Buy: Amazon.in, Jabong.com
  • Advice: Curvy babes should pick a monotone swimsuit, mostly in deep shades such as black, mauve, and blue, and must avoid striped boy shorts, and thin string bikini bottoms.

2. Bikini

geo print bikiniThe all-time favorite for every beach girl is the bikini. It is a two-piece swimsuit that has a myriad of styles fashioned for every body shape. The various styles of bikini are the monokini, microkini, trikini, bandeaukini, skirtini, and tankini.

Know which type of Bikini is best for your Body Shape

Monokini Style – Rectangle or ruler shape also for curvy women
Bandeaukini Style – Hourglass shape, mid-bust women
Trikini Style – Hourglass and ruler shape body
Tankini – Apple shape body
Bikini Top and Bottom – Hourglass shape and high-waisted bottom for pear shape body

  • Trending Pattern: Tie-dye print, exotic boho prints, fringes style, neon shades, ruffles, cutout pattern would enhance your personality.
  • Available in Fabric: Lycra, nylon, cotton, polyester is the soothing and amazing fabric to enjoy the beach water in bikini.
  • Best Brands: Dorothy Perkins, Shivan & Narresh, N-gal, and Prettysecrets
  • Websites to Buy: Voonik.com, Jabong.com, Amazon.in, Myntra.com
  • Advice: Buy bikini according to your body shape and comfort.

3. Skirtini

retro nautical style skirtiniSkirtini gives a kittenish and coy look, which is perfect for pool parties. Show your flashy and girly side with this modish-looking short and sexy-looking swimsuit, that would cover up your hip and thighs. Skirtini is one of the trending sexy female swimwear that buzzes the market scape in terms of sales.

  • Best for Body Type: If you are pear shape body, then a skirtini swimsuit is made for you. Also, women with fuller thighs can bring an illusion of thinner thighs.
  • Trending Pattern: mesh neckline A-line skirtini, tribal pattern, ruffled polka dot skirtini bring a trendy look.
  • Available in Fabric: Rayon, polyester, spandex, polyamide would bring both comfort and a hot look.
  • Best Brands: Kinaara, The Beach Company, Prettysecrets, and Shivan & Narresh
  • Websites to Buy: Jabong.com, Shopclues.com, Voonik.com
  • Advice: If you have love handles, then go for a high waist skirtini, it would hide all the flabs.

4. Tankini

blue striped tankini swimsuitThe Tankini set is a melange of a tank top with a bikini bottom. It brings a flattering look and hides the tummy fat flawlessly. Mid-age women can definitely pick this style for their beach vacation, or pool party.

  • Best for Body Type: Tankini is perfect for apple-shaped girls. Apple shape women have heavy brust and they must pick a V-neck tankini that will bring a narrow waist illusion. Avoid ruffles, embellishments, and horizontal prints that will draw attention to your busts.
  • Trending Pattern: Floral print tankini set, Peplum tankini set would look ravishing on you. Go for dark-shade constructed tops with a printed high-waist bottom.
  • Available in Fabric: A combination of Spandex and cotton, lycra and nylon, and nylon and elastane would bring a posh look.
  • Best Brands: Shivan and Naresh, Caprice, Amante, and Prettysecrets
  • Websites to Buy: Fallen in love with tankini? Then shop for them at zivame.com
  • Advice: Always go for thick straps to give an illusion of smaller shoulders. Draw attention to your lower body.

5. Swim Dress

pink solid swimdress

Looking for an elegant lady-like swimsuit, then a swim dress is just made for you. The melange of a swimsuit with a dress makes it unique and flirty at the same time.

  • Best for Body Type: Heavy bottom pear shape women
  • Trending Pattern: Racerback tops, halter neck swimdress, V neck swimdress.
  • Available in Fabric: Spandex, nylon, and polyamide make stunning swimdress.
  • Best Brands: Aquamagica, Prettysecrets, and Penny
  • Websites to Buy: Amazon.in, Zivame.com
  • Advice: Draw attention to your upper body by wearing embellished V-neck tops.

6. LegSuit

gray legsuit swimwearLegsuit is a figure-hugging swimsuit, that would suit all the leggy lassy. This fashionable suit is perfect for aqua aerobics and swimming as it is comfortable and sassy too. Add a dash of style to this legsuit and show your charismatic side.

  • Best for Body Type: Women who are blessed with Hourglass body shape can definitely choose legsuits. Also, long leg beauties can wear this swimsuit and look uber-cool at the beach.
  • Trending Pattern: Cross back, racer back style brings a sensual look also solid shade especially black shade would look flattering.
  • Available in Fabric: The best fabrics are spandex, elastane, nylon, and polyester.
  • Best Brands: Nidhi Munim, Penny, Slazenger, Speedo, and Aqua
  • Websites to Buy: Jabong.com, Flipkart.com, Zivame.com
  • Advice: Hourglass women can pick a halter neck-style legsuit.

7. Sling Swimsuit

multicolor sling swimsuit

A sling swimsuit is also known as a sling bikini, or suspender thong that has an alluring and bold look. The Y shape style, slingshot swimsuit is sure to grab attention and make you stand tall in the crowd.

  • Best for Body Type: Rectangle shape women who have no curves can definitely try the sling swimsuit, which would give an illusion of curves.
  • Trending Pattern: Deep shades, fringes pattern sling swimsuit, and ring slingshot is hot trends.
  • Available in Fabric: Some of the finest fabrics are polyester, spandex, and polyamide.
  • Best Brands: Melissa Odabash, N-gal, and Prettysecrets
  • Websites to Buy: Jabong.com, Shopclues.com
  • Advice: The complete look is bold, so be cautious and confident while wearing this oomph-factor swimsuit.

8. Ruffle Swimsuit

pink ruffle swimsuitA Ruffle swimsuit brings a flirtatious vibe and would even look fashion-forward. Ruffles even add a busty look and so would look amazing on women with small busts.

  • Best for Body Type: Pear shape who have a slimmer upper torso and have their fat concentrated in the lower body must definitely pick the ruffle fashioned swimsuit. You can pick any style from one piece to two-piece, but make sure you go for a structured, underwire top that would heft your small bust.
  • Trending Pattern: The patterns that would make you look fashionable and hot are the colorblock fashion, printed plunging neckline top paired with the solid shade bikini bottom.
  • Available in Fabric: The ruffle swimsuits are generally fashioned in spandex, polyamide, and nylon.
  • Best Brands: Prettysecrets, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, and N-Gal
  • Websites to Buy: Amazon.in
  • Advice: If you are pear shape body avoid striped or printed boy shorts and hipsters with the ruffled top.

9. Bandeau Swimsuit

star striped printed bandeau bikini swimsuitBandeau swimsuit reflects a tropical look and would be an ideal pick for the Goa beach destination. It would be ideal for mid-bust women and women with small busts must avoid this style of swimsuit. And color block bandeau would show a vibrant and zesty side of yours.

  • Best for Body Type: Women blessed with an hourglass shape can elegantly carry a bandeau swimsuit. Hourglass ladies have the swimsuit figure and are the most envious figure of all. You are sure to look charming in any style of swimsuit.
  • Trending Pattern: Some of the trending patterns which would glam up your swimsuit are the colorblock, tropical prints, and neon shades.
  • Available in Fabric: Fabrics which is comforting and give a stunning look are polyester, elastane, spandex lycra.
  • Best Brands: Mariemillie, Mango, Prettysecrets, and Label Life
  • Websites to Buy: Shopclues.com
  • Advice: Avoid mix and match style, go for a halter neck swimsuit. Go for a matching set that would give a balanced look to your body.

10. Top-Bottom Set

aqua blue printed beachwearAnother demure swimsuit for women who want to experiment with swimsuits but are shy to show skin. But there is even a flashy and sassy top-bottom set that is trendy and favorite of every beach babe.

  • Best for Body Type: Apple shape women with upper body being heavier than lower body, can wear the top-bottom set. When you wear this swimsuit, you would drag attention to your sexy legs.
  • Trending Pattern: Tribal prints, floral prints, and monotone is the trending patterns to flaunt your beach fashion.
  • Available in Fabric: nylon spandex, lycra, polyester.
  • Best Brands: Lobster, Alba
  • Websites to Buy: Jabong.com
  • Advice: Top bottom set is different from a bikini, so pick smartly. Choose a matching set as it is in fashion now and would bring a flattering look.

11. Three-Piece Swimsuit

floral printed 3 piece swimsuitA cool, fabulous, and swanky looking three piece swimsuit, is sure to catch the interest of all beautiful girls. Three piece swimsuit is an innovative and versatile wear for all those who don’t want to bare it all.

  • Best for Body Type: Every body shape would look modish in a three-piece swimsuit. Women who are curvy, fuller thighs can prefer the sarong style three-piece swimsuit, also apple shape and round shape women can prefer the kaftan style three-piece swimsuit.
  • Trending Pattern: Boho print, floral print, and polka dot are trend-setting swimsuits.
  • Available in Fabric: polyester, spandex, polyamide
  • Best Brands: Prettysecrets, N-gal, and Fascinatinglingerie
  • Websites to Buy: Jabong.com, Amazon.in
  • Advice: Go for exotic prints, and mesh net style for a fashionable look.

12. Burkini

blue black burkini swimsuit setA unique transformation in the swimsuit fashion is the burkini, specially designed for modest Muslim women, who would want to enjoy beach life like any other woman. But the trend is spreading amongst non-muslim women too, those who want to protect themselves from sun tan.

  • Best for Body Type: It would suit all body shapes, however, curvy women can definitely pick this type of swimsuit.
  • Trending Pattern: printed pattern, polka dot pattern, ikat print is haute number worth investing in.
  • Available in Fabric: Italian polyamide, poly knit, lycra, spandex, Italian fabrics are used for making burkini.
  • Best Brands: Speedo
  • Websites to Buy: Amazon.in
  • Advice: As the burkini completely covers the body, it would be best to pick fabrics that would be comfortable for the sunny weather.

We believe wearing a swimsuit needs utmost confidence, so be any body shape, if you are confident enough, then, it will radiate in what you are wearing. Beach babes, we hope you are enlightened by our information. We would love to see your comments on the stylish swimsuit.


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