6 Types of One Piece Fashion Trends For Women

Updated and reinvented trends have always taken a primary rank in the field of fashion. With more and more options coming up in every field, it won’t be quite wrong to assume that every age has indeed pampered us in some way or the other.

One-Piece Trends

And like the rest of the dresses, the one-piece dress trend has too taken a pivotal position in the fashion industry. With more and more one-piece dresses, women are left with no other choice other than to pamper themselves with more varieties.

To all the pretty ladies out there, who had been looking for the ultimate guide to one piece dresses, this is indeed the right stop for you. Here we elaborate some of the leading one piece dresses and how you can style in order to attain a truly prolific look. Without much ado, let’s get started!

6 Latest One-Piece Trends Women are Crazy About

    1. Jumpsuits
    2. Western Dresses
    3. Rompers
    4. Babydoll Dresses
    5. One Piece Swimsuits/Bodysuit
    6. Dungarees

1. Jumpsuits

Due to its functionality, comfort and, of course, its unique stylish touch, jumpsuits have always been on the hit-list when it comes to latest trendy dresses.

how to style a jumpsuit, one-piece trends

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Available in multiple designs, patterns and fabrics, jumpsuits have also been quite adored by multiple celebrities. From the popular Cameron Diaz to our very own Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, jumpsuits seem to flatter almost all kinds of figures and body types.

Jumpsuit Styles, what to wear with jumpsuit

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With most of the jumpsuits having cloth belts, adding an extra belt can further help defining your waist. Adding on a blazer can further help you accentuate your personality by creating more layers exactly like this one.

Jumpsuit with Entire LookImage Source:

Slay the entire look with black high heels, dangling earrings, a sling bag, a statement necklace, a metal bracelet only on one hand and lastly with sunglasses.


2. Western Dresses

Ladies, if you want to pamper yourself with unlimited options, go for western dresses! With a vast range in hand, including some of the hottest trends like peplum dresses, maxis, kaftans, T shirt dresses, sweater dresses, bodycons, midies, skaters, gowns and shirt dresses, you can never look out of style when you are wearing any of these.

Kim Kardashian in elegant peplum dressImage Source:

Or how classy does Kim Kardashian heated up in Paris in an elegant peplum dress accompanied only with strappy heels.

slit maxi dress for maternity wearImage Source:

Want to rock a steamy maternity look? A large-sized slit maxi dress could make you a trending avatar.

As far as accessorizing or styling is concerned, one of the best part of each of these dresses is that almost each of them demand more of your attitude and personality. Even if you don’t add up accessories, your aura shall speak for itself. However, in case you do want to match up some of the accessories try to stick to the basic minimals like watches, totes, clutches, dangling earrings and shades.


3. Rompers

First appearing around in the early part of 1900s in the United States of America, rompers had been quite a popular dress for younger children as they were ideal for movement.

trend arrest blue solid playsuitImage Source:

Being both daring yet quite playful, rompers have revived their importance among the ladies in recent times by helping the look stylish without showing too much.

romper with easy peasy lookImage Source:

For an easy peasy look, pair your romper with kimono along with strappy sandals and a belt.  Leggings and black boots can be perfect if you want more of a chic and professional look.

how to wear romper to look stylishImage Source:

Or you can also layer it up with a cool shrug paired with strappy sandals and a sling and get ready for a perfect BFF hangout or a party.


4. Babydoll Dresses

Originally meant as nightgowns, babydolls offer a loose flowy fit while assuring an added steamy girly look as well. Apart from being perfect for a simple hangout with your husband or boyfriend, the longer versions of these dresses are also ideal as a glamorous maternity wear.

Babydoll Dresses for Maternity WearImage Source:

Rocking a baby bump in a long baby doll dress probably never looked more glamorous!

Babydoll Dresses with Studs and Statement NecklaceImage Source:

An important tip to remember while wearing a babydoll dress is to keep to the least of accessories. If at all you want to add on something, studs and a statement necklace would be perfect.

babydoll dresses with heels and stilettosImage Source:

As far as the bags are concerned, nothing but clutches can suit babydolls. Glam up the final look with heels and stilettos.

5. One Piece Swimsuits/Bodysuit

Want to go different on beaches without those bikinis? Simply get along with an exciting range of one piece swimsuits. Spoiling you with different stylish patterns and even in halter necks, glamming up with a trendy swimsuit was seriously never easier.

 Priyanka Chopra glamming up high with glittery gold swimsuitImage Source:

Remember the epic look of Priyanka Chopra in “Dostana” glamming up high with a glittery gold swimsuit, thus becoming the ultimate “swimsuit” trendsetter in the industry.

One-Piece Swimsuit Styles, how to wear a onesieImage Source:

Or just check out how effortlessly Lisa Haydon smokes herself in a sexy multicolored swimsuit.

In case you want to go for a lesser glamourous look yet want to go for a similar style as that of one piece swimsuit, then try your hand on one piece bodysuits. These generally come in simpler styles as compared to the swimsuits. However, unlike swimsuits, bodysuits can be worn even as a casual wear.

sleeveless white crochet bodysuitImage Source:

As for example check out this sleeveless white crochet bodysuit. You can at once wear them on the beaches.

swimsuit with jeans and jacketImage Source:

Or can even team it up with jeans and a cardigan or jacket or simply with a flannel shirt for a more casual feel, perfect for work, colleges and a friends’ hangout.

6. Dungarees

Back from the 90s, dungarees are already setting a pivotal mark in the field of fashion. With celebs like Shraddha Kapoor rocking in “Ok Jaanu!”, Kriti Sanon, Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum, it won’t be quite inappropriate to conclude that these one piece dresses are quite becoming a heated rage in the world of style.

Heidi Klum rocks in Flared DungareeImage Source:

Swiping over the 70s vibe, here we also have Heidi Klum rocking only in her flared dungarees , medium sized day bags and wedges. Shelving a classic look with complete ease and style!

Versatile indeed!

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