10 Best Snow Cone Machine to Chill Out In Summer

best snow cone machine

There can’t be a better way of cooling off on a hot summer day than devouring an icy-cold shaved ice or snow cone. These tempting treats are bound to make us nostalgic by bringing back memories of summer camps we attended as kids. With a dozen of flavor possibilities, our young self would feel agonized choosing just one. But choices don’t need to be so intimidating when you can have a snow cone machine at your house to cater to your taste buds whenever you fancy. You might crush ice and make icy drinks using your blender, but the consistency is not adequately fluffy and fine for being used in a snow cone. The special snow cone makers shave ice rather than chopping or crushing it to render perfect results. Explore the best ice shavers listed by us which range from affordable picks to high-end ones to cater to your entire neighborhood at once.


1. Snowie Max Premium Shaved Ice Maker

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Enjoy a sweet and sugary blast with the Little Snowie 2 which has been modeled after the commercial models with 10 edges and a 301 stainless steel blade. This is the best snow cone machine that guarantees complete safety as it operates only when the lid is completely pressed down. As a result, your fingers stay protected from the spin paddle or the blade when in use. An attached dome shaper molds the perfect-shaped top as you fill the cup past the brim. You can expect the perfect blend of power, speed, and durability with its 1000-watts 2.7 peak HP motor which can have your back as you make the best of iced desserts, mixed drinks, iced fruitade, and shaved ice. Gone are the days when you had to deal with the hassle of pre-freezing special-shaped ice drums which occupy valuable freezer space as the Little Snowie 2 uses ice cubes straight from the maker in your freezer.


  • Comes backed by one year warranty.
  • Comes with a professional-grade high-speed motor and a 301 hardened stainless-steel blade which can deliver fluffy snow within 3 seconds with no ice chunks floating around.
  • Convenient coffee pot-like size makes it well suited for being stored in your home or office.
  • Extremely easy to clean and transport.


  • The price is a bit on the higher side.
  • Emits a lot of sound from the ice bouncing around as it shaves.

Dimensions: 0.6 x 2.8 x 10.2 inches
Weight: 3.52 ounces
What’s Included: 6 flavor powder sticks (makes 6 pints of liquid flavor syrup), 2 mixing bottles w/ pour spouts, and 8 Snowie reusable snow cone shovel spoons.


2. Super Deal Upgraded 300W Electric Ice Shaver

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SUPER DEAL Upgraded 300W Electric Ice Shaver Ice Shaved Machine Ice Crusher Snow Cone Maker 145 lbs (Silver): Home & Kitchen
You can now make tempting icy drinks at home with the Super Deal ice shaver whose stainless-steel waterproof construction guarantees top-notch durability against rust. You can expect 145 pounds of fluffy snow ice from this machine within a short period courtesy of its commercial-grade stainless steel shaving blade. The device is accompanied by a stainless-steel bowl which delivers added convenience. Safe operation is guaranteed by its waterproof on/off switch which stops the blade from rotating automatically when the hopper handle is opened. This helps in avoiding all chances of injury. The heavy-duty device can work at a stretch for 20 hours with its sharp and powerful alloy steel shaving blade having RPM up to 2000.


  • An efficient motor delivers 145 pounds of shaved ice every hour for catering to a big group of house guests at once.
  •  Non-slip handle helps with easy operation.
  • The level of noise and vibration gets greatly reduced by its heavy iron cast stable base and 4 plastic rubber feet.
  • It is suitable for both home and commercial use.


  • Doesn’t have any safety features making it risky to use around children.
  • Produces ice chunks rather than the fluffy “snow-like” texture.

Dimensions: 16.94 x 12.17 x 7.92 inches
Weight: 11.94 pounds
What’s Included: The SUPER DEAL Upgraded 300W Electric Ice Shaver Cone Maker Machine has an attached steel bowl but no any other extra supplies/equipment.


3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A and Snow Cone Machine

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Nostalgia is a popular name in the ice shaving industry for its old-school snow-cone machines. Its snow-cone cart device is a treat for the eyes and is also one of the best functioning popular models on the market. You can crush up to 8 ounces of ice at a time coupled with its stainless-steel blades. The nostalgia snow cone machine is specially built to hold enough ice which can dole out approximately 20 cones. This ice is collected in a clear enclosed bin. A front shelf cum preparation station design of the ice shaver machine can hold two individual snow cones. You can enjoy a stationary experience by ditching the wheels as the top of this cart separates from the bottom. This ice shaver has a playful design that can enhance the appeal of your kitchen counter. It is very safe to operate this machine which uses standard ice cubes and turns on once the lid is locked in place.


  • Can hold up to 8-ounce snow cones at a time.
  • Works perfectly with all Nostalgia snow cone kits.
  • Equipped with precision-cut stainless-steel blades allowing the machine to work quickly.
  • You can shave ice and watch it piling up from every angle with the clear chambers.


  • Emits a loud noise with its operation.
  • Wheels tend to get stuck now and then.

Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 15.25 inches
Weight: 4.8 pounds
What’s Included: Nostalgia SCM525BL Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker, 2 (8 ounces) reusable plastic snow cones, and an ice scoop to easily serve snow cones.


4. Nostalgia SCM525WH Vintage Countertop Snow Cone Maker

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Stun all your guests at the upcoming summer party with the Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker featuring a carnival-style design. The best thing about this model is that you can make snow cones at home with just a few ice cubes. The Cuisinart has been designed for catering to big groups on your upcoming summer soiree. Its fold-down cone holders at each side can get up to four treats ready as you make multiple servings at a time with its large ice bin. Setting up this best snow cone machine for home is extremely easy and you can start using it immediately once you have adequate ice cubes. While recipes are included, you will have to order the pre-made syrups separately. You can remove the ice bin for easy cleaning and keeping the ice shaver properly maintained. All the machine parts which come in contact with food are crafted using BPA-free plastic thus offering you greater peace of mind.


  • Can be used for creating slushies, snow cones, adult drinks, and frozen lemonades.
  • You can start shaving ice with a simple flip of a switch making it well suited for novice users.
  • Can churn out enough ice for 4-5 cones within a minute.
  • Uses regular ice cubes and delivers a classic snow cone texture.


  • The ice bin tends to fall out easily and the ice press has a flimsy feel.
  • Not suited for single servings.

Dimensions: 9 x 9.25 x 12 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
What’s Included: Cuisinart SCM-10P1 Snow Cone Maker, BPA-free reusable cones and 12 paper cones, plus recipes.

5. Cuisinart SCM-10P1 Snow Cone Maker

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Bravo is a popular manufacturer of easy-to-clean slushie machines. Its Bravo Italia 2 Bowls slushies machine features a stainless-steel construction which adds to its bulk. However, all the internal components are of high quality and go from liquid to ready within half an hour. You can even disassemble and assemble the internal parts within minutes for hassle-free cleaning. You can make excellent frozen drinks like Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, margaritas, and more with the bravo slushies machine which features four separate temperature settings for bringing greater versatility to your summer beverage platter. The presence of an outer spiral around the outside of the evaporator and an auger through the middle of the evaporator delivers better consistency of the slush and renders faster results.


  • Can make two different slushies simultaneously.
  • Stainless steel body enhances its aesthetic appeal which adds to its durability.
  • Accompanied by a refrigeration unit that creates the ice by itself.
  • The USP of this device lies in its cold beverage dispenser mode which can come to your use if you have slush leftover from the party.


  • Might seem too bulky for home use.
  • No recipes are included in the accompanying user manual.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 19 x 28 inches
Weight: 3.2 Gallons
What’s Included: Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine

6. Bravo Italia 2 Bowls Slushie Machine

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Make fluffy and delicious snow cones to your heart’s desire with the best snow cone machine from Nostalgia. The unit can hold up to 20 snow cones simultaneously making it the best choice for both party time and snack time. The machine is equipped with precision-cut stainless-steel blades which can shave ice cubes into fluffy snow-like ice. Its clear chamber offers a 360° view so that you can enjoy watching ice pile up from every angle. The side shelf serves as an excellent addition doubling up as a prepping station for adding your favorite syrups and holding two snow cones. Your hands stay safe with the safety switch that is built into the shaving mechanism. Compact dimensions make this ice shaver the perfect choice for serving snow cones on the go as you place it on a small side table or the kitchen countertop.


  • The addition of the Coke symbol imparts a vintage feel to this amazon snow cone machine.
  • Takes just a few seconds to make adequate ice for a snow cone.
  • It is super easy to use and has a cute look.
  • Works seamlessly with all Nostalgia snow cone kits.


  • Not designed for a fast-paced user.
  • The output is more like heavy sheet chunks rather than like the advertised powdery snow.

Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 15.25 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
What’s Included: Nostalgia SCM550COKE Coca-Cola Countertop Snow Cone Maker, 2 (8 oz.) reusable plastic snow cones, and an ice scoop to easily serve snow cones.

7. Nostalgia SCM550COKE Coca-Cola Snow Cone Maker

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This snow-cone cart from Nostalgia is an absolute treat for the eyes and is also one of the best functioning models in the market. Regular-sized ice cubes render the best results with this best fluffy shaved ice machine whose stainless-steel blades can shave 2 pounds of ice within 90 seconds. Two stylish snow-cone holders help with storage and also for easily adding your favorite syrups. You can even remove the top of the ice shaver and place it on your kitchen countertop or use it with the wheels to bring a fun feel to your ice shaving episodes. The party will never stop with this full-size snow cone cart where you have to add ice to the shaving cage and turn on the unit for transforming ice into a delicious snow cone. A drip tray helps catch all the unwanted melted ice so that you can enjoy a mess-free experience.


  • Holds enough snow for filling approximately 72 snow cones.
  • Stainless steel cutting blades can shave 2 pounds of ice within 90 seconds.
  • You can watch fluffy ice pile up with the clear snow chamber offering a 360° view.
  • The inclusion of a base storage compartment helps to keep all your supplies organized.


  • The texture of the ice is a little chunky.
  • Unclear instructions make the assembly of the machine very difficult.

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 25 inches
Weight: 27 pounds
What’s Included: Nostalgia Inch Tall Snow Cone Cart and metal scoop.

8. Nostalgia Inch Tall Snow Cone Cart Maker

Best fluffy shaved ice machineBuy Now

Families on the lookout for an affordable way to make snow cones at home can opt for this best fluffy shaved ice machine. It has a beautiful retro look that can bask you in compliments at backyard barbeques and birthday parties. A compact shape helps to carry it around easily and set it up on a small table. This ice shaver is accompanied by a large ice bin that can hold adequate crushed ice for filling 20 snow cones. The clear bin features a side door offering easy access to the crushed ice. However, the bin is not insulated causing the ice to melt pretty quickly, especially during outdoor use. The two reusable snow cones fit perfectly in the two holes on the side shelf so that you can try out various recipes. Although the blades are exposed while adding ice cubes to the unit, they will not spin until you put on the lid and twist it. The presence of a safety switch ensures that you do not get exposed to the spinning blades which stop whenever you twist the list in the opposite direction.


  • Works with all standard ice cubes.
  • Stainless steel blades render quick and efficient results.
  • Can make up to 20 snow cones.
  • Works perfectly with all Nostalgia snow cone kits.


  • Doesn’t include any flavorings.
  • Cleaning can be a difficult process.

Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches
Weight: 6.39 pounds
What’s Included: Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker, Two reusable tabletop cones, and an ice scoop.

9. Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker

Shaved Ice Machine Buy Now

Create delicious snow cones with this best snow cone machine which comes with all the necessary accessories so that you can start shaving ice and preparing those tempting margaritas without having to shop for extras. You can operate the machine by pressing on the top. Pressing harder helps change the texture of the shaved ice which requires some practice to get used to. The device is accompanied by two lidless containers which make ice “pucks” that fit into the machine. Since each puck makes about two cones, it is best to make the pucks in advance and store them in the freezer for your upcoming party. The three-piece design of this snow cone machine is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and storage.


  • Compact dimensions and a lightweight build help carry it around.
  • Creates flakey shaved ice to get the party going.
  • Does not create a ruckus with its operation.
  • A nonslip silicone drip tray minimizes mess while running the machine.


  • Requires special ice blocks.
  • Has a learning curve for proper shaving making it difficult for first-time users.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.75 x 7.75 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
What’s Included:  S900 electric shaved ice machine, 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, 3 black bottle pourers, 2 round ice molds, and 3 ready-to-use pints in Cherry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

10. Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine

Electric Ice Shaver MachineBuy Now

Churn out delicious snow cones for a crowd with the Great Northern commercial ice shaver. You will want to display this machine at the center of your upcoming pool party given its aesthetic look and stainless-steel construction. The device offers a complete bang for the buck with a high-power motor operating at 1725 rpm which can plow through 350 pounds of ice in an hour. The machine operates by applying pressure and slicing through large ice blocks having a diameter of up to eight inches and a height of up to 6.5 inches. While this model takes up a fair share of your counter space, you will be rewarded with fluffy and consistent ice for snow cones and more recipes if you have the requisite space and budget. Despite having a cheery design, you should keep it away from your children.


  • A commercial snow cone machine that is backed by Northern Popcorn’s 1-year warranty.
  • Can shave 6 pounds of ice every minute.
  • A brass and stainless-steel construction renders a premium look to this ice shaver.
  • The stainless-steel cutting blades last for a lifetime.


  • Devoid of any safety shield.
  • Heavy and bulky device that is difficult to move around.

Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 30.5 inches
Weight: 39.9 pounds
What’s Included: A heavy-duty ice shaver having a stainless-steel construction equipped with an adjustable stainless-steel blade and a heavy-duty motor.

1. What to look for in a snow-cone maker?

Firstly, you need to decide between manual and electric models. While the manual ones depend on your elbow grease for cranking through the ice, they come easier on the pocket and do not require an electric outfit. An electric machine, on the other hand, can serve you better if you are planning on making snow cones for a crowd. However, the models tend to vary in capacity, wattage, and speed making it imperative to choose the one that is in sync with your specific requirements.

Once you have decided on the type, next you need to decide on the size of the snow cone maker. Here you can choose between a standalone cart with wheels for festivals or a countertop appliance for home use. You also need to consider the space required for storage when this machine is not in use.

While some of the models have a vintage feel, others come in brightly colored fun designs. You need to choose a machine whose design matches your home aesthetics. However, you shouldn’t compromise on the performance by giving too much importance to the design.

Your budget is another crucial factor that needs to be considered while choosing a snow cone machine. The manual and countertop models having a smaller capacity come at cheaper rates. If you have an adequate budget, then you can consider investing in commercial-grade ones with larger capacities and high wattage.

2. What is the difference between shaved ice and a snow cone?

The difference between shaved ice and snow cone lies in the texture of the ice. Shaved ice is lighter, finer, and more akin to snow whereas snow cones feature larger and grainier ice particles.

While both the varieties come with fruits and toppings, shaved ice is better at absorbing the same compared to snow cones.

The crunchy ice of snow cones means that most of the syrup poured over the ice gathers at the bottom of the cone for delivering a sugary rush once you finish your dessert. Shaved ice resembles snow and guarantees better distribution of the syrup throughout the treat. Irrespective of these differences, both variants taste delicious.

3. What is the most popular snow cone machine?

Among the top best ice cone machines, you could bring home the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow-Cone Machine for the best overall; if you are to maintain your budget, choose MANBA Ice Shaver, or for the Old-school flavored ice deserts, Nostalgia Snow-Cone Cart will be the user-friendly appliances.

These, few snow cone ice machines will promise you, your favorite fine shaved ice cones, slushies, margaritas, and more shaved ice dishes, or drinks for the summer fondness.

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