Country Style in the Interior

country interior

Now there are so many different styles of interior and you can get confused in them. Today we will talk about the most popular style in recent years.

Who is suitable for

The rustic simplicity and homeliness inherent in the country style create a feeling of warmth and bring back pleasant memories from childhood about the unforgettable time spent at the grandmother’s in the countryside. People who work hard will feel most comfortable in such an environment, as the country style creates all the conditions for relaxing and relaxing.

Now you can find many accounts in which there are photographs of houses decorated in this style. Such accounts do not even have to buy Instagram likes because all users like this style.

The main highlight of this style are slightly outdated furniture, simple fabrics and inexpensive decor. Therefore, the main advantage of the country interior is the low cost of materials used in the design of the premises.

Choosing a room for country style

This style direction is quite specific. Due to its special atmosphere, which is not suitable for every room, country is quite rare in the design of offices or children’s rooms. This style will look much more appropriate in bedrooms, a guest room or in the kitchen.

If you are not yet sure that such an interior will suit you, then you can look at the photos on social networks. It is because of the doubt of many people that accounts with such photos manage to become famous without the need to buy likes on Instagram to collect a lot of feedback.

Characteristic features of the style

The spirit of whichever country conveys the ideal country in your understanding, it always serves as a guide for us to the pristine nature, comfort and homely, slightly naive way of life that we could observe in the villages.

Soulfulness without pretentiousness

Country style is the purity of materials in the embodied interior items, its lining and decor. Nowadays, few people manage without actual household appliances, but if you are planning to embody the features of style in your home, it is better not to flaunt the equipment, but to hide it as much as possible (embed, veil, use if necessary).

Speaking of furniture, it should be noted that country-style items should not be distinguished by trendy designs, but rather be somewhat primitive, even rough, although some elegant objects (as in French country) can be used. The whole interior setting is associated with a country house or a country estate.

Natural materials

If you decide to give preference to country style in interior design, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of materials that can be used to decorate the ceiling, walls and floor.

In the case of the ceiling, wood or ordinary pastel-colored paint is most often used. Many designers often use wooden beams because they look quite impressive, but at the same time very cozy.

For wall decoration, paper wallpapers with any simple patterns, colors or stripes are suitable. Decorative brickwork and wood panels can also be used.

It is not recommended covering the floors with a glossy laminate. A wooden or tiled floor would be most appropriate. A suitable decoration can be a carpet with a high pile.

The use of plastic, linoleum, glossy surfaces is not accepted by country style, since it accepts only the natural, natural nature of all materials used in home decoration.

Stone (artificial or natural) should be used for laying the floor, wall cladding or fireplace area. Wooden boards and tiles are also used as flooring.

The walls are plastered and covered with paint, or covered with paper wallpaper with a neat floral pattern, and the ceiling is very often decorated with wooden beams, which is very in the spirit of country style.

Furniture and decor

A real find for country style will be old furniture stored in attics, as well as sold in various vintage markets. Slightly shabby fittings with a minimal amount of decor will fit perfectly into country design. You can use new furniture, but it should be as simple as possible.

These are large wooden tables, simple chairs and benches, cupboards, shelves. For the bedroom, you can use soft sofas with upholstery without a pattern, wicker chairs, ordinary chests of drawers and bedside tables. You can replace some pieces of furniture by placing various old chests on the floor.

The color scheme in the room should be made in light, warm colors. It is undesirable to use catchy, bright colors. The best option would be pastels, light blues and greens, as well as shades of wood.

The country interior welcomes an abundance of different fabrics. The main rule is that they must all be natural. It can be linen, cotton or chintz. Tables must be covered with tablecloths and decorated with fabric napkins, and small decorative pillows should be present on sofas and chairs.

Country style implies a small amount of decor. A few figurines, paintings, flower vases and ceramic plates will suffice as decoration.

Originating at the beginning of the 20th century, country style is becoming more and more popular these days. This style creates a calm, warm atmosphere in the interior, in which each person can feel easy and comfortable.


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