Ultimate Home Furnishing & Kitchen Accessories Washing Guide

The way to clean health and life goes through a clean home. Yet keeping the home clean, especially the kitchen and the furnishings, is an uphill task. Our modern-day hectic lifestyles and our houses filled with stuff have added to our stress.

While our houses cannot look like hotel suites all the time, but we can definitely keep them hygienic and organized to a certain level. Let’s understand a simple cleaning routine to figure out where you must pay attention every day, and what you need to attend only periodically.

Things to Wash Everyday

You should never leave your dirty dishes for the next day unless you want fungus or cockroaches in your kitchen sink. Dishtowels and hand towels too should be washed daily as they could become breeding grounds for germs. There are surfaces in your home like kitchen countertops, kitchen tables, floors, etc. that are exposed to spills and dirt, and require daily wipes. The sinks in your kitchen and bathroom need daily attention, and so do your bathroom surfaces.

It is also better to do regular laundry instead of letting the clothes pile up in the laundry bag.

Things to Wash Every Week

Though we all hate the idea of doing chores on a weekend, there will always be some stuff that needs your extra time and energy once a week. That’s when you would have to wash your bed sheets, pillow cover, bath mats, bedspread, duvet cover, etc. Also, you need to dust and vacuum your furniture once a week.

There is more to the list- your kitchen appliances, microwave, etc. need weekly cleaning as well. And the sponges you clean everything with should also be cleaned once a week if you want them free from germs and odor.

Things to Wash Every Month

These items can’t be cleaned every week. They require a lot of time and patience to clean. But the good part is that they don’t get dirty quickly. So take a breath, you only need to clean household items like dust and light fixtures, dust blinds, mattress pads, dishwasher machines, vacuum cleaner, etc. once a month.

Things to Wash Once in Every 3 to 6 Months

Everything in a household gathers dust, but we can’t keep cleaning all the time. Your kitchen range hood, freezer, the corners behind furniture- it’s okay to clean them once in every few months. The same holds apply to your rugs and blankets, shower curtain liners, and surfaces like patio and deck.

The thing to Wash in a Year

The chimney and fireplace, windows, carpets, air vents, gutters, etc. only need to be cleaned once in a year. What a relief to know, isn’t it?

While you cannot escape the dreaded chore that cleaning is, these tips will certainly help you identify stuff that needs more attention, and the things that you need not constantly worry about.

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