12 Hybrid Fashion Product Names You May Not Know

The basics of fashion are something we all have learned. Even a layman can now define the meaning of a shirt or a trouser. The story doesn’t end here and also the trends.

unusual clothing items hybrid fashion things and styles in the world

There are certain fashion items that have come in mix and match form. They are a combination of two styles that craft one look for your entire ensemble.

We did a little digging and found these ones for you. We are surely calling dibs on these styles. Are you too? Then scroll below and upgrade your fashion dictionary.


1. Jeanos

new style mens jeans pantsDenim has been a classic throughout the time whereas chinos have crafted casual cool looks for us. Now with jeans wash and Chinos comfort call, there is a style called as Jeanos. The enzymes from the jeans are dyed over chinos and various colors are designed. It’s a lightweight combination with the essence of both trends for which your wardrobe has bargained for!


2. Skirtini

women's skirtini swimwear

Here is a combination for you to hide all the wobbly bottoms. Just like the name says, this one has a little skirt attached to the bikini wear. The swimsuits are designed with a comfortable fabric that can create a flattering look for your vacay mood.


3. Coatigan

oversized coatigan women's

When you are running clueless as to what to wear for work wear or day out, coatigan is a way to go. It’s an unstructured style that’s designed in a wool blend and then favored with many colors. It’s not very bulky and not too thin. Sums up to lend you a perfect outfit to wear over your dress or skinny jeans.


4. Drouser

trouser dress design unusual fashion trendsThis trend has made a comeback after a few years. From cracking the codes at the fashion weeks, the merge of dress and trouser is now a drouser. The modern and interesting update has cigarette pants with full-skirted satin dresses that would make an ultimate glam call for dinner parties.

5. Shacket

mens khaki shacket hybrid products examplesThe style has already gained a lot of fandoms. The most versatile piece is lighter than a denim jacket and can be simply paired over your basic tee. With handy pockets and button style, Shackets are having their moment and this substantial number is for sure a transitional closet mate.

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6. Tankini

tankini swimsuits for women hybrid styles in fashionSending out some summer vibes with Tankini trend! For all the women who hate to remove the whole swimsuit while using the restroom, enter Tankini. The designs will let you move freely and vacation on the beach without worrying about your top creating a mishap. Thanks to designer Anne Cole for this one!

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7. Skorts

women's running skort hybrid styles in fashion
The trend if the ’90s is back! Skorts, even though they are a strange style but they can secure your buttocks ladies! It’s known as comfort meets style and this 90’s number no more lends a geek look rather is a sexy piece of dressing for you to have a perfect bike ride with your partner.

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8. Treggings

hybrid styles in fashion womens walking treggingsBased on your demand, finally, treggings was introduced. Like trousers but leggings, this spin-off trend has gained immense popularity to leggings and in our opinion, this one is much easier to wear. There is no thick waistband and the fabric is oh-so-good wherein you can throw over your longer tops for a casual day out the ensemble.

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9. Jeggings

womens black high waisted jeggings hybrid styles in fashionA decade ago, jeggings were introduced. Made of cotton blend, the trend appears like jeans with fake pockets and belt loops. Denim generally has a heavier fabric but jeggings beat that and craft an easy going look for you. Wear your white shirt or go bright by choosing this suave match.

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10. Skeggings

women's tennis skirt with leggings unusual fashion trendsRemember when you were a toddler and your mom would dress you up in pants and skirt? Yes, this style has hit the runways. Women with huge butts, this trend is a sure shot for you. Skeggings are layered with the skirt over leggings and designed to add oomph to your crop top or turtle necks

11. Meggings

men's athletic compression leggings unusual clothing itemsDesigned for the male physique, meggings feature faux zipper with room for comfort. For the ones who are living under a rock, this bright fashion is for you to add during your lunch hours or coffee dates. Hype the look by wearing meggings with a basic t-shirt and sneakers.

12. Pantaboots

pants that are also boots hybrid identity in things fall apartNow you can go ahead and flaunt your fashion knowledge in front of your friends. All of the above-mentioned trends have nailed the street style looks and are definitely the ones that will morph your ongoing fashion routine. These trend hybrids will make you stand out and flabbergast everyone as you head out.

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