15 Tips to Buy Right Fit Sports Bra Easily

Exercising hard to get those toned abs by summer? Well, make sure your breasts don’t suffer from those rigorous workouts. While engaging in strenuous activities, breasts jiggle causing sagginess in the long run.

Tips to Buy Right Fit High Impact gym Sports Bra Easily

Herein comes the specially designed sports bra as the ultimate savior. So go brave that treadmill to fight off the stubborn belly fat while these supportive yet stylish bras take care of your assets. In today’s article, we shall share with you some upfront tips which will help you with your sports bra shopping.

1. The Encapsulated Bra – Savior for big breasted ladies

tips for sports bra with pads

If you are looking for support, extra comfort and also bounce control of both the breasts individually then encapsulated bra should be your pick. Perfect for low impact activities like walking and yoga, the encapsulated bra which limits strain, sagging and loss of elasticity and is a favorite among big breasted ladies for its natural look.

2. The Compression Bra for limiting the movement of breasts

tips to choose sports bra

Small breasted ladies having cup size A & B, can go for compression sports bras which will press the boobs against your body while you engage in impactful activities like running. They limit movement of boobs away from the chest and holds the tissue back.

3. Foam pads to save you from accidental peeking

sports bra for gym workout

Accidental peekaboo during extreme workouts can leave you red-faced. Why take the risk? Go for soft foam pads and let working out be the only thing on your mind.

4. Choose the fabric wisely

sports bra fitting tips

Padded bras take longer time to dry out. Stick to wicking fabric which dries faster and also keeps moisture away from the skin.

5. Racerback has your back

right size sports bra

Despite widespread belief, the back straps aren’t just a question of style quotient. Racerback bras with back straps joined at the top provide support to the upper back.

6. Moisture absorbent mesh panels let your skin breathe

tips for buying a sports bra

However, don’t forget that this portion of your body will sweat the most during exercising. Thus it is advisable to go for fabrics which will let your skin breathe. Intense activities call for mesh fabric which will help you stay sweat free with its moisture absorbent mesh panels.

7. Comfort comes first with wider straps

plus size sports bra tips

Well-endowed ladies should go for wider straps for enhanced comfort. Scientifically the size of straps should increase proportionately with an increase in cup size. Broad straps diminish unwanted breast movements and better disperse breast weight.

8. Bra with closures is go-to for any hour of the day

sports bra fitting tips

Front or back closure in a sports bra is easy to get into unlike the no closure ones and also provide the desired level of support. Your choice will finally depend on your dexterity level.

9. The right size is a must

sports bra high support

Finding the right size will set other things in motion automatically. A well-fitting bra maintains the cool flow of air in between boobs.

10. A Pro can help you out here

sports bra fashion tips

The odds are high but getting your boobs measured by a pro is always worth the trial.

11. The range has gotten wider

sports bra types

Gone are the days when you had to be force satisfied with only small, medium and large variants of the sportswear. Now you can dig deep into specific cup sizes to go in sync with your breast size. For extra support go for a size tighter than your regular use bra.

12. Have a trial with movements

sports bra for running

Check out your comfort in the fittings room by running, jumping and stretching a bit.

13. The band has to run straight

high impact sports bra

The perfectly fitting bra band will run parallel to the floor.

14. The wrong bra might cause you harm

sports bra padded

An ill-fitted bra might cause scratches in your skin and constrict your breathing.

15. Encapsulated bras with underwire can provide maximum support

padded sports bra

Underwire bras which are very common with encapsulated bra styles provide increased support to busty ladies.

With sports bras hidden under t-shirts and tank tops, we often feel the urge to replacing it with our everyday wear. But that would be a really big mistake. The high-performance workout gear should always occupy a place in your gym kit along with those sports shoes.

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