Choosing the Right Hat For Your Outfit – Here’s How

Hats have played an integral part in personal style for centuries. They have the potential to turn a look completely around. That’s why considering what kind of hat best complements your features and outfit is a key factor when choosing your headwear.

With so many options to choose from—from classic designs to styles from Printful custom hats—choosing the best option for you can be overwhelming. Whether you choose your hat according to the season, the occasion, or your personal preferences, you should always keep in mind certain aspects to achieve the best result. Here’s a list of things to consider before making a decision.

Match Your Hat with Your Style

When deciding on accessories, you need to be confident in your style. You shouldn’t just pick a hat simply because you like it or because it’s popular. Being aware of yourself and what style represents you is important. If you like a minimalist style, you can choose hats in neutral colors with small details. 

On the other hand, if you are confident in experimenting with colors, now is the time to pick a statement hat and get noticed! If you’re all about classic style, a hat that highlights your natural features is always a good choice. 

You can go with custom printed hats to match your style easily. Embroidery printed hats are also great due to their classic look that will most certainly catch someone’s attention. You can hop on a printing website and view their free templates.

You can modify those designs or create your own to match your style perfectly. It isn’t so hard to create artwork for hats. You can use Canva to help you out or other apps and software. If you still can’t get the hang of it, you can always ask a friend to create a model for you.

Focus On the Occasion

Hats are a wardrobe staple that can be worn to almost any event, but you need to know which style suits the occasion. If you’re going to the beach or on a nature walk, you need a cool, wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun. On the other hand, for a gala or a more formal event, you should choose a more elegant hat that conveys refinement and class.

You can accessorize your hat depending on the event you are attending to make it stand out even more! With embroidered prints, you have a wide range of options to choose from and take your hat to the next level!

Every Season Has Its Hats

The advantage of hats is that they are versatile and can be worn during any season. However, you have to take into account the weather and temperature. Summer offers the most freedom in terms of patterns, colors, and design. 

Although, you should avoid black-colored hats since they absorb the most heat. At the opposite end is winter, which calls for more neutral colors and thicker materials. If you don’t have a problem with your ears freezing, there are many types of hats you can go out with. However, if you dislike the cold, make sure the hat you are wearing covers your ears in some way, like a Russian ushanka.

Consider Your Features

Since each person has unique and distinctive traits, they need different hats to highlight them. First and foremost, you should consider the shape of your face before making a choice. If your face is oval, choose hats with short brims, as they highlight your features and balance your proportions.

The same rule applies to round-faced people, who should avoid wide-brimmed hats. They will make your face appear wider, which is not desirable. For a square face, the best option is a hat with round lines, which smooths your features and gives you an elegant look.

Many people wear hats, and those that don’t usually avoid hats because they think it doesn’t look good on them. Yet, if this is also your fear, consider the shape of your face as mentioned above, because if you do, you might find a hat that looks amazing on you. Another thing to check is the hat size. 

In some situations, oversized hats can look better on certain people, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure to get your right hat measurements

Add Your Own Personal Touch

The most important aspect when it comes to choosing a hat is adding a personal touch. Your style is what makes you unique, so make choices that represent you. You can customize your hats to your preference with flat, 3D, or partial embroidery to really put your signature on your outfit.

If you have a band or business, you can promote it by adding your logo on the hat. If you want to make a statement, a simple text print design can be more than enough to showcase your individuality!

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