How Youth Fashion Is Developing in Internet Culture? All About E-girls and E-boys

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The e-girls and e-boys movement is one of the Internet subcultures that has emerged in connection with the growing popularity of social networks. The subculture exists exclusively in digital form. Its representatives communicate with the audience by creating a certain image and trying to stick to it on Tik-Tok and Instagram. At the same time, e-boys and e-girls rarely change locations and exist within their own room.

Distinctive features of guys: curled hair, baggy clothes, chains, and dyed hair. Distinctive features of girls: dyed hair, chains, knee socks. Representatives of both males and females draw hearts under their eyes and shoot content on Tik-Tok all day long. In fact, any teenager who leads an online life can be called a representative of the subculture.

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Learn more below about e-girls and e-boys and how youth fashion is developing in Internet culture.

E-girl Aesthetic: Bright Makeup, Colorful Hair, and Oversized Clothes

The word “e-girl” first appeared in the English language in 2019. It denotes an electronic girl, that is, a blogger or streamer who goes live with bright makeup and in a look on the verge of grunge, Tumblr girl, emo and goth styles.

Flushed-Face Makeup and 90s-Era Hairstyle

Bright makeup with glitter and false eyelashes, as well as multi-colored (lime, blue, pink, and turquoise) hair, are the most distinctive features of the e-girl look. Other features include:

  • Large arrows on the eyes;
  • The abundance of blush on the cheeks;
  • Blush on the nose and bridge of the nose for the effect of a red nose;
  • Painted freckles or hearts on the cheekbones, etc.

E-girl Clothing and Accessories

Oversized t-shirts with grunge or gothic prints are an essential part of the e-girl wardrobe. They can be worn with black jeans or high-waisted straight trousers, as well as with a pleated skirt. Often striped turtlenecks are worn under T-shirts.

Pleated school skirts are also often used by e-girls. They can be plaid or black gothic with a cross print. They combine great with grunge-style ripped or mesh tights, as well as with various chains and belts. High platform boots go well with such skirts, completing the look.

Gorgeous black gothic dresses are just perfect for an e-girl. It is recommended to wear jewelry chains or a leather bandage with such dresses. A leather choker with spikes or rings will also look excellent. Many e-girls prefer high-waisted trousers, cargo pants, or gothic print leggings. They go great with cropped tops.

High platform pumps, chunky black boots, and trendy sneakers are the most beloved elements of the e-girl aesthetic. But an aesthetic outfit is considered incomplete without original jewelry (chains, rings, bracelets, and earrings). Black bags with gothic elements can complete any look.

E-boy Aesthetic: Trends That Allow Creating an Original Look

E-boys practice many of the same tendencies as e-girls, such as showing an interest in anime and video games, having dyed hair, under-eye tattoos, wearing black and striped clothes, etc. Here are other trends that e-boys usually use to create an original look:

  • Chains on clothes;
  • Interest in emo rap, trap metal, phonk artists, and bands such as CothBoiClique, Freddie Dredd, Ghostemane, Scarlxrd, Spider Gang, etc.;
  • Homemade temporary tattoos;
  • Chipped black nail polish;
  • Asymmetrical earrings;
  • Dyed hair;
  • Curtained hair (also known as the “middle part”). Other hairstyles, for example, such as long bangs covering the eyes, are also popular;
  • Androgynous fashion;
  • Punk ideology;
  • Shopping in consignment stores;
  • Interest in other alternative subcultures and musical genres.

E-boy Fashion Culture

Like its female counterparts, e-boy fashion tends to draw a lot of inspiration from emo, scene, goth, punk, grunge, animecore, etc. E-boys are easily recognizable by their clothing style, which includes skater gear, nail polish, a lone earring, and a hairstyle with a parting in the middle. And of course, the look of an e-boy can’t be complete without lots of chains.

The term “e-boy” was used to refer to gamer guys who spend a lot of time playing MMORPGs, watching videos on Twitch, or posting comments on gamer forums. But modern e-boys start with looks. Their hair is styled after Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Romeo and Juliet (1996) or Michael Pitt’s character in The Dreamers (2003). They occasionally smoke cigarettes but avoid alcohol like real straight edgers. They like the music of Mac DeMarco, Tyler, The Creator, etc.


E-girl and e-boy are a subculture that exists exclusively in the digital world. This is the name of stylish young people who have a special look and spend a lot of time online. In this regard, it is most important for them to ensure personal security on the Internet. VPN allows Chrome to change location, protects against the creation of a clone account, theft of data, and blocked content. So, the use of technology is mainstream today!


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