Different Types of Scarves Styles for Men & Women

types of scarves styles for men and women

Scarves are dynamic pieces of accessories that don’t judge you by your age or size. Even when you put on a few pounds or get pregnant, scarves look equally fine. With a wide variety of scarves, choosing the perfect one and styling it right might seem like an intimidating process. Keeping such things in mind, we have assembled a guide to help you with the process.

different types of scarves styles for men

13 Different Types of Scarves According To Style

1. Regular or Antique Scarf

Regular or Antique Scarf

These scarves have been in use for many years and can be termed the parent of modern-day cowls, snoods, and infinity scarves. They have a rectangular shape with adequate material to wrap them around your neck. You can choose scarves in a variety of materials both for the summer and winter months. Often these scarves are accompanied by pockets for keeping valuable things such as your bank cards, passport, and currency while traveling.

2. Cowl

Cowl scarf

Often cowls are confused with hoods but they aren’t worn on the head. You can wear the cowl around your neck during the winter months to stay comfortable in a fuss-free manner. The cowl has a deeper drape and is often knitted with winter fabrics like jersey, wool, or pashmina materials.

3. Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

An Infinity scarf resembles a cowl neck scarf but features a bigger hole for being wrapped around your neck twice. This sewn piece of fabric has less drape and is an excellent winter accessory. The most common types of material used in an infinity scarf are animal skin or leather.

4. Snood

Snood scarf

Snood resembles a cowl carrying the unique feature of a hood. The larger width of the fabric covers your head by resting on your neck. You can pair it easily with some trendy snow boots for rocking the winter holidays.

5. Triangle Scarf

Triangle Scarf

This fashion accessory can help you try out a variety of experiments with the material. They come in an array of fabrics ranging from cotton to wool, cross-stitched pashmina, knitted wool, and more. These scarves have a triangular shape wherein the third angle covers the chest whereas the corners fall on the shoulders after wrapping around the neck.

6. Boa/Stole

Boa/Stole scarf

The stole resembles a traditional scarf with a narrow width looking like a strip. This winter accessory can be worn on either one or both shoulders. They are usually made with furs and have a very plush appearance.

7. Muffler Scarf

Muffler Scarf

This less expensive variant of a stole comes in different fabrics ranging from furs to cotton, velvet, wool, and more. However, the muffler scarf is usually worn during summer around your neck, shoulders, waist, or head.

8. Sarong

Sarong scarf

A sarong is worn around the hipline or waistline while partying or strolling around the beach. It is not accompanied by any hook and is knotted around the waist. Usually, the sarong is worn as a piece of a skirt over the bikini.

9. Shawls

Shawls scarf

Also known as a blanket scarf, these are bigger and have a rectangular shape. They come in different materials for summers and winters for adding greater versatility to your wardrobe.

10. Poncho

Poncho scarf

This ready-to-wear scarf is an excellent winter accessory and comes in versatile fabrics, patterned with lines or checks, and adorned with furs. Usually, the poncho comes in a triangle or squatted shape and can be paired easily with a variety of pants, leggings, and other outfits.

11. Hijab

Hijab scarf

This is the top choice of Muslim ladies to fulfill their religious obligation by covering their heads. Wearing a hijab can also buffer your hair from environmental pollutants while camouflaging various facial flaws like weak chin, double chin, etc.

12. Dupatta

dupatta scarf

This is a type of muffler scarf used by ladies to showcase modesty or to stay protected from harsh sunlight. It is very popular among South Asian ladies.

13. Shemagh

shemagh scarf

This stylish scarf for men is also known by names such as keffiyeh, shemagh, schmog, or ghutrah. The primary function of this scarf is to protect your eyes from dust and head from sun rays.

Different Types of Scarves According To Material

1. Winter Scarf

Usually, the scarves for winters are made from thicker fabrics for adding coziness to the overall outfit. These scarves are often accompanied by hoods to shield your head from the cold while keeping your neck and shoulders warm. Let’s now take a look at some of the most popular winter materials for scarves:

    • Velvet– Velvet or chenille is a plush fabric that feels soft to the touch and extremely shiny. The velvet scarves come in an assortment of colors that can flatter both genders. However, wearing a velvet scarf for too long can cause skin irritations.
    • Wool – This famous fabric is abundantly worn during the winter months. It is curated from the mammalian fur of sheep and goats. The cozy nature of wool makes it ideal for shielding you against the harsh winter winds. Woolen scarves are breathable and warm. They have a lightweight build and are extremely helpful in regulating body temperature. However, woolen scarves can be very expensive and aren’t suitable for people suffering from animal fur allergies.
    • Acrylic Knit – This synthetic fiber can be worn on an everyday basis courtesy of its casual nature. It is comparatively cheaper than wool and well suited for people who are allergic to animal furs. The best thing about acrylic knit is that it doesn’t fade and does an excellent job of retaining its shape over time.
    • Jersey – Jersey is a mock fabric made by using cotton, synthetic fibers of cotton, and wool. In contrast to other scarf materials, the jersey comes with double sides wherein one side is made of pilled loops and the other one is made from varied types of knitting. The extremely stylish jersey scarves are available for both genders in all weather.
    • Satin – Scarves made from satin fabric have a glossy appearance making them ideal for being worn with both party dresses and dull ones to add to their glitz. Satin acts as a natural healer for both skin and hair however, these scarves are less forgiving to sewing errors.

2. Summer Scarf

Scarves aren’t confined only to winters with a large number of fabrics suited for summer months as mentioned below:

    • Chiffon/Crinkle – Chiffon has a glossier and silkier texture whereas crinkle feels a bit itchy. Both these fabrics are perfect for beaches and other outdoor activities during the summer months.
    • Silk – Silk comes in a diverse assortment of colors and has a glossier appearance. You can easily enhance the appeal of normal dresses by pairing them with silk scarves. The best thing about silk is its hypoallergenic nature which does an excellent job of retaining body moisture.
    • Cotton – While you can sport cotton scarves both during summer and winter, it is more popular during the summer months. The soft and breathable cotton helps in casually enhancing your persona. However, it tends to retain moisture for a long and isn’t suitable for sweltering weather.
    • Polyester – This exclusively manmade fabric also known as microfiber is extremely comfortable and feels breathable against the skin. You can easily carry this thin and lightweight material during the summer months.

Types of Scarf Knots

While there are numerous knot styles available, the one you will select shall depend on an array of factors including the material and length of the scarf, your remaining attire, and also your mood on any given day. Let us now take a look at some of the most common knots you can try:

  • You can try a ‘reverse knot’ for cold weather by taking one end of the scarf and bringing it across your neck and over the opposite shoulder. The same should be done with the other side. You can make adjustments with the scarf as required around your neck without having to tie it.
  • The ‘Persian knot’ is an effective and simple way of wearing a scarf within a few seconds. You just have to fold the scarf in two and wrap it around the neck. Finally, you will have to insert the two ends inside the loop. The length of the scarf can be adjusted as per preference whether you decide to flaunt it or keep it under the coat.
  • If it’s really cold, then you can try the ‘low swinging knot’ or the ‘fake knot’ to wear your scarf. This can help you nail diverse styles while creating a barrier from the cold. You can use a medium-long-length scarf and try the “four in hand” knot for being paired with an elegant coat.
  • ‘Once around’ is a scarf drape meant especially for colder weather. You can start by draping the scarf around your neck so that one end remains longer than the other. Now take the long end of the scarf and loop it around your neck.
  • The ‘wispy army scarf’ is meant for the cool weather. Just as the name suggests, you can drape this scarf over the neck with equal lengths on each side.
  • The ‘infinity drape’ can provide an extra dash of warmth as you wear it around your neck and tie the two corners together. A loop can be created using the knot for placing the scarf around your neck and nailing the look like a pro.
  • The ‘cowboy’ is perfect for a casual look. For trying out this style, you will have to fold the scarf in half so that it resembles a triangle. As the long side of the triangle faces you, you can pull the corners around your neck till the scarf touches your skin.
  • For the colder weather, you can try the ‘reverse cross tuck.’ For trying this style, you can take the scarf’s long end and bring it near your neck. Next, you will have to cross the scarf’s long end over the other and then bring it up and through the opening formed to tie the knot. Finally, you can tighten the scarf if required by pulling on its ends.
  • Once the temperature drops, you can try the ‘bust warmer’ style by creating a knot behind the back with the scarf. For creating this look, you can use a long but not too voluminous scarf.
  • The ‘ascot or overhand knot’ can help wear a scarf like a necktie. The best thing about this style is that it covers a part of the body and keeps your neck warm at the same time. You can sport this style to formal gatherings.
  • The multiple folds of the ‘Four in hand’ style make it one of the most intricate-looking styles. You just need to fold the scarf in half and then drape it over your neck. Next, you will have to take the scarf’s loose end and pull it through the loop formed by the folded end. Finally, you will have to twist the loop and pull the scarf’s other end through the loop to tie the knot.
  • Once the mercury drops drastically, you can try the ‘hidden knot’ for wearing your scarf.
  • The ‘braid’ is a popular style among ladies where you have to fold the scarf in half for placing it around your neck. Next, you will have to pull the loose ends of the scarf through the loop. Now again pull the loose ends by twisting the loop and continue twisting them with one hand and pulling the ends until you run out of the scarf.
  • The ‘classic loop’ is very easy to try out and looks equally good. For trying this style, you will have to fold the scarf in half and put it behind your neck before bringing both ends to the front. Finally, you will have to pull the loose ends through the loop.
  • You can flaunt a ‘knotted necklace’ by taking a lightweight scarf and placing it around the back of your neck. Next, you will have to tie a knot on one side followed by another and pick up loose ends to tie them together. Finally, you will have to turn the scarf around so that the ends are there at the back while the knots are in the front.
  • The ‘shawl’ is one of the easiest scarf drapes where you have to wrap it around your shoulder and let it hang down from each side in the front.
  • The ‘French knot’ can be tried easily by folding the scarf in half and placing it around your shoulders. Next, you will have to take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the scarf loop followed by the second end piece which will go under and over the same loop.
  • For the ‘belted drape’, wrap the scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang. You can complete your look by fastening a skinny belt at the waist over the scarf.
  • For the ‘knotted basic loop’, drape the scarf around your neck unevenly with the longer end looped around your neck twice before letting it hang. Finally, tie the two ends off to the side.
  • To try the ‘neckerchief style’ halve the scarf twice so that it forms a rectangle. Now create a triangular shape by folding the square diagonally and tying the scarf around your neck by taking the two ends located on the longest side of the triangle.
  • The ‘drape’ is a stylish way of wearing a scarf. You can add a dab of color to your look by not tying the scarf at all. Just as the name suggests, you will have to drape the scarf over your neck with equal lengths on both sides. This style yields the best results when tried with a short to a regular-length scarf.
  • The ‘overhand scarf knot’ is pretty easy to tie and can offer adequate protection to your neck during the winter months. You just have to drape it around your neck so that one end remains longer than the other. Now you will have to take the scarf’s long end and cross it over the short end before bringing it under and through the opening near your neck. Once you have tied the knot, tighten it by pulling on both ends of the scarf until you are satisfied with the look.
  • The ‘twice around scarf knot’ is the perfect choice for freezing weather and works best if you use a long scarf. Here you will have to drape the scarf over your neck so that one end remains longer than the other. Now take the long end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Repeat the same process to bring it around your neck the second time. Finally, adjust the scarf so that it covers your neck completely and you can brave the chilly winds outdoors.

There was a time when scarves were considered to be a women’s accessory. However, this versatile piece of fabric has shattered all gender barriers by evolving into a beloved unisex accessory. People are slowly opening up to the functional aspect of scarves alongside the obvious stylish part.

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