10 Trendy Ways to Wear Scarves we Learned from VAJOR

Who said scarves are just for the cold season? Well, with immense evolution in the field of fashion, donning the scarf in a voguish way now exists. Today we are going to list down some of the best ways to wear your scarf.

How to wear a scarf around neck, how to tie a long scarf

Yes, gone are those days when putting the scarf just around the neck or your ears to stay protected from cold or dust. Now you can wear your scarf like a stylish garment. Let’s take a look at these ten trendy ways to wear the scarf like a fashionista!


1. Scarf Paired With Belt

scarf tying ideas, new Ways to Wear a Scarf Team up the scarf with a ritzy belt. Just put the scarf around your neck and leave it hanging down. After that belt it up on the waist. This style gives more of a shrug or cape look!


2. Scarf For The Sunny Day

How to wear a scarf around neck, how to tie a scarf Chic and Creatively Not only in the cold season, but scarfs also protect you from heat and dust. You can use this garment stylishly by wrapping it around your head and then tie it modishly around your neck with a single knot!


3. Scarf As Front Open Sleeveless Jacket

simple rules for scarf styles step by step, How to wear a scarf around neck For a casual look use your scarf with a pair of denim and tank top. Put it around your shoulders and leave it hanging in front from both ends!


4. Scarf As Bikini Top

how to tie a long scarfUse a scarf that’s big enough. Fold the two opposite ends of it, and create it like a band. Then wrap it up around your bust area and tie the knots in front. This is a perfect idea for a chill beach look!

5. Scarf As A Headwear

how to wear a scarf on your headFold the scarf and create it like a band, tie it around your head. Then give a rope design by rounding up the two ends of the scarf together. And leave it loose from one side!

6. Scarf As A Long Vest

how to tie a long scarf, Stylish Ways to Tie a ScarfDouble fold the scarf and then tie the top two ends, and then wear it as a vest make sure the knots are at the back. You can play this dress up game with a pair if tank top, shirt, t-shirt and shorts for the bottoms!

7. Scarf As Long Shrug

new Ways to Wear a ScarfLayer up your outfit like a long shrug made of a scarf.  Tie the knots on the shoulders and leave in hanging down. The hemline of the scarf should be uneven and then tie a narrow strip belt on the waist!

8. Scarf As Bandana

Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf Get the chic street look by making the best use of your scarf. Tie it around your head like a bandana. When you have a bad hair day or want to keep your hair in place and protect it from dust and heat, then this style is a must try!

9. Scarf As A Short Shrug

how to tie a short scarfFold the scarf and tie the top ends of the scarf. Just like the long shrug. You just need a smaller size scarf for a short shrug pattern. Looks different and will make you stand out in the crowd!

10. Scarf Around The Neck

simple rules to wear scarf styles step by stepKeep one loop small and the other long around your shoulders. Then take the long loop and tie it around your neck in the same direction twice or thrice. Looks great and you can wear it on top of a shirt, kurti, tank top, spaghetti, etc.

Ladies, make the best use of your scarf and look utterly fabulous. Make use of all the scarfs you have in your closet in these above, different ways and be ready to get compliments from many!

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