Dare To Bare Your Bra With these 11 Trendy Styles

Latest Lingerie Fashion Trends: 11 Badass ways to show of Bra Tastefully in Style

Long gone are the days when wearing and talking about lingerie used to be a hush hush affair. Today lingerie is not just an innerwear but is breaking all style myths and becoming the next “in” thing to flaunt..

Trendy Styles to show off Bra

Whether you are a Beachy Babe or a Boho chic, there’s room for everyone to style their lingerie and become a fashionista! Well, here are some ways how you can you style your lingerie into your daily wardrobe.

1. Crop it up

show off bra as crop top in monochrome style

Wearing a sports bra just to a gym is so passé. Team it up with high waisted jeans for a cool sporty look.

Team it up with a kimono jacket and shorts creating a perfect look for the beach. The fringes add more to the style and hotness of your stylish bralette. Wear a caged bralette to make it sassier.

2. Ethnic Diva

wear and show off Bra with Saree

You can wear beautiful sheer and laced high neck bras with your saris and instantly add up the glam quotient of your entire ethnic look.

3. Bodysuit

bra under sheer bodysuit to show off

You can wear a sexy lingerie bodysuit with a high waisted skirt or jeans. No more tucking hassles and it also gives a more polished and well-fitted look.

4. Contrasting Necklines

show off neon bra with top

Wearing a bright coloured or neon bra underneath a top creates a beautiful imagery of a contrasting neckline. Try it out for yourself and you’ll be showered with compliments.

5. Sheer Innocence

show off bra with sheer material

Wearing your lingerie underneath a sheer top exudes dash of sexiness and innocence at the same time.

6. Be a Super Girl

New style to wear bra over tees

Wearing your lingerie on top of your t-shirt is the coolest thing you can try. Kill it like Kendall Jenner here. It makes the outfit look trendy, classy, sexy yet modest.

7. Corset With Jeans

Show off bra style- wear corset bra over high waist jeans

Team up your corset with jeans and see how it instantly converts into a stunning and sophisticated outerwear. In case, if you’re not that comfortable exposing your shoulder then layer it up with a shrug for a cute girly look.

8. Bra with Romper

Bare bra by wearing bra under playsuit or jumpsuit and forget crop top

Wanna bring a sexy touch to your casual look? Then just ditch the tee and go for dainty bralettes or cool strappy bras with romper.

9. Bra with Jumpsuit

show off bra with jumpsuit

You can even up your style game by wearing your bralettes with jumpsuit. If you’re looking for an outfit that is something sexy yet feminine then go for it without any second thought!

10. Sports Bra for Casual

best style to wear sports bra as a top on casual outing Sports Bras are not just for Gym anymore. Pair it with a trouser and a jacket, and you’re ready to rock an athletic-inspired super cool casual look.

11. Wear Button Down and Show Off your Bralett

Wear Button Down and Show Off your Bralett

Another badass way to show off your bralette is by pairing it with a crisp button down shirt with a few of the top buttons undone depending on how much skin you’d want to show off.

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