Choose Right Necklace For Your Neckline With This Best & Worst Necklace Guide

The party is around the corner and you have only 30 minutes to adorn yourself with the the best of everything. But, hey you open your box of accessories and you are confused which necklace can suit perfectly with your dress, especially your neckline.

Sounds quite familiar, right?

how to wear right necklaces with different necklines of dresses,necklace neckline cheat sheet

Matching the most appropriate necklace based on any neckline is probably one of the most confusing stages that a woman goes through; which may eventually lead us to stumbling upon a common piece that can actually ruin the entire look.

But here’s the end to all your confusions and fears with respect to matching necklaces based on different necklines. Follow our quick and really easy cheat sheet and get ready to flaunt yourself in any occasion like a true diva.

How to Choose Best Necklace According to Neckline

  1. Boat Neckline
  2. Scoop Neckline
  3. V-Neckline
  4. Button-up or Collared Neckline
  5. Sweetheart Neckline
  6. Strapless Neckline
  7. Square Neckline
  8. Ballet/Round Neckline
  9. Crew Neckline
  10. Off-Shoulder Neckline
  11. High Neckline
  12. Cowl Neckline

1. Boat Neck

best and worst necklace for boat neck dressSince boat neck generally accompanies a typical high horizontal neckline, long necklace that would hang much lower than the neckline can be the most appropriate choice. The sole reason due to which long necklaces are highly preferred is because the length can easily harmonize and balance with the broadness that boat necklines generally bring along. You can play with long layered necklaces as they can easily add volume, not to forget the funky overall look. Or, you can even alternatively pick a simple pendant reaching exactly above your waist. While the former can be really fun, the latter can add elegance.

Best Pick: Multi Layered, Long Necklaces, Large Statement Necklace, Rope Or Lariat Necklace Length, Choker Necklace And Princess Length Pendant Chain
Worst Pick: Matinee And Opera Length Necklace/Chain


2. Scoop Neck

How to Choose best matched necklace for scoop neck dress,necklace for plunging neckline dressSimple, classy and elegant. That’s what scoop neckline is all about. To maintain its classic nature, opt a short yet volumizing necklace that can easily fill in the bare space of your neck. It basically should go parallel with the neckline thereby performing a dual job; which is to expose and cover parts of your neck.

In case, you are looking for a rather simpler look, you can also get along with a long yet plainly simply necklace with just a pendant to go by. The length should be such that it can reach between your belly button and your chest.

Best Pick: Statement Necklace, Princess And Matinee Length Necklace
Worst Pick: Choker


3. V-Neck

perfect Necklace choosing guide for V-NeckThe sole principle to follow while accessorizing a necklace with a V neck is to ensure that the chosen piece actually matches with the V shape. For this reason, you can either choose a V shaped short necklace. Or you can even choose a plain simple necklace, which can come with a simple yet slim pendant. Whatever you choose, just make sure that chosen necklace DOES NOT at all pass your neckline.

Best Pick: Chunky Necklace, Delicate Fabric Necklace, Diamond Solitaire Pendant
Worst Pick: Round Shaped Necklace, Rope Or Lariat Length Layered Necklace


4. Button-up or Collared Neck

necklace for high neckline dress, what necklace to wear with what neckline?If you want an open collared look, just open a couple of your top buttons. Sync them with a short and subtle necklace that doesn’t at all pass the neckline. You can also use short layered beaded necklaces that can overall help some colours to sneak out every now and then.

Alternatively, if you want a closed look, just button up all the way till your neck and choose a statement necklace. Not only will that help to make the collars and the necklace come out for themselves but it can also help in creating a beautiful “brooch” kind of effect.

Best Pick: Statement Necklace, Princess Length Chain Pendant
Worst Pick: Choker

5. Sweetheart Neck

best necklace for sweetheart neckline,necklace styles guideA sweetheart neck is one of the most feminine and pretty necklines. Flaunt it with a short curved necklace falling above the neckline. The entire curvature of your necklace can easily complement with the pretty sweetheart shape thus creating a beautiful overall frame. You can also experiment with chunky chains or with beaded layered necklaces. Or you can also opt for a simpler look by flaunting a simple necklace accompanied with a pendant.

Best Pick: Collar, Choker And Princess Length Statement Necklace And Pendant Necklace
Worst Pick: Matinee, Opera And Rope Or Lariat Length Necklaces Or Pendant Set

6. Strapless Neck

how to choose perfect necklace for strapless neckline A strapless top can be a real issue to maintain its bold personality. While choosing a necklace, make sure what kind of look you exactly want. If you want a simple look, just pair it with a choker or even a slim yet short necklace. The prime key in this case is to choose a simple design that would fall flat on your collarbone. While doing this, you can ensure a clean look by leaving your décolletage area bare.

For a bolder look, long layered or statement necklaces can be great options. Instead of the décolletage attracting the attention, your necklace would be the one to gain all eyes.

While going for statement necklaces, make sure to choose the ones that would fall slightly either above or below your neckline. For long layered necklaces, ones that fall exactly between your chest and your belly button would be highly recommended.

Best Pick: Collar, Choker And Princess Length Pendant Necklace, Bib Collar Statement Necklace
Worst Pick: Matinee, Opera And Rope Or Lariat Length Necklaces Or Pendant Set

7. Square Neck

which neck style is best to wear for square neck dressSince square necks naturally creates a beautiful frame, short wide necklace can be the most appropriate choice. You can either choose a funky angular necklace or broad pendant one or simply a classic beaded necklace.

Best Pick: Beaded Necklace, Angular Necklace, Broad Pendant Long Chain Necklace, Short Wide Necklace

8. Ballet/Round Neck

what type of necklace to wear with a round neck dressYet another classic neckline, ballet neck tends to call for a simple yet classy necklace that can easily complement its aura. And for doing so, necklaces following similar shapes of necklines would be highly recommended.

Best Pick: Round Shaped Necklace, Choker Collar And Rope Length Necklace
Worst Pick: Similar Length To Neckline Length, V Shaped Neckline

9. Crew Neck

right Necklace paring guide for Crew NeckLike scoop necklines, crew necks too offers a lot of coverage. You can either pair it with a bib-style necklace or you can even select a long necklace that can balance with the shortness of the neckline.

Best Pick: Choker Necklace, Statement Jewellery And Rope Length

10. Off-Shoulder Neck

Necklace for Off-Shoulder NecklineIf there’s any one neckline that is dominating the fashion world since years, it is the off-shoulder. This yesteryear trend is known to add a very feminine and dressy touch to the wearer by accentuating their shoulders and the collar bone. Hence, the necklace you choose has to be such that it brings out the elegance of the neckline.

Best Pick: Collar, Choker And Princess Length Pendant Necklace, Bib Collar Statement Necklace
Worst Pick: Matinee, Opera And Rope Or Lariat Length Necklaces Or Pendant set

11. High Neck

necklace for high neckline dressA chic high-neck piece is an excellent pick to don a sophisticated yet feminine look. This style too accentuates the figure of the wearer amazingly. You can complement it with collar neck piece or rope length necklace to look striking in an instant.

Best Pick: Collar, Princess, Matinee And Rope Length Necklace
Worst Pick: Choker Necklace

12. Cowl Neck

short necklace for cowl neckImage Courtesy:

Since cowl necks tend to be rather busier than the rest, the best way to accessorize is with a simple necklace. One option is short and simple (drop) necklaces, that would hit exactly above your neckline.

long necklace for cowl neckImage Courtesy:

The second option is, which is for attaining bolder looks, a long necklace accompanied with a pendant. For a more dramatic look, tuck it under the layers while ensuring that the pendant falls lower than your last bottom fold.

Best Pick: Delicate Pendant Chain, Choker Necklace
Worst Pick: Layered Necklace

Necklace Sizing

Necklace Sizing, necklace length guide

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In case you are still bewildered with the entire arena of choosing appropriate necklaces, here’s a quick short tip. Higher your neckline, the longer should be your necklace. And the lower the former, the shorter as well as rounder should be the latter.

Of course with all these added tips and suggestions, you are always free to experiment with your own style. After all style is all about being you.

Hopefully these tips had been useful. If you do have other thoughts or any extra tip, feel free to comment below. Till then, happy mixing and matching!

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