Floral Print Is Back in Trend: How Do Living Plants Inspire Fashion Designers?

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Choosing the right clothes is great art because it reflects our spontaneity and individuality, as well as the ability to feel and understand the manifestations of fashion. Every year fashion brings us new surprises, polishing last year’s trends and offering something new. But there are trends and styles that do not leave the catwalks. In each season, women tend to choose clothes from such an assortment that will make their style expressive and memorable.

These unchanging trends of women’s style include clothes with floral prints, which can be both incredibly delicate and extravagant. Living plants inspire many designers and they create fashion with floral prints for every taste. Using flowers in fashion today is very easy due to the IPhone plant identifier, which allows determining the name of any flower by its photo. Lily plant identification provides the user not only with the name but also with brief information about the plant in a matter of seconds. In addition to horti-couturists, fashion designers often use house plant finder to decide on the choice of a particular floral print in a fashion product.

Read more below about the living plants` impact on the fashion industry and find out about popular flower accents on clothes.

Styles Most Compatible with Floral Prints

Colorful flowers adorn the designer collections of world couturiers. The print has penetrated almost all directions. To select a suitable novelty, focus on the direction of the image. Inconspicuous flowers on clothes are suitable for office work. Luxurious motifs made in bright, pastel colors look stylish on silk. Such options are a great solution for the evening. Floral motifs are also relevant in everyday style. The lightness and romanticism of the proposed options are especially relevant in the warm season.

Floral Trends for 2022: Popular Flower Accents on Clothes

floral dress

Modern designers offer dresses and suits, where trendy prints attract the main attention. The flower motifs were picked up by the leading fashion houses. The kaleidoscope of colors is amazing and mesmerizing. Women are encouraged to select interesting models for everyday, parties, and dates. There is also a large selection of business clothing. It looks lighter, framed by a delicate motif of a trendy print.


Floral print in 2022 fashion looks like natural flowers, for example, a lilium plant. Masters convey colors and shades as accurately as possible, realizing bold fantasy elements and glorifying the beauty of the surrounding world.

There are a huge number of skirts decorated with floral motifs. A variety of style Skirts allows women to choose an option for any occasion. The pencil model remains universal. It is relevant for work and everyday events. The midi length remains at the peak of fashion. It hides flaws and highlights attractive sides.


Among the clothes with floral prints, dresses deserve special attention. The combination of tenderness and femininity remains a win-win option, emphasizing the fragility and attractiveness of a woman. Models of summer dresses decorated with bright colors are usually made of flying fabrics, comfortable to wear, and suitable for hot weather. Using the house plant finder allows designers to determine the key characteristics of plants without the slightest difficulties and depict the flower on the fabric in the best possible way.

A small print that adorns an outfit of restrained colors is the perfect solution for mature women. Rich colors and diverse prints are suitable for young ladies. A correctly chosen pattern emphasizes the charms of the figure and adds attractiveness to the silhouette. Designers create outfits in different sizes, making women feel like queens, regardless of the size of the clothes.

Blouses, T-shirts, Tunics

The floral print is ideal for light blouses, tunics, and t-shirts. It is better to combine rich patterns with a solid bottom and use a minimum number of accessories. It is not recommended to fill the look with additional saturated elements.

Bright flowers on T-shirts are the best solution for everyday looks. Light tunics are suitable for romantic meetings. Delicate blouses combined with plain skirts complement a woman’s working wardrobe.

Trousers and Jeans

Fabric with a floral pattern has firmly entered the collections of eminent designers. This season is marked by the appearance of fitted trousers with a floral print on the catwalks. Bright, saturated models of different lengths emphasize the dignity of the figure and become part of stylish outfits for every day. A solid color blouse or shirt is a harmonious pair for floral print trousers.

Lilium Plant Print on Accessories

Modern designers are experimenting with the use of floral print not only on clothes but also on accessories and shoes. Floral motifs decorating sneakers and slip-ons are a real hit among fashionistas. Floral-themed heels usually adorn the outfits of young ladies.

Original bags, where floral prints are used, are also chosen by many women. Everyone can complete the look with original earrings, a necklace, or a pair of bracelets embellished with a trendy motif.

Popular Colors

When creating clothes with a floral print, designers scrupulously work with the compatibility of the color palette. Everything should sound like a single symphony, becoming a harmonious picture. Couturiers no longer have a choice between black and white. They combine colors in one product, presenting business suits, options for social events, etc. No one can call classic shades boring.

Final Remarks

Floral prints are one of the key products in the textile design industry. Flowers are always in demand. Every season fashion designers are looking for new original ideas and create unique products with floral prints in different color palettes and sizes. Choose floral clothes, shoes, and accessories and be always in trend!



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