Creating a summery look with dream-like linen dresses for women

The Sleeper loungewear line features flowy and elegant silhouettes, which are best expressed in their linen dresses for women.

The Perfect Choice for a Sunny Day – Linen Dresses for Women

While it is slowly getting hot outside, the long-awaited summer surely keeps people all around the world excited. They are finally getting rid of heavy winter coats, mittens, and tight scarves. Now, that all of the warm stuff is buried deep-deep in the closet, the right time has come for more light and flowy garments.

Whether you want to spend your time relaxing in a quiet park, shopping with your friends somewhere in the city, or just eating out with your significant other – linen dresses for women are definitely the easy choice.

Sleeper, a Kyiv-based project, is one of those brands that can guarantee you the gift of a Goddess-like look anytime. Their work approach demonstrates great professionalism, while also being close to the customer. So no wonder their elegant yet effortless designs are still conquering the market quite successfully.

It can be pretty difficult, to say the least, to captivate people for so many years, especially in such an over-concentrated fashion world. However, if you truly keep an eye out for original designs and materials, you can still win hearts, for example, by turning a simple navy linen dress into a sophisticated “wine and dining” outfit with just a few accessories.

A One-Way Ticket to Cloud-Nine With The Sleeper Loungewear

Sleeper dresses are quickly becoming some of the favorite items in summer wardrobes, thanks to their unique and elegant design that can take you from day to night with just a few simple changes. Made from comfortable and breathable fabric like linen, these dresses feature silhouettes that allow you to move freely while looking chic and put together.

There are truly a lot of styles to choose from. The simple change in color can instantly lift up your mood and make it more playful while toning it down a little bit will bring your day the natural slow flow. For example, this absolutely gorgeous Atlanta linen dress is produced in the following colors:

  • Pastel blue
  • Purple
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Navy
  • Pink and more!

It even features a variety of cutesy patterns such as pansies, sunflowers, daisies, and other pretty flowers.

Magical puffy sleeves will give anyone the vibe of living in a fairy-tale. It is almost like you can raise a hand and feel birds flying all around you, chirping for the upcoming summer days. Maybe even fairies themselves would happily join you on your day-to-day tasks, admiring the features of the look!

No one could resist the cuteness of a small babydoll dress with puffy sleeves!

Another way to spice up your figure while bringing in the minimum effort is to just put the sleeves down, off your shoulders. That way you will immediately accentuate your bone structure.

Easy Care, Easy Wear! Looking After the Dress

The question that many people ask after buying this kind of outfit or similar is how to look after the piece. It is so easy to get a lemonade stain, grass residue, or even a little bit of jam on your dress. But fear not! You don’t need any kind of special spell. The Sleeper loungewear is very easy to care for, even if made from very delicate materials.

The easiest way is just to send the dress to a local dry cleaner – that way you can free yourself from the stress and go on enjoying your day. However, if you aren’t able to do so, just be careful to set your washing machine on a cold temperature and delicate cycle. Voila! You have your favorite dress fresh, clean, and as good as new!

Turn It Up a Notch With the Right Accessories

The thing is… all of the accessories are right when pairing them up with linen dresses for women! You can add any eye-catching detail you want to create original, but equally charming looks. If paired up correctly, the complete set of accessories can elevate your silhouette and help you quickly change it from a “date night” to a “beach day” kind of vibe!

The great thing is that it is only in your hands to come up with whatever ensemble you want. We can give you a few ideas for starters:

  1. Pairing up your dress with big branded sunglasses and an eco-leather purse will give you the business-casual feel.
  2. Putting on some simple gold earrings with a ring, or a bracelet will be the ideal choice for a fancy dinner with your partner.
  3. Getting a retro headband and some heels will help you to create unforgettable birthday party looks.
  4. Adding a long silk bow into your hair or making a braid with it will complete the signature romantic look which is a timeless classic.
  5. Wearing some bright-colored sneakers and a bandana wrapped under your hair will surely drive attention to your city-appropriate, ”constantly on the run” outfit.

The Sleeper brand is a surefire industry leader when it comes to creating beautiful memories. Being led by two Ukrainian women, the team knows how to please the client and make both their everyday lives and special days better. An amazing thing is that Sleeper advocates for self-expression and body positivity which allows people to fulfill their dreams for a comfortable, size-inclusive, and alluring fit. The same thing goes for their other pieces, not only dresses. All of the collections were made with the customer in mind, which is proved by the brand’s undying popularity and a lasting impression even in critics’ minds. 

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