7 Reasons that will definitely make you fall in love with Lehenga Saree

Be your own style diva with the hottest trend of Lehenga Saree… no practice, no forming of pleats, easier to manage yet as gorgeous as Saree.

hottest trend of Lehenga Saree

Indian woman looks marvelous in Saree, as it adds lot of special sparkle and attraction to entire look of a woman, exhibiting her feminine charm and defining all her curves. But these days, young girls find it very difficult to handle 6 yard piece of fabric so they refrain from wearing sarees for various reasons such as inconvenience, fear of the saree slipping off, forming exact pleats, etc. Thank god, Lehenga saree is here to end all these saree’ struggles!

Because of comfort, convenience, creativity and greatness, Lehenga saree becomes the hottest trend now and everyone from the celebrities to the girl-next-door just go for this easier variant of the traditional wear. Few more things are given here that can certainly change your mind to try this uniquely stylish outfit …at least for once!

Saree wearing may be a challenge today, but its ageless magical appeal never fades. For the evolution, new ways and styles are invented with little or more changes and influences in terms of the look, fabric designs and draping of that classy saree.


Unlikely Saree, Lehenga Saree is semi-stitched and 4.5 to 5.5 meter long fabric. It is pack of the skirt, pallu and blouse. The fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe, viscose blends, jacquard looms, Lurex blends, silk are mostly used in making of Lehenga sarees.

1. Easy and quick to wear

how to wear Lehenga Saree

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Like saree, it doesn’t require special skill or knowledge to drape. Don’t worry whether front pleats are aligned properly or not… as in a Lehenga style Sari the pleats are replaced with ornately embellished panels or godets, giving modern touch to the drape. Get rid of those tedious pleating of regular sarees, as lehenga style sari can be worn by simply ‘tuck and drape’ system, wherein it is draped just by tucking ready made pleats in skirt. You can get ready within minutes with pre-pleated ‘Lehenga style sari’ and just need to get your pallu draped in any of your favorite style.

2. Feel comfortable

You feel happy and confident only with comfortable clothing. If your saree pleats are not proper, you may trip on them and fall down while walking. In Lehenga saree, pleats are pre-stitched so you can walk freely without worry of slipping or falling. Thus, even a young girl who has never wore saree can easily manage a Lehenga saree. Another best thing is that the Lehenga style sari comes with a side zipper, which means no more skin irritation caused by drawstring petticoat.

3. Spice up your look

Fashionable lehenga style sari

Why to wear that boring saree if you have alternative option? Lehenga saree is the best for women who want to make a fashion statement at weddings or parties. You will wonder to know Lehenga Saree is third most selling item that after Anarkali and Kurti. You can give fashionable touch to that traditional Saree look with Lehenga saree. It is perfect for all those parties & ceremonies where you want to be traditional yet chic.

4. No need of extra accessories

Saree pleat maker

Some women use pleat maker to form sari pleats evenly or take help of others to arrange pleats. Now get rid of this dependency, as pleats are pre-stitched in Lehenga saree so just tuck them in and you are ready.

5. 2-in-1 look

Lehenga and saree - 2 in 1 style

What makes this lehenga saree truly favorite is the fact that it can be worn both as a normal saree and like lehenga. Thus, you can use it in different ways for different occasions, extending your options to select from.

6. Modernization

Bridal lehenga saree

Every girl dreams of her marriage since her teenage and she wishes to look beautiful like a queen on her special day. For this, she looks for the best available bridal outfits, makeup, jewelry and other accessories. When it comes to bridal wears, saree and lehenga are the first things that come in mind. But wait…best material, attractive design and striking embroidery are not enough; you should go for traditional yet modern outfit that catches the eye of all visitors. Of course saree or lehenga gives the rich look, but you can give fashionable touch to that classy look by selecting the most modern Indian bridal outfit: lehenga style saree. On wearing Lehenga saree, style and trend will be at the peak of your beauty. So look classy as well as stylish by wearing this outstanding outfit.

7. Available in ground-breaking designs and patterns

beautiful lehenga sarees
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Normally, Saree is preferred by women to get that classy look for Indian traditional parties but Lehenga saree is all about style, modernization, etc. In order to tune with the demands of modern woman, Lehenga saree is invented so it should be prepared as per the latest trends and new designs to give that contemporary look.

Checkout various patterns, colour combinations as well as rich work in Lehenga Sarees below.

stylish lehenga sarees
traditional lehenga sarees
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Pros of Lehenga Sarees

  • No hassles of pleating
  • Easy and quick to wear
  • No practice or special skill need to wear
  • It can be worn without extra accessories
  • Easy to manage, feel free and comfortable while moving or walking
  • Feel comfort of lehenga and look as gorgeous as in saree

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