How to Take Care of Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

It’s a luxury and privilege to own diamonds. In the market, various diamond ornaments like rings, necklaces, bracelets etc., are available. Out of all, tennis diamond bracelets are getting very popular. Tennis bracelets made of diamonds are a piece of timeless and stunning jewelry that can adorn any outfit.

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But how does the term Diamond Tennis Bracelet originate? The word “tennis bracelet” first appeared following the 1987 US Open Tennis Tournament when legendary women’s tennis champion Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet broke during her match. Millions of people worldwide watched when Evert begged the referee to halt the game so she could hunt for her diamond bracelet. This well-known occurrence is where the term tennis bracelet originated.

Exquisite jewelry like diamond tennis bracelets ideally should last a lifetime. However, due to various reasons, they can get worn out or damaged. Hence, keeping the sparkle alive of such exquisite jewelry with routine care is paramount.

After-Care Habits You Should Follow For Your Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Like every other piece of jewelry, diamond tennis bracelets also need annual maintenance and care. So, here is a list of a few practical suggestions for keeping Diamond Tennis Bracelets in good condition. Let’s get started!

Prevent From Getting Scratched

Tennis bracelets are vulnerable to unwanted scratching and damage when worn during activities like intense sports, manual labour, house cleaning etc. So, try to stay away from elements that could harm your diamond tennis bracelet. Although diamonds are renowned for their extraordinary hardness and durability, they can get worn out if not taken care of properly.

Stay Away From Chemicals

Diamond bracelets are made of precious metals, which are delicate to corrosives and harsh chemicals. Chemical contact can readily cause harm to diamonds. So, keep your diamonds away from all harmful substances.

For example, cleaning your home is the most frequent daily activity that exposes you to chemicals. Therefore, always take off your tennis bracelet before doing any chores to prevent interaction. Chlorine, bleach, effective household cleaners and gardening supplies can harm a jewelry surface’s smoothness.

Insure Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

High-end jewelry often increases in value over time financially and emotionally. Diamond jewelry should therefore be appropriately insured to guard against theft, loss, and other catastrophic occurrences that could reduce or eliminate their value.

You are less likely to get stressed when you know your jewelry is insured. Talk to your insurance representative if you want to insure your diamond tennis bracelet.

Take It to a Professional

Never try to repair any damage done to your bracelet, especially if it involves a diamond. It can permanently destroy the ornament. Take your diamond tennis bracelet to a professional jeweller if you want to get it fixed. A professional can also help to keep the bracelet the best in appearance.

In addition, you should also seek professional help if you think the diamonds are becoming loose or the settings are getting broken. It is highly recommended to take items like tennis bracelets checked by a professional at least once a year.

Clean It Regularly

Cleaning your diamond accessory whenever it becomes dull is a pivotal method to ensure it stays in good shape.

Soak your jewelry piece in a gentle soap-water solution for five to ten minutes. After that, gently scrub it with a brush with soft bristles. Since most of the dirt is concentrated at a particular place, pay close attention to the settings and edges of the jewels.

After that, rinse any leftover soap off your tennis bracelet by holding it under running water. Finally, give your jewelry a final wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth before setting it aside to dry.

Remove Your Bracelet Before Going To Bed

Wearing jewelry all the time could potentially damage the precious article. While sleeping, your bracelet may become trapped in your hair or blankets, loosening the jewelry.

Putting your body weight and tension on your hands while you sleep could cause the diamond to lose shape. Therefore, one should remove the diamond tennis bracelet while sleeping to avoid any possible damage.

Keep Apart From Other Pieces Of Jewelry

Although diamonds are hard, there can be delicate areas where they can get damaged. Avoid things that could harm your diamond tennis bracelet. Keep it separate from other jewelry while storing it to preserve its luster.

You should keep each item of diamond jewelry you own in its compartment of the jewelry box. The best way to store things is inside a leather, fabric, or cushioned bag. For increased security, wrap each item in tissue paper before putting it inside the pouch.

Final Thoughts

You must take proper care of the diamond tennis bracelet to maintain its dazzling appearance. Follow the earlier discussed tips and tricks to keep your diamond tennis bracelets shining with routine care.


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