How to Wear a Cape: 8 Stylish Ways to Get Chick Look

Do you see these beautiful Capes and still can’t figure out what to wear them with? The LFW2016 was full of these and when we talked to some of our dearie dolls, we were kind of hurt to see how capes were all about formal attires to them.

Are you to from the same batch, thinking Capes to be only worn during wedding bells? Well, here is a little bit of change- Capes are as easy to wear in your routine dressing up as to any big event. It’s all about putting the right one at the right place.

What we found even interesting was the number of outfits you could easily add up a cape into and make the whole look completely WOW. So dazzle and doll up as we bring in capes into your next OOTD’s to come.

1. Get started with a pair of Denims

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Capes have become quite a hit with your favourite pair of jeans making it a must have thing in your autumns and cool weathers. Glam up your look with a ripped jeans and rule the fashion world!


2. Add on over a Skirt

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Spruce up your circle skirt with another layer added up with a gorgeous cape and swoon the people on the road. Make sure your skirt has the right hemline that suits the overall look.

3. Blazer Capes with Trousers

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Get a perfect glam look for work or a casual meeting at office with a blazer cape and straight trousers. Blazer capes let your arms free through arm holes creating the overall outfit is a perfect blend of formal and comfortable.

4. Belt up the Cape

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All you need is a statement belt and your single cape turns into a beautiful single piece attire. Add up some prominent accessories, and there you go!

5. Over your Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits are in this summer and you can handle a little bit of quirky layer with a contrasting cape over your outfit. Choose an off shoulder jumpsuit and take up the hotness levels to the highest degrees.

6. Sheer Capes over Gowns

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The wedding season keeps ringing bells throughout the year. Manish Malhotra gave us an amazing design this year at LFW with sheer capes with heavy embroidery over elegant gowns. The look is too royal to handle.

7. Saree with a Cape

saree with a capeImage Source:

Sonam gave us plenty of styles to steal when it come to this gorgeous Indian Outfit. Capes have recently turned out to be her favourite picks with her mesmerizing 9 yards.

8. Lehengas With Capes

lehenga with capeImage Source:

The traditional attire of Lehenga Choli has undergone its own changes within the modern fashion cult. The choli can be easily spruced up with an equally adorable Cape with little bit of embroidery. The overall look comes the perfect cocktail of Indian and the western, almost bidding a silent adieu to the dupattas!

Flowy, elegant and royal is all that comes in a single package with capes. Whether they are shimmery seethroughs or floral opaques, capes have made a quick entry into the fashion world, jumping from the pre historic times when layers were a Thing! We are absolutely smitten by the very creative design of these marvelous piece of fabric that just takes your overall aura to a whole new level.

So, Hurry up and shop for the most beautiful pieces available in the market and add up a tinge of contemporary in your outfits this season.

Can you think of any new way of adding up a cape in your routine outfits? Let us know in the comments section below.







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