Inseam Vs Outseam for Jeans and Trouser

inseam vs outseam length

Online shopping for Jeans or any pair of bottoms has measurement charts that will help you to pick the right size, and fit you perfectly as per your comfort. You for one should know that while buying a pair of jeans, you must know the exact measurement of lengths, to look for your choices online. There are plenty of figures for measurements that could confuse you to know which numbers match your size.

What does it take to buy the pair of jeans or pants that will fit you perfectly? Online purchases for your perfect size, jeans, would crawl you to various questions, like, ” How would I know what size of jeans will fit me? or you would ponder, “How to take measurements for the pants? And again, you would be in the dilemma of the measurement terms for the jeans or pants when you come across one, in addition to these queries you might also want to know what is Inseam and Outseam, are the two most important measurements for the jeans.

What is Inseam? & How to measure inseam?

Your primary question states, what is inseam in pants? Firstly, the inseam means the line along the two pieces of fabric sewn together for the length of the pants, beginning from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. To measure the length of the inseam in a pair of jeans, or on your body, start from the crotch seam till you reach the bottom of the legs. The inseam measurement generally is based on your height or the length of your legs from the crotch area to the end of your leg.

What is Outseam? & How to measure Outseam?

The outseam is pretty much the only fair part that we know or understand when it comes to measuring the length of the Jeans. So, basically, what outseam means is the length from your waistband to the end of the leg. Similarly, if you want to take the outseam measure, use your measurement tape keep it on your waistband or hip bones whichever is suitable for you, and drag it to the bottom of your leg up until your desired length.

inseam vs outseam jeans and trouser length

Women’s Inseam:

Women’s inseam differs according to their height. The basic measurement of inseam for women are as such:

  • XS Size- 28” to 30”
  • S Size- 29” to 30”
  • M Size- 30” to 32”
  • L Size- 31” to 33”
  • XL Size- 32” to 34”

Women Outseam:

  • XS Size- 32” to 34”
  • S Size- 34” to 36”
  • M Size- 36” to 38”
  • L Size- 38” to 40
  • XL Size- 40” to 42”

Men’s Inseam:

The measurement of inseam for men is generally as follows:

  • XS Size- 29” to 31”
  • S Size- 29” to 31”
  • M Size- 30” to 32”
  • L Size- 32” to 33”
  • XL Size- 33” to 34”

Men’s Outseam:

  • XS Size- 36” to 38”
  • S Size- 38” to 40”
  • M Size- 40” to 42”
  • L Size- 42” to 44”
  • XL Size- 43” to 45”

The difference between inseam and outseam in jeans:

  • Inseam in Jeans: The pant length starts from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg, typically, 2” to 4” shorter than the outseam measurement. The average inseam for men’s jeans is 32”, which also varies from 30 inches to 34 inches, and the average inseam for women’s jeans is 30 inches, but it can range from 28” to 32”.
  • Outseam in Jeans: The pant length measurement starts from the waistband to the end of the pant leg, including the rise length. The average outseam in men’s jeans is 34 inches (or 32” to 36”), and the average outseam in women’s jeans is 32” which could also range from 30 inches to 34 inches).

Measurement Tags on Jeans: Whenever you see your favorite pair of jeans you find a tag with the figures of measurement, for example, the jeans you picked that have 32 x 29 on the price tag, simply means that the first figure is meant to be your waistband size, and the other figure after multiple signs (x) gives you the inseam measurement. This is how you will understand which pair of jeans or pants will fit you perfectly while you stroll online or in the clothing shop.

Now that you can figure out your perfect size with the exact measurements, on your own, you may jumpstart your online shopping for jeans or pants of your choice.


What does 32 inch inseam mean?
The pant lengths that starts from 25 inches, and range up to 29 inches inseam are usually the 32-inch inseam.

What is the inseam length?
Measure the length from your crotch seam (below the rise distance), and take it till the bottom of the leg, to know the inseam length in jeans/pants.

What does 30 inch inseam mean?
The pant lengths that go down to 30 inches in measurement are said to be 30-inch inseam.

Is inseam same as length?
No! Inseam is a measurement of inner seam length of pants (crotch seam to bottom end).

How much longer is Outseam than inseam?
The Outseam is always 2 inches to 4 inches larger than the inseam.

What is the inseam of 19-inch Outseam?
The inseam for the 19-inch outseam in pants is 6.5”.

What does 21 inch Outseam mean?
The outseam length that extends up to 21” to 35”.

Can you calculate inseam from Outseam?
Yes, we can measure the inseam by excluding the rise distance from the Outseam measurement.

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