7 Cool Styles to wear Blazer for Men

One of the tried and tested formulas for men to don a polished look is to put on a blazer. Casual or formal, for winter or summer, all you need to know when pulling off blazers are some basic rules about dressing for your body shape, as well as ways to update the classic blazer for a trendy, flattering look.

How to style men's blazer in different ways

Thanks to fabulous design updates and new style rules, one can achieve a fashionable look with blazers without boiling during the summer time!


7 Style Tips On How To Wear Blazer For Men

1. Bright Linen as Business Casual

Get perfect Business Casual look by wearing Bright Linen blazer with jeansLinen and cotton fabric blazers are perfect for those balmy summer months where you’re likely to sweat in wool or cashmere.  Linen is incredibly lightweight, cool and is ideal suited for casual wear.  You can try the boldest, brightest colours in your arsenal with summer unstructured blazers. If you are a newbie, we suggest you play safe with neutral shades, but if you want to push the limits- a patterned shirt is all you need!

2. Woolen Blazer with Chinos

Tips Get A Look For WintersWe all know wools and cashmere are your best friend during autumn and winters. Wool comes blended in both high-end (cashmere, silk) and low-end fabrics (polyester, cotton). From price to feel you can opt what suits you best. Navy blue colour blazer is always a classic choice but you can try different colours too.

3. Play Plaid Winter Game for Office

Get A Stylish Look With This Checked BlazerIf you like mad men then get ready to be Donald Draper!  When it comes to Plaid Blazers there’s no shortage of opportunities to wear them. Vintage yet contemporary these blazers paired with a grey shirt, black pant and tie are just the things for a Silicon Valley look. There’s no need to stick to basics, so feel free to try different colours and where ever your sense of style leads you.

4. Go Denim for complete Casual Look

Tips To Get a Casual Blazer with Denim LookFor a sharp yet casual look to stand out from the crowd, denim blazers are the new hit. Add a classic tee with jeans and some simple loafers.  You will have a casual preppy outfit perfect for dates, dinner or hangouts.

5. Alternative as Suit for Formal Look

Tips To Get a Semi Formal Look With This BlazerIf you are not a fan of a suit, you can just throw your formal blazer with a crisp shirt and light coloured trousers. You can skip the tie, but a pocket square is a must for a formal office look. Throw on a pair of Oxfords and brogues to finish up the ensemble.

6. Leather Blazer for Bikers

Tips To Get PartyWear Looks With This Leather BlazerLeather blazer is all about confidence, style statement. Colours like black and brown not only look stylish but also add a bit of flair to your look. Leather blazer with denim is perfect for night party or weekend hang out with friends. Fedora hats, bracelets and shades will transform you from good to amazing!

7. Try Classic vintage Corduroy Blazer

Tips Get A Classy Looks From This BlazerA very traditional, vintage feel is created when you rock a corduroy blazer. They look best in chocolate brown, maroon and other warm hues. Many of them come with elbow patches which add another element to your look. They are not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but when worn correctly, it looks as good as any other blazer.

A blazer can be dressed perfectly for any occasion, giving you a clean cut, but a more relaxed and fashionable feel. What are some other ways you’re wearing your blazers?






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