How to choose perfect Bindi to match your face shape?

Bindi is a vital constituent for any Indian woman for her ethnic look. No girl can ever think of going without a Bindi if she is going desi! It is almost a must with traditional attires like saree, lehengas; anarkalies etc. the look is not considered complete without the Bindi on the forehead. It is in fact one of the most important Shringars of an Indian woman of the Solah Sringars. Bindi has become a regular stuff amongst new age chicks and has gained much popularity after Deepika Padukone sported Bindi with her regular wears in Piku. It has not remained restricted to a formal ethnic occasion now but has been worn by college goers and unmarried girls with their regular kurtis, fusion wears and salwar kameezes.

deepika padukone in desi bindi trend in PK movie

But not to forget, the selection of the right Bindi with the face cut and the attire can make or break the entire look! Yes, a wrong choice of Bindi with specific designer attire can ruin the entire charm. So go easy while you choose the correct Bindi and be ready to mesmerise everybody with your look!


1. Heart shaped face

Most Indian girls have a heart shaped face in comparison to the other shapes. It features a broad forehead and slightly widened cheeks and a narrow chin. Big Bindi is a big “NO” for girls with such face structure! It makes the wide forehead even more illustrious. Instead a small or even tiny Bindi looks cute on such faces and justifies the look. You must have noticed Priyanka Chopra always going for smaller Bindis in all her desi looks, that’s because she has a prominent heart shaped faced.

heart shaped priyanka chopra in bindi

2. Oval shaped face

Girls with equally proportioned forehead and cheekbones are considered oval faced. The good thing about such cute Indian faces is that, Bindi of all sizes and shapes more or less suits them. They are in fact blessed with a universal traditional face which can accommodate all types of Bindi to enhance the beauty of the face. But off course it is wise to avoid too long a Bindi as it can make the face look unnecessarily elongated! Actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Sonam Kapoor etc. have such face. Madhuri Dixit has made the most out of this look in her Desi avatars in her films.

Oval shaped face Madhuri Dixit in bindi

Not to forget is the balance of the colours of the lips and the Bindi! It has a lot to do with your final look. Abrupt choice of colours may look absurd and make the look unreal.

3. Round shaped face

The round shaped faces can ideally choose vertical design Bindis for a balanced look. The magic of angles can be well created on a round face with long Bindis. Although such faces are not made for round shaped Bindis and reduces the creativity of the makeup; however really smaller Bindis can be tried. Actress Vidya Balan has always been seen with very small round Bindis due to her round face. Same is with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee who look cute in long vertical as well as small round Bindis.

Round shaped face Rani Mukherjee in long vertical as well as small round Bindis

4. Triangular shaped face

Girls with triangular face cuts also look good in almost all size and shapes of Bindis. Their forehead usually is small with strong jaw lines and sharply pointed chins. Such faces are apt to be experimented with different Bindis. Long, small, shiny, brittle all kind of Bindis looks perfect on them. Remember Bipasha Basu in Shob Charitro Kalponik with that big round Bindi on her forehead which took our breath away! It looks stylish to sport bold designed Bindis on triangular faces.

Triangular shaped face Bipasha Basu in big round Bindi

5. Square shaped face

Women in Western India, especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat have been noticed to have square faces. Maharashtra woman makes the most of this and wear specially designed half circular, v-shaped etc. to define their faces. The half circular moon and semi-circular moon shaped Bindis with horizontal line over it look absolutely stunning with their attire.

half circular moon and semi-circular moon shaped Bindis are perfect for Square shaped face

Simple Tips and Tricks to follow while selecting perfect Bindi

Women are wise enough to buy the right Bindi for them but yet to alert them on how to choose the correct Bindi for themselves. All Bindis look gorgeous in the packets, but has to be chosen correctly in accordance to your face cut. Here is a quick list of some small tips to get the perfect Bindi for your face! The main factor here is your face cut and hairline. Along with what matters the most is the bone structure of the face, its shadows and the shape of the head. If you have big eyes your upper portion of the face gets a weight age whereas a prominent chin gives weight age to your bottom face.

#1 Girl with heart shaped faces is advised to wear small Bindis as they already have a prominent forehead. There is absolute no need to increase more attention towards it. A small dot, a kumkum spot looks cute on such faces.

#2 Oval shaped faces are open for all kinds of Bindi experiments. But girls, keep it classy! You can sport long designer Bindis; trendy fashionable Bindis etc, but make sure it is in sync with your lip colour. Otherwise it can look really gross on you. Most long Bindis look pretty on oval shaped faces. Do not go for really large round Bindis, or long tar drop shapes, flat triangle or diamond shapes. These shapes do not suit the oval shaped faces.

#3 Round faces look complemented with log and vertical Bindis to have a perfect balance of the face and the makeup. Not to forget is the sync in the makeup.

#4 Triangular faces looks gorgeous in big, bright and bold Bindis. Chicks with triangular faces can even try the spider, sunbursts, star or the sunrise Bindi for a classy look.

#5 To choose the right Bindi for square faces is a little tricky. Butterfly shaped Bindis look beautiful on these faces. V-shapes, long thin Bindis look quite well on such faces.

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