40 Quirky Fashion Moments of Ranveer Singh That Left Us Speechless!

Bollywood’s Bajirao and heartthrob of many, Ranveer Singh is one of a kind. From being an actor to an amazing rapper, Ranveer is all about versatility. His energy, sense of humour and witty answers have always hit headlines. But there’s one more thing that makes him stand out in the crowd, his wardrobe.

Ranveer Singh Quirky fashion style and outfits

Ranveer Singh cares about no fashion police and carries himself with all guts and glories. Yes, this time it’s all about Ranveer Singh’s style diaries. There’s no other actor than Ranveer, who could have reinvented clothing and slayed them all in style. Take a look and judge for yourself!

40 Times Ranveer Singh Proved That His Style Is Out Of This World!

1. Known for his atrocious fashion choice, Ranveer here is wearing a white hooded onesie, with black stripes on the shoulder.

ranveer singh new beard look


2. This is something you would dare to wear. But Ranveer did, a bandgala with something like a ghagra for men. Now that’s something!

ranveer different style in function

3. Ranveer was seen in Yellow hat donned with white shirt and shorts. And to again make eyes pop out, the shirt and shorts have same funky prints all over!

ranveer outfit

4. Dressed like a jazzy magician you would say. Or the one who is all cool with his home pyjamas, silky night gown and Sylvester fluffy slip on. All funked up and vibrant colours!

ranveer new different look

5. Geek glasses on with grey suit and button down inside coat. Well, this isn’t enough; just take a look at the skirt pattern as well. Period!

ranveer trendy look image

6. This Bollywood actor with his trendy winks dons this outfit with printed shirt and harem pants!

classy look of ranveer singh

7. Like his life full of hues, check out his outfit like a box full of crayons. White shoes with colourful jacket and pants!

the weird glasses, and the glazy psychedelic print tracksuit

8. White coat with black stripes, loose pants and gladiator footwear. Weird or not, Ranveer doesn’t care!

antic look with skirt and blazer combination

9. Blue coat with flares and a kurta inside. Well, that’s something that would attract a lot of attention!

ranveer singh weied outfit

10. This grey suit with statement shoes and round glasses is another weird look on the list!

amazing look of ranveer singh

11. Flower printed t-shirt with a complete contrast print and colour jacket and pants. Ranveer only you can manage to carry such look!

ranveer singh whole printed look

12. Ranveer wore a long black kurta with button down pattern and scarf on the side tucked inside a waist belt!

black traditional look of ranveer singh

13. Cap, glasses on t-shirt with ties on the sleeves and skinny pants. That’s Ranveer’s look and it’s unabashed!

different pattern of outfit

14. Ranveer in a ravishing black coat, loose pants more like a skirt, squared sunglasses and a hat. Do you dare to try this look?full black ranveer singh look image

15. This one earned stares from all over. Black bottoms in the form of a divided skirt with pleats and coat with beads on the hemline!

ranveer singh's hot & stylist looks

16. This actor is all about swag. Just check out this look with yellow shoes, pink and white jacket and pants!

ranveer's hot look image

17. Brown coat with side slits and a print shirt. That’s all just Ranveer and no one else!

Brown embroidered sherwani look of ranveer singh

18. Green mirrored aviators, rugged jeans and psychedelic print shirt and jacket for a cool out of the box look!

funky look of ranveer singh

19. Black see-through onesie and sunglasses. Ranveer’s getaway look!

hot & Sexy ranveer singh look

20. Brown three piece along with a pink loose shrug. Well, that’s some different mix of colours!

charming look image of ranveer singh

21. Cowboy hat, scarf like a total gali ka Gunda, and jeans with some heavy work on one side below the knees till the hemline!

ranveer singh seen in don look

22. Check pants and overcoat till the knees. Ranveer, how you manage to carry such look?

rajwadi look in gray checked long suit

23. Beard, brown hat and statement bag along with an overcoat and cream check pants!

ranveer singh classy formal look

24. Overlapping long kurta, with parallel pants and button down over coat. All off white outfit only in Ranveer’s style!

wedding look of ranveer singh

25. Grey loose pants and a graphic sweat shirt with bold colours!

new simple look of ranveer singh

26. Retro look with all glitz and glam. Silver jacket with golden work, black rugged pants with golden work finish. To top it all, he wears red shoes!

party wear look of ranveer singh

27. Athleisure style in all vibrant blue and red. Hood is a must in his fashion statement at times!

ranveer singh seen in different beard style

28. White coat with prints and no full pants, but half. Dare to wear this look with a hat as well!

ranveer singh looks funky in white jacket & shorts

29. Tinted sunglasses with black pants and jacket with all emojis, well that’s Ranveer of today!

new fancy look of ranveer singh

30. Loafers, grey button down coat and black jodhpuri pants. Don’t forget to cast an eye over his statement hat!

ranveer singh beard man in gray look

31. Pink, white and blue and Ranveer that’s you. Yellow statement tees, that shouts out loud about desi hip hop style and white bands like sleeves till the elbow!

ranbir singh beard images

32. Weird cap and weird gloves is another bizarre fashion choice by Ranveer. Why Ranveer, why?

fabulous latest fashion style & outfit look

33. So many colours loose the essence of an outfit. But Ranveer, well no one can stop him. This outfit looks more like a canvas painted with water colours!

ranveer singh in joker style suit

34. Posing with his bae, Ranveer puts on black pants along with white coat and shirt with black prints all over. And also black formal shoes with orange colour detailing!

party wear dress for mens in summer

35. Over coat in all black and white tie and dye print. Teamed up with blue silk kurta and black pants!

ranveer singh looks in new latest kurta designs

36. Black shoes and navy stamps prints three piece suit with maroon tie. Is he looking dapper or awkward?

ranveer singh in formal & stylist look

37. Moustache up, black denim and navy blue onesie. And his black and grey boots!

38. What’s that? White shoes with the brown outfit. Brown running pants, furry cap, oversized sunglasses and overcoat with shining on the collar and sleeves on one side!

teach new idea for fancy clothes from ranveer singh

39. Redefining men’s look, Ranveer dons a navy skirt with pleats and white stripes. Simple black and blue tees and grey pants as well. Now that’s too many clothes. Isn’t it?

ranveer singh seen one funtion in women look

40. Again Befikre Ranveer Singh pop up with monochrome looks with funky prints. Isn’t it so quirky?

ranveer singh in different night wear suit

These are of the weirdest looks of Ranveer Singh. Who carries an ‘I don’t care attitude’ and this reflects in his sense of style. He is synonymous with everything that doesn’t fit into conventional way of dressing. You can either call it strength of conviction or become a devil’s advocate. All said and done, it’s up to you to decide, whether you call it bizarre or completely showcasing his personality. Well, Ranveer will continue to give shockers to all the fashion police!

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