10 Budget-Friendly Fashion Ring Brands You Will Absolutely Love!

In order to master the art of styling right, you need to make an apt purchase of accessories. Rings as we all know can glam up the outfit. Ranging in sizes and design, every ring has its own unique aspect.

top ring brands for men and women in india for online shopping

It gets confusing which one to go for while buying and so to make it clear, adorn your fingers now with these top 10 brands that will solely resolve the purpose of adding the cool-girl look.

10 Best Brands to Shop for Prettiest Fashion Rings in your Budget

  1. Voylla
  2. Sukkhi
  3. Rubans
  4. Zaveri Pearls
  5. Peora
  6. Yellow Chimes
  7. Tipsyfly
  8. Oomph!
  9. Accessorize
  10. Vk Jewels

1. Voylla

best engagement ring brands

Voylla is a hub of all sorts of ring styles. You will find combos, fashion rings, traditional and imitation rings, classic styles etc. everything here. Make your style very much unique with rings by Voylla. The rings will bring you into spotlight and the subtle designs are the ones you have been looking for. Flaunt a regal look with the exquisite design of this brand and let your friends get a bit envious.

Price Range: Rs. 150-3000
Type: Statement, Minimal, Cocktail, Bands, Clusters, Solitaire
Occasion: Regular, Casual, Party, Ethnic
Websites to Buy:,,,,, &

Top Trending Voylla Rings For Women:


2. Sukkhi

buy popular ring brands

Keep yourself Sukkhi with rings by this brand that are crafted with sheer elegance. Yes the brand is known for wedding, engagement, pearl as well as gold plated rings. You won’t ever go bankrupt because these rings are affordable and create a striking identity. For some timeless appeal with your look, opt this brand that sticks to genuine world. Let the onlooker be in awe of you when you wear Sukkhi.

Price Range: Rs. 150-1500
Type: Bands, Statement, Minimal, Contemporary
Occasion: Casual, Ethnic
Websites to Buy:,,,, &

Best Selling Sukkhi Rings For Women:


3. Rubans

latest designs of gold rings for womens

True to its name, Rubans provides stylized rings that are much needed to give out style statement. Yes the rings by this brand are edgy and elegant. From crystal design rings to trilogy ones, the brand produces cutesy. The brand offers unique rings that can be jeweled with almost all the looks. From work wear to casual outings, Rubans considers everything.

Price Range: Rs. 200-1500
Type: Minimal, Statement
Occasion: Ethnic, Western, Party
Websites to Buy: &

Most Popular Rubans Rings For Women:


4. Zaveri Pearls

top brands for rings

Look feminine and appear ladylike with the gorgeous collection of rings at Zaveri Pearls. Complement your ethnic as well as fusion wear with embellished rings by Zaveri Pearls. This brand will become your favorite in no time. Its skin friendly and exhibits a brilliant finish. Check out the stylish collection which is chic and quite appealing too. Rust resistant, the brand speaks for its charming looks.

Price Range: Rs. 250-1000
Type: Statement
Occasion: Ethnic, Party, Western
Websites to Buy:,,,,,, &

Most Popular Zaveri Pearls Rings For Women:

5. Peora

finger ring brands, peora ring collection

Let your fingers be happy with beautiful rings by Peora. Whatever the occasion is- party or a casual day, the brand has plethora of designs that are made with superior craftsmanship and lasting quality. The styles range from cocktail to ruby rings. The brand adds sense of style and is busy being the perfect wear for the day. Accentuate your fashionista side now owning rings by Peora. It has an incredible selection that won’t break your bank balance much.

Price Range: Rs. 200-3500
Type: Bands, Cocktail, Crossover, Eternity, Statement, Solitaire
Occasion: Formal, Party, Casual, Ethnic
Websites to Buy:,,, &

Top Trending Peora Rings For Women:

6. Yellow Chimes

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True eye catchers with impeccable creation, Yellow Chimes is a brand that definitely boosts self-expression. A brand that’s more towards high range gives classic bands that feature the color crystals. Available in a wide array of designs, the majestic ring collection represent a modern luxe design. The incredible collection add a sparkle to any outfit instantly.

Price Range: Rs. 2300-12000
Type: Minimal, Statement, Bands
Occasion: Casual, Ethnic, Party
Websites to Buy:,, &

Best Selling Yellow Chimes Rings For Women:

7. Tipsyfly

best ring designs and brands

Looking for something different this time? Go for Tipsyfly. The brand knows the love for accessories way too well. Tipsyfly has a very chic way of presenting the rings. Ranging from pearl designs to stone ones, the brand offers up beat statement maker rings. These styles will always be in your favor and adorn your looks while you are prepping up for an occasion.

Price Range: Rs. 300-1500
Type: Statement, Minimal
Occasion: Ethnic, Party, Western
Websites to Buy:, &

Most Popular Tipsyfly Rings For Women:

8. Oomph!

oomph women rings and bands

Add vivacity to your look with rings collection at Oomph! The plethora of designs and patterns lets you experiment with funky styles. Wear the flamboyant styles and find the one that complements your look with Oomph! Rock your friend’s engagement or opt for a casual outing because this brand sticks by you whenever you need it. Pull off the fashionable look with vibrant designs by this brand.

Price Range: Rs. 200-1000
Type: Bands, Minimal, Statement
Occasion: Casual, Western
Websites to Buy:,,,, &

Top Trending Oomph! Rings For Women:

9. Accessorize

best women ring brands for every occasion

Planning to propose? Surely go for BlueStone. It’s a brand that has been around us since really long now and has been impressing everyone with its high quality ring design. They have range from diamonds to solitaires. The brand makes sure that every piece designed goes through quality checks before getting dispatched. The styles are for every mood and occasion.

Price Range: Rs. 300-2400
Type: Solitaire, Statement, Bands
Occasion: Western, Casual, Party
Websites to Buy:,, &

Best Selling Accessorize Rings For Women:

10. Vk Jewels

most unbeatable brands for rings

Sparkle with the beauty collection of rings by Vk Jewels. Pick from eye popping collection of rings and blend it into your attire to get an inevitable look. Liven up your fashionable cue with these rings, as they are the ones that give a ravishing touch to your dress up. Invest right and find a piece that perfectly gels in with your looks always with Vk Jewels.

Price Range: Rs. 150-1400
Type: Minimal, Statement, Bands, Solitaire
Occasion: Ethnic
Websites to Buy:,,, &

Most Popular Vk Jewels Rings For Women:

So go ahead and combine the delicate piece of art with these brands that offer quality as well as satisfaction. The chunkier rings help balance the look and hit the jewelry game right. Own rings, as they are the most unbeatable accessory of all.

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