Saree Fashion in Politics: Top Indian Women Leaders in Saree

Saree fashion by women leaders! Check out top Indian women politicians’ saree style!

top Indian women politicians’ saree style

Gone are the days of bland and boring politics – figuratively and literally! While sartorial choices are still important and rule the public appearances of our women politicians, it is the personal style that makes them all different. Handloom sarees are still the number one choice when it comes to power dressing, which could be because of their connection to the roots as well as the comfort and opulence they offer.

While we all are aware of increasing hullaballoo dominating the great Indian political scenario, one thing that completely makes it apart is the participation of women who chose to make a difference! No, they don’t sport the pallu on the head or wear dull shades, anymore! Have a look at top-5 stylish women politicians in India!


1. Sonia Gandhi

indian women politicians in saree style

Her transition has been nothing less than phenomenal. Worthy of a Bollywood story, her life and her entry in the politics deserves to be highlighted. Once at the helm of the largest political party in India, she has taken to Indian saree like no other! In an article, she mentions Maheshwari sarees and Chanderi silk sarees from Madhya Pradesh along with Sambhalpuri, Ikkat and Khadi cotton.


2. Sushma Swaraj

Nirmala Sitaraman saree fashion trend

The foreign minister of India has won hearts undoubtedly. Her proactive approach to help people stuck in foreign lands has earned her the respect of millions. She can always be seen wearing a jacket over her saree, which has become her signature style- along with impeccable cotton saree, big red bindi and sindoor.


3. Nirmala Sitaraman

Nirmala Sitaraman Saree styles

The understated and elegant saree style of India’s defence minister is worth a dekko. Her fondness for Indian handlooms and handicrafts is evident and well-known. Gadwal sarees, block prints and South silk mark her public appearance along with her dignified no-bars-hold outspokenness on various issues.


4. Vasundhara Raje

Vasundhara Raje saree styles

A dash of royal opulence and grace, this is what her saree style stands for! She is the first female chief minister of Rajasthan and belongs to the royal family. Her saree outings are worth the attention they get! From silk to Rajasthani bandhani and from Chanderi to pochampally, she flaunts it all with same panache!

5. Brinda Karat

brinda karat sarees

A linen or cotton saree paired with a big red bindi and a smile that reaches her ear! That’s Brinda Karat for you! Her taste in sarees and accessories is impeccable and wardrobe goals for many!

A saree is a binding factor in India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the looms and thread are the only things that are timeless and represent the fabric of India. The rich diversity of our country is held strong by the nine yards of fabric- eloquently and elegantly!

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